The Celtics were again shorthanded yesterday afternoon as they took on their Eastern Conference rivals, the Miami Heat. Boston seized control of the game in the third quarter, and held on for an 85-82 win, which clinched the season series between the two clubs. Get all the coverage at

Celtics keep Heat in their place – Jackie MacMullan has the Celtics presenting an obstacle that the Heat still cannot overcome. Gary Washburn wonders when the Heat will get over the hump. Jessica Camerato has the Heat disappointed despite feeling they’re making progress. Michael Muldoon says LeBron is not Mr Clutch.

Rajon Rondo sees things others don’t see – Paul Flannery has Rondo taking control of the game for the Celtics. A. Sherrod Blakely notes that this included guarding LeBron. Chris Forsberg has more on Rondo’s triple-double afternoon.

Tiny bench, huge mark – Steve Bulpett has Glen Davis and Von Wafer giving the Celtics a huge boost off the bench. Frank Dell’Apa has more on the play of the bench.

One-time voice of Friars has front-row seat to Heat’s rise – Bill Reynolds checks in with former Providence announcer Eric Reid, who has now been calling the Heat games for 23 years.

Pierce is scheduled for MRI on foot – Julian Benbow’s notebook has the Captain ailing with a pair of injuries. The Herald notebook from Mark Murphy has Pierce struggling to an 0-10 afternoon. The Celtics Journal from Tim Britton has more on Pierce.  

Wings sweep Bruins aside – Steve Conroy has the Bruins dropping their second straight game to the Red Wings.

After scratches, Seguin passes test – Fluto Shinzawa has the rookie returning to the active roster and notching a goal. The Herald notebook from Steve Conroy says it was a mixed bag for Seguin. Joe Haggerty has the rookie able to rise to the occasion.

From fringe to spotlight: Why Red Sox focus on unknowns in spring training – Alex Speier looks at the Red Sox thinking on bringing so many players to camp.

Jenks has never started fast, and he won’t this year either – Brian MacPherson says that the new reliever will be brought along slowly. Gordon Edes has Jenks OK with being a setup man.

Jonathan Papelbon’s missing swagger – Steve Buckley has the Sox closer looking to bounce back big in 2011.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia-Jason Varitek Catching Tandem Offers Red Sox Promise of Youth, Wisdom of Age – Tony Lee looks at the catching situation.

Leading question in camp – Peter Abraham’s notebook has Terry Francona looking to have Jacoby Ellsbury as the leadoff hitter. The Herald notebook from  John Tomase has Francona talking on a number of areas.

A French lesson for Bostonians – A columnist in the Montreal Gazette takes exception to Felger and Mazz.

I disappointed to see the following in yesterday’s NFL Notes from Greg A Bedard:

Wonder how many noticed that the Super Bowl winners, the Packers, aren’t a “one-voice’’ team. Coach Mike McCarthy lets all of his assistants speak to the media in one-on-one settings twice a week, and players are always available in the locker room. Seemed to work out OK for them. Once again, a team’s method for dealing with the media has little to do with whether it’s successful.

Is Mr. Bedard aware of the irony of his statement? If the team’s method for dealing with the media has little to do with whether it is successful, why mention it at all? In fact, why keep mentioning it constantly, as Bedard has done since he’s been here, and how the Globe has been doing for years? Seems odd to be harping on something that has “little” to do with success.

What the Packers do works for them, and what the Patriots do works for them. No one is saying that the Patriots way is the only way, which is a strawman that some around here like to hold up and argue against.


10 thoughts on “Celtics Hold Off Heat Wave Once Again

  1. Very well put, Bruce. Not only are other teams not obligated to do what the Pats do, but the Pats aren't obligated to emulate Rex and company either… Good to see Von Wafer have a good game after the debacle on Thursday. Let's be fair though; no one can guard KobeJesus. You beat the lakers because you shut down everyone else or else you fail.


  2. Bedard is just bummed that his job is much harder now. He can's simply copy/paste the coach's responses into his next column. Go back to nowheresville if you want to be chummy with the football coaches.


  3. Enough with the complaining, Bedard. Who exactly does that appeal to other than fellow reporters? Was he not aware of the "one-voice" philosophy of the Patriots when he took the Boston Globe job? Of course he was. Maybe he can earn the extra dough he received to work here by actually breaking a sweat instead of being spoon-fed stories by his Packer cronies. It's too bad; I had high hopes for him.


  4. I enjoy it when other people make fun of Felgie and Mazz, but the Quebecoise getting annoyed at the USA chant? Perhaps if you stopped booing the national anthem, that wouldn't happen. Just a thought…


  5. Bruce,

    Thank you for pointing out that "the Patriot way is the only way" was a media projection upon a fanbase that most of them simply have refused to take the time to get to know very well. Most of them ASSUMED that Pats fans felt that way–"Belichick's way is the only way"–but I personally don't know any fans who think like that. The media invented that strawman and projected it upon the fanbase so that they would have something to tear apart later on, when it was proven that, yes, the Patriot way is most definitely not the only way to do business in the modern NFL (and very few fans, if any, ever said that it was).


  6. Greg Bedard, there's a seat for you in the "Work Harder" classroom. The professor, Mike Reiss, will gladly show you how to be a great New England football writer. Now pair up with Chris Gasper, Tony Mazz, and Shira Springer.


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