If you woke up  to layers of snow in New England this morning, you’d have been hard pressed to believe that the Red Sox open their 2011 season this afternoon. We can at least be thankful that this season, the MLB schedulemakers decided not to have the Red Sox open up at Fenway Park.

The Red Sox begin their season at 4:00 this afternoon (NESN, ESPN Nationally)  in Texas, where they will take on the Rangers.

In the first five paragraphs of his front page Boston Globe column, Dan Shaughnessy mentions the 1978 Red Sox, the  undefeated Patriots Super Bowl loss to the Giants, and the Bruins collapse last spring in the playoffs after going up 3-0 in the series. I don’t care what he writes in the rest of the column, I’m not going any further.

25 Red Sox, 25 Questions: Predicting the performance of the 2011 team – Alex Speier goes deep in examining the prospects for the 2011 Red Sox.

Can Red Sox meet great expectations? – Gordon Edes has the Red Sox ready to take on the challenge of being favorites. Mike Fine says that the Red Sox open the season with high hopes, but some real fears as well. Tim Britton has more on the Red Sox getting ready to face the expectations. Jonathan Comey has the Sox looking like a million…no, a billion bucks.

Taking the hits: Why Ortiz continues to play ball – Jessica Camerato with a feature on the Red Sox DH, entering what may be his last season with the team.

Catchy name – Michael Vega looks at the faith the Red Sox are placing in the man with the longest last name in Major League history. Scott Lauber has Saltalamacchia grateful for the second chance the Red Sox are giving him.

Easy lineup for opener – Michael Silverman has Terry Francona making the decision to start Mike Cameron over JD Drew on opening day against a tough lefty.

New Sox, no big deal, says C.J. Wilson – Lauber and Peter Abraham have the Rangers starter unimpressed with the Red Sox lineup.

No doubt that Lester is worthy – The Globe notebook has the Red Sox opening day starter worthy of the task. The Herald Red Sox Notebook has more on Cameron getting the start in right. The ProJo Red Sox Journal has Jose Iglesias set to start the season with the PawSox.

The Celtics made a statement last night, going into San Antonio and beating the team with the best record in the NBA, 107-97. Some might dismiss the win, saying that the Spurs have also been struggling, and this was their fifth straight loss. However, the Spurs had a full roster last night, and played the Celtics hard. This was a good win. Get all the coverage at CelticsLinks.com.

Celtics replace funk with focus – Julian Benbow has a focused Celtics team showing up last night.

Jermaine O’Neal surprises in first game back – A. Sherrod Blakely has the big man looking pretty good in his first game back after knee surgery.

Rajon Rondo gets Celtics moving – Chris Forsberg looks at a monster game from the Celtics point guard, including deadeye jump shooting.

Captain issues orders – Gary Washburn has Paul Pierce rallying his troops.

Shaq could return – The Globe notebook has Danny Ainge saying that the other O’Neal will return either Sunday or Tuesday. The Herald notebook from Mark Murphy has Jermaine O’Neal’s return soured by a knee injury to Nenad Krstic.

The Bruins lost in a shootout to the Maple Leafs last night at the Garden, 4-3. Get all the coverage at BruinsLinks.com.

Game of emotion vs. control continues for Brad Marchand – DJ Bean has the rookie defenseman still trying to get his emotions under control. Joe Haggerty and Joe McDonald also explore this topic.

O’Brien gets extension at WEEI – Chad Finn reports on the Red Sox announcer getting a multiyear extension from the station.

Tuning In: Don Orsillo has high definition of Red Sox – Bill Doyle talks to the Red Sox TV voice as he begins his 11th season on NESN.

Red Sox And NESN, Together Again For Opening Day – In my SBNation Media Column, I’ve got a look at the Red Sox broadcast outlets for 2011.

Felger A Cross-Dressing Fascist? – Patriots Daily breaks this huge developing story.


7 thoughts on “It’s Opening Day! (No, Really)

  1. Just like you can count on winter to give way to spring you can always count on CHB to be the proverbial "turd in the punch bowl".


  2. Shank trying to rain on the opening day parade when hope spings eternal?…….there's a shocker


  3. So Bruce…I click over to Patriots Daily to read the Felger story. I was so excited because I thought Tony Mazz would have something different to talk about. I read the story. No pictures, no actual discussion of the cross dressing…just some whining about sensational headlines…

    I am not going to tell you how to run your websites…I will leave it to other's who think it is their right to demand you wake earlier and get postings up in time for their morning coffee, or those that think you should do more hockey and less Cricket on the day before the MLB all-star game… however I think it was a cruel practical joke to get my feelings up that you were going to be the one media outlet to discuss Felger's cross dressing issues (and constant denials) in detail…and yet…like mother nature on opening day…you decided to play a cruel practical joke.


  4. –Lou Gorman has passed away. The Herald reports he died today at 82 at his home in Weston, surrounded by his family

    –Who is doing Sports on the Airwaves at the Herald? A few days ago they said the Bruins game was on "WBZ-AM (850)" (sic) and today they said the Sat afternoon MLB on Fox game would be "Detroit at NY Rangers" (sic) and the Sun night MLB game was on "NESN" (sic). In the past they listed Prov. station WPRO as "WRPO" while the Globe would frequently say the Sox were on "WEEI-FM 850" (sic)


  5. Both Shank and Tomase lead off their columns with, "well, the Sox won't be going undefeated this year" type lines…….jeeze, these guys have the imagination of a bag of doorknobs. That line got old the first 15 times they used it following an opening day loss……..Then you had Hedi Watney (with a serious look on her face) saying in her post game report, "THERE'S NO PANIC IN THE RED SOX CLUBHOUSE!"……..lmao….welcome to the baseball season


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