The Bruins lost a two-goal lead last night against the Buffalo Sabres and fell in OT, 4-3 at the Garden. Check all the coverage over at

Just a few links for this posting, we’ll start with the media columns:

Pepperell native delivers Mut on your WEEI – Bill Doyle has an interview with new WEEI midday host Mike Mutnansky.

Brush up on these new Dance steps – Chad Finn has a look at the NCAA tournament TV coverage and some assorted notes.

NCAA Tournament Promises March Madness On Television – In my SB Nation Boston media column, I’m also looking at the NCAA schedule from CBS and Turner, and add in some notes at the end.

DJ Bean, Joe Haggerty and Joe McDonald have Zdeno Chara with no plans to change the way he plays the game.

New-look Green play deny defense – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics denying that they’re changing into more of an offensive-minded team.

Bigs problem is a small one for Celtics – Chris Forsberg has the Celtics focused on keeping their “bigs” healthy for the postseason. Julian Benbow and Jim Fenton have Nenad Krstic making a smooth transition to Boston.

The $20 Million Men: How opposites Ramirez, Crawford both attracted monster salaries – Alex Speier looks at how both outfielders got the huge contracts with opposite styles of play.

Still a champion of the Sox – Peter Abraham has Johnny Damon with praise for the Red Sox and wishing he had approved the trade to Boston last season. Michael Silverman has Damon and Manny Ramirez settling in with the Rays.

Unheard-of hoop glory within Harvard’s grasp – Shira Springer has the Crimson hoop team looking to get back to the NCAA tourney for the first time since 1946.

NFL words heated with day to go – Ian Rapoport has the millionaires and billionaires continuing their public squabble.

In case you hadn’t heard, Ron Borges is now on Twitter!

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Yes, I’ve heard the jokes about watching to see if he starts copying Tweets from ESPN_NFCWest.


12 thoughts on “Friday Quick Links; Bruins Lose To Sabres

  1. So Mutnansky thinks he's fiery. Oh brother. He hasn't accomplished very much to be that full of himself. I've already given up on this show. Six months from now they'll be at the bottom of the ratings.


  2. Today, thanks to the Weekday Weekend Show w/ Mut and Merloni, I found myself bored with talk about an exciting Bruins game (albeit a loss), the Celtics roster and the NFL labor situation, three pretty meaty issues. Nice work, fellas.

    On the plus side, after my requisite 20 minutes of snooze-inducing talk, I heard some really good music from the following bands or groups:

    Drive-By Truckers
    Eric Lindell
    Jerry Joseph
    Let Loose
    & Social Distortion

    More music recommendations to come, possibly each and every Friday Mut and Merloni bore me away from the hot sports topics of the day.


    1. Until this week I was what they call a P1 as far as WEEI was concerned. That's someone who just turns on one radio station and leaves it on all day (I have no idea why they call it P1). This week, the only show I listened to after Tuesday was the morning show. At ten AM I switched to music and stayed there. I don't think Holley/Ordway is a good match and Mutt and Merloni is really boring and amateurish. These two have no personalities. I don't see how they can correct that.

      I guess they want a new audience. I hope they're ready to lose a lot of their old one.


      1. Apparently its called P1 because its the first preset on your radio. I couldn't have said it any better… I actually tuned in to D&C just because Dale was on. M&M really belong on the weekends… They just don't bring any gravitas to the show. Holley being paired up with Ordway is not going to solve Glenn's staleness problem. Its still an extremely awkward pairing, and Glenn has simply been around too long and made too much money to change now. It really does make you appreciate how good Dale is. He was good with Holley and Neumy (I started listening after Eddie A), and you can see how well he partnered with Callahan this week.

        Its a really unfortunate situation for Dale, but ironically, he comes out of this looking really good considering how awkward the new arrangement with the mid-day and drive time shows seems to be. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has tried listening to the 2 new arrangements, but has simply lost interest and changed the station.


      2. I totally agree….Mutt &Merloni = BORING…..these guys are OK for Garbage time, NOT FULL TIME


        1. Merloini spits so many cliches my head literally spins in the car. I'm skipping WEEI until further notice.


  3. You people would call anAl Michaels-Bob Costas show unacceptable. It really is the fellowship of the miserable.


  4. I agree with Jack. I'm in my car all day and used to listen to EEI all day – 5 days a week. Not anymore. The new midday show is awful. How anyone thought they would be entertaining is crazy. I give it 1 year before they make another switch.


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