The Bruins jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead last night, only to see Montreal tie things up and send the game to overtime, tied at 3. Nathan Horton, who had been one of the Bruins big offseason acquisitions last year did what the Bruins got him to do, putting the puck in the net 5:43 into overtime, to give the Bruins a 4-3 win which clinched the series, and saved the jobs of many of the Bruins – at least for the moment. Get all the coverage at

Bruins break from losing script – Mick Colageo has the Bruins finally breaking through in a game 7. Kevin Paul Dupont has more on the Bruins getting their first game 7 win since 1994. Stephen Harris says that the Bruins just never make it easy.

Victorious Bruins benefit from Julien doing things ‘My Way’ – Matt Kalman has the Bruins coach rewarded for doing things his way, and sticking with the players he has confidence in.

Nathan Horton, instant hero – Rich Thompson has Horton getting his second OT goal of the series, in what was his only shot of the game. More on Horton from: Michael Whitmer | Jeff Hamrick | Amanda Bruno | Mike Petraglia | Danny Picard | James Murphy | Steve Conroy

After sensational series, Kelly’s critics now singing a different tune – Jesse Connolly has Chris Kelly (six points in seven games) proving to be a good midseason pickup for the Bruins.

After changing Game 7 history, Bruins must now change history vs. Flyers – DJ Bean looks at what is next on the redemption tour for the Bruins. Joe McDonald says that the Bruins know that the Flyers are the real target right now.

Recchi an old pro at playoffs – Barbara Matson has the 43-year-old winger notching his 57th career playoff goal last night.

Final count 0 for 21 on power play – The Globe notebook from Fluto Shinzawa has the gruesome final tally for the series. The Bruins Notebook from Conroy has more on the contributions of Chris Kelly. The ESPN Boston postgame notes from Brendan Hall have more on the hustle of Kelly.

Patriots should go rushing after Quinn – Greg A Bedard thinks that the Patriots should move up and select Robert Quinn of North Carolina. Karen Guregian agrees that the Patriots need to grab a game-changer.

Patterns emerge in Pats’ draft-day trade plans – Tom E Curran attempts to find the method in the madness.

Humble draft suggestions for Patriots – Jonathan Comey has a few suggestions for the Pats.

Open to all options – Ian Rapoport says that the Patriots are ready for any scenario that may present itself.

Next step for some is limbo – Shalise Manza Young looks at the uncertain situation for those who would normally be undrafted free agents.

It was Giveaway Night for the Sox – Sean McAdam has the Red Sox giving one away last night in a 5-4 loss to the Orioles. Check for all the coverage.

Head-scratching: For now, parts not adding up for Sox – Alex Speier has the Sox stumbling after seemingly righting themselves on the West coast.

It had to happen: Breaking down Celtics series with Miami – Paul Flannery previews the second round.

Celtics counting on Green to help defend LeBron – Tim Britton has the Celtics reserve being counted on in this series. Amalie Benjamin has the entire bench looking to elevate their play. Scott Souza notes that the team is feeling comfortable with the new pieces.


12 thoughts on “Bruins Take Game 7 In OT, Eliminate Canadiens

  1. Let me just say that Jack Edwards is an embarrassment. The Bruins just win a Game 7 and his summation begins ' While I was driving….I was thinking…etc'. So then he launches into his 'ragtag bunch of patriots' shtick…awful. I think he may be clinically unbalanced, and NESN should take a hard look at replacing him with someone a little more professional.


    1. Jack's schtick is either hilarious or irritating, depending on your tolerance for pomposity. I think he's unintentionally a master of comedy.


    2. Didn't he make a reference to "patriots" at Lexington and Concord after the B's finished off their sweep of the Canadiens in the 2009 playoffs, too? He needs a new schtick. And he needs to switch to de-caff.


    3. Well, when you run a 4th rate franchise like the Bruins, then you get 4th rate announcers like Edwards.


  2. Geez, how much longer can we stick with this Varitek guy? The Sox are 0-2 this week when he's started, the staff ERA has gone from below 1 last week to a whole 4.50 this week, and he's having problems catching Bard….. They've absolutely got to trade him to Toronto for that JP Arranciba Sanchez-Vicario guy NOW.

    (This has been your Boston Sports Radio Simulation of the day….)


  3. Can a real hockey fan explain to me (I only pay attention during playoffs) why Jack and every other television play by play guy for hockey explain the action as if they are announcing it on radio? I know that Chara passed it over the blue line to Ryder, I just saw it on T.V., why are you telling me this?


    1. It's probably how they were taught how to do it by someone else…or it's an industry standard thing (everyone else is doing it so I should too).


  4. Jack should weigh in on far meatier topics than mere hockey games. He had an interesting perspective on things.

    Dale Arnold must hyperventilate when he listens to him.

    Did you know that Prince William and Kate Middleton followed hockey? I didn't.


  5. Edwards' 'rant' after the game is getting widespread coverage, of the humiliating sort. He spends too much of what intelligence he has trying to figure out what clever phrases and words he'll use, usually at the expense of his play-by-play. That's like a woman who puts makeup on while driving down the highway: STICK TO YOUR JOB!!!


  6. Jack Edwards reinforces my position that hockey fans, like NASCAR and WWE fans are brain dead simpletons.


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