Former New Hampshire sportswriter Kevin Provencher, a four-time winner of the New Hampshire Sportswriter of the Year award who worked for the Union Leader for 23 years has pleaded guilty to running a prostitution business which operated out of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Sportswriter says pay cut led to prostitution business

At his court appearance Provencher said he needed the extra money to make up for a pay cut because of the downturn in the newspaper business.

Original story at time of arrest – Union Leader reporter faces prostitution-related charges


7 thoughts on “NH Sportswriter Blames Prostitution Arrest on Newspaper Cutbacks

  1. Hey honey let's make a list of possible things I can do to earn some money because the Newspaper business is in trouble and the Union Leader is cutting my salary:

    – freelance writing
    – technical writing for big companies
    – write books
    – look for a different job
    – run an illegal prostitution ring in New Hampshire of all places, because obviously now that poker is legal in most of the state running an illegal book is out of the question.


  2. Apparently the prosecution has never seen The Night Shift with Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton. Prostitution rings aren't abusive toward women; they're comical romps for all involved!


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