The Los Angeles Clippers came into the Garden and pretty much had their way with the Celtics all night. After the Clippers had a lead of as much as 23 points, the Celtics made a run that closed the game to as close as three points, but the Clippers held on with some big shots down the stretch to beat the Celtics 108-103. Get all the stories at

Garden Clipping – Scott Souza says that the Celtics just didn’t deserve this one. Steve Bulpett says that though the bench struggled, this one was on the starters  – and the Clippers deserve some credit too.

Celtics have a bigs problem – Paul Flannery says that with just two “bigs” available last night, the Celtics struggled in the paint.

Krstic a throw-in? Not for the Celtics – With 20 points and 9 rebounds last night, Chris Forsberg says that Nenad Krstic is showing he has big value to the Celtics. Jessica Camerato has Krstic getting a crash course in the Celtics system.

Taming Blake Griffin doesn’t help Celtics – Jackie MacMullan has Boston keeping the explosive rookie under control, but still losing the game. Bob Ryan says that the Clippers deserved this win.

Guard Carlos Arroyo impresses in Green debut – Mark Murphy’s notebook has the newest Celtics playing some strong minutes last night. Julian Benbow’s Celtics notebook has Boston looking for reinforcements from their injured corps. Camerato’s notes has the Celtics digging too deep a hole. The notebook from Jim Fenton has several Celtics meeting with President Obama on Tuesday night.

The NHL announced yesterday that Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara would not be fined or suspended for his hit on the Canadiens Max Pacioretty Tuesday night. Apparently though, the Montreal police are opening an investigation on the hit.

Zdeno Chara cleared – Stephen Harris says that the league made the right call. Mike Loftus agrees.

Claude Julien tweaks lines, searching for spark – Harris’ notebook has the Bruins coach trying combinations. The Globe notebook from Fluto Shinzawa has more on the changes by Julien.

Crawford gets up to speed – Peter Abraham has the outfielder settling in with the Red Sox as he prepares to see his former team for the first time today.

Dennys Reyes tale takes left turn – John Tomase explains how the right-handed Reyes became a lefty pitcher.

Westmoreland hungrier than ever – Joe McDonald with another update on the outfield prospect.

Juan Carlos Linares’ Impressive Spring Spurs Trade Talks and Eight Other Red Sox Thoughts – Tony Lee runs through several Red Sox items.

Buchholz is staying zeroed in – Abraham’s notebook has Clay Buchholz with another strong outing. The Herald notebook by Michael Silverman looks at Carl Crawford reunion with his former team today.

Florida sports radio host Dan Sileo was apparently among the first to report that Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather had shot two men. Of course, Sileo orginally reported that it was “Floyd meaweather” involved in the shooting. Deadspin (Patriots Safety Brandon Meriweather Accused Of Shooting Two Men During Brawl) then jumped on the story, which became topic # 1 on Boston sports radio this morning.

Sileo has been taking victory laps on the story:

[blackbirdpie id=”45816997925240832″]

What’s not clear is if the story is actually true. While Sileo has been passing rumors, several Boston sports media reporters are actually gathering information on the story.

Attorney in Meriweather case has ‘doubts’ – WEEI had the attorney for the victims of the shooting on this morning (as did 98.5, but WEEI had them on first.) The attorney says he has doubts about whether Meriweather was the shooter, or was even there.

Sheriff: Meriweather not on police report – WEEI also followed up with sheriff’s department, which says Meriweather’s name is not on the police report, nor in any part of the investigation.

The man who raised Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather says of shooting allegations: “It’s not true.” – Ian Rapoport has the legal guardian of Meriweather saying that the Patriots safety was not at the scene of the crime, and was not involved.

So what’s the truth? Is this a money grab? Did it happen as the victims say? It is easy to rush to judgement on Meriweather, one of the least popular Patriots in recent memory, but there seem to be a lot of questions about this story right now.


16 thoughts on “Clippers Knock Off Celtics At Garden

  1. Is this the same Dan Sileo who played defensive line for Jimmy Johnson's Miami Hurricanes during the late 1980s? Not surprising that he's a braggadocio given that he comes from the program that made gum-flapping famous. The UM football program's alumni are a very tight-knit group, so it's not surprising that if the Merriweather story is true it was a former Hurricane who got the inside scoop before anyone else.


  2. Merriweather came across as a real jerk on the Dale and Holley show. I hope it's not true, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was.


  3. Whether it is true or not will be seen. What we do know is the lawyer, John Morgan was on with Dale and Callahan and then he went on with Toucher and Rich. In both cases the interviewers were frustrated with the hedging and legalspeak coming out of Morgan who basically said…"I have two clients who went to high school with Brandon Meriweather, they were shot, they claim he shot them. I am not a criminal lawyer I am pursuing the personal injury part of this case. The police have not named Meriweather a suspect, he has not been arrested, there is an investigation. The best thing Meriweather can do is make a statement saying where he was and have an alibi and then this all goes away because I am not certain he was even at the party that night."

    Toucher and Rich had an unbelievably hard time understanding this simple explanation. They were rude, condescending and hostile to the lawyer, who they called and invited on the show to get information. What did they expect him to say? Dale was more level headed in the interview but also frustrated…I almost got the feeling his frustration from the past few weeks and his situation was seeping into his work but in the end he got it under control and got through the interview.

    Neither was a high point in Boston Sports Radio but WEEI seemed to handle the interview with more class. Of course coming on the heels of T&R Sen Scott Brown interview and bragging that they were able to get an interview with the fat guys binky sort of shows the lack of professionalism these two have on a regular basis.


    1. A guy comes on the radio and says…

      (1) Two guys come to me and say a famous person shot them.
      (2) There's no police report tieing the famous person to any crime.
      (3) There's no evidence that the famous person was even at the scene of the incident.
      (4) I haven't done any investigation to bolster the two guys' claims.
      (5) I freely admit that the only evidence that the famous person was even connected to the incident is the fact that the two guys say he was.

      And proceeds to….

      (6) Go to the press with this, and
      (7) Put the burden on the famous person to deny it.

      Yet somehow it's WRONG to be condescending to this jackass?


      1. Only because they invited him on. From what I could tell Morgan did not go looking for the publicity…he seems to know his case is not solid. I am simply saying T&R did not do as good a job as Dale and Callahan.


        1. You don't HAVE to go on the radio, you know. There's this word he could have used, called "no", that would have been very appropriate in a case where you don't have a shred of evidence to support your position. Especially since media coverage can only harm your case in court, by providing ample opportunities for witnesses to make easily-introduceable conflicting statements, or to irreparably taint themselves by taking money and therefore exposing them to credibility issue cross-examination, etc. etc. etc.

          Unless, of course, you're trying to shake down a deep-pocketed celebrity who's more than likely to pay your clients a good deal of money (of which you'll take 33% or so) to make things go away instead of getting involved in an extended legal proceeding. This sort of thing happens all the time.

          I didn't hear the D&C interview, but I'm sure they saw through this charade just as efficiently as T&R did. They were, apparently, just better at hiding it.


          1. I guess it is all perspective. I thought Morgan tried real hard in both interviews to say. These are the facts as I know them, these are the suppositions as I know them, these are the assumptions as I know them. He was hired by the two guys who got shot and they did say to him "We were shot by Brandon Meriweather". He hedged, he alleged. I thought he was saying about all he could be expected to say. He told Dale that if it turns out his clients lied to him he will dump them immediately. He never got the chance to say the same thing to T&R.

            It might be a money grab but don't blame the messenger especially when you invite him to your show to explain what he knows. Just because he does not know everything you want to know is no reason to be rude.


    2. That wasn't Rich Schertenlieb's crowning moment, but that interview was painful to listen to. There's a reason people hate lawyers…
      Incidentally, if "professionalism" is what you're looking for in sports radio, I don't know what to say to you because I don't hear a lot of it in general.


  4. Lived in Florida over 15 years. Sileo and Morgan will do ANYTHING for free pub. Sileo will get suspended from his station if it gets him press. Morgan & Morgan are ambulance chasers that run their commercials endlessly during the day when all the non-working people are watching Judge Judy, Soaps, etc. hoping to get rich quick. M&M play the odds better than a gambler getting 33.3% of settlements from corporations and comapnies to make them go away fast.


  5. I never thought I would say this but Felger and Maz were must listen radio this afternoon. Today they were simulcasting with a radio station in Canada. It was priceless. Felger hammered the co-hosts about Montreal seriously looking into charges against Zdeno Chara. It was great stuff.

    Speaking of the NHL, it is laughable when the league talks about player safety. Don Cherry, who makes no secret of love of physical play, has been begging for years for three things that would make the game safer.
    1) No touch icing
    2) Padding around the top of the boards
    3) Padding around the exposed stanchions around the ice
    The league has not acted on any of this of course. I believe the league will take care of these three requests eventually, when someone is killed.


    1. This is the NHL…. when someone is killed, they'll put expansion franchises in Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala (and move the Oilers and Canucks to Austin and Tallahassee), not solve the problems that killed the guy!


      1. It's always been a poorly run league, and it's a shame, because hockey, when played the right way, is one of the most exciting games out there. For God's sake, why on earth did that league ever think that expanding to 30 teams—and to put teams all over the deep south and even the southwest, to boot—would work? (St. Louis is really the only "non-northern" American city that's ever supported its NHL team wholeheartedly.) I thought the previous NHL presidents were clueless and out of touch, but Bettman has been just as bad, if not worse. If they contracted by 8 teams and held a dispersal draft of those teams' best players, you'd immediately see more scoring and more exciting play. Then if they adopted stricter rules on fighting and more rink-safety measures, they'd have a really, really fine product there. But that may be the dumbest group of owners in all of sports they've got over there in the NHL, unfortunately.


  6. Cut Meriweather, whether or not he did it. His play has been abysmal and so hasn't his on and off field conduct. NOT a Patriots player. I never understood the pick when Michael Griffin was available.


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