Can we just get to Sunday already? The non-stop talk by the Jets, along with the media repeating every bit of it over and over again was amusing Monday and Tuesday. By this point though, what else can be said? Lets just line ’em up and play the game.

I’m trying to avoid the articles this morning which are solely about the talk, and link some actual football pieces:

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Pressure is on Mark Sanchez – Ron Borges says that the Jets QB has “gone from one of the most overrated quarterbacks in football to perhaps the most underrated.”

Is he coming on strong? – Amalie Benjamin says that Shonn Greene might be the key to game for the Jets on Sunday.

Belichick has Pats ready for a title run – Lenny Megliola talks to Bill Belichick’s daughter Amanda and Patriots analyst Gino Cappelletti about the job the head coach is doing with this team.

Jets talk rings hollow – The headline of Karen Guregian’s column might lead you think it’s a trash talk article, but it’s more about New York’s weakness in the middle of the field.

Jets might back off the blitzes on Sunday – Christopher Price notes that the Jet might focus more on coverage this time around. Robert Lee also examines this subject.

Lined up for a return – Michael Vega has Dan Connolly talking about his kickoff return against the Packers for the first time.

Snap, tackle and pop – Ian Rapoport has Vince Wilfork looking ahead to the task of stopping the Jets running game.

New England Patriots bullish on tight ends – Tim Whelan Jr. has a look at how far the tight end position has come in a year for the Patriots.

Danny Woodhead focused on here, now – Rapoport’s notebook has the former Jet not looking back. The Globe notebook by Monique Walker has all Patriots arriving on time for practice in the snow. The Patriots Journal from Robert Lee and Carolyn Thornton has more on Connolly.

The Celtics ran over the Sacramento Kings at the Garden last night, 119-95. Get complete coverage at

The problem with Jermaine O’Neal’s knee – Paul Flannery’s three-pointer looks at another setback for the Celtics most expensive free agent signing of the summer.

Semih Erden goes distance for C’s – Chris Forsberg has Erden picking up the slack in the middle.

Mound of facts against Josh Beckett – John Tomase says that history doesn’t favor Josh Beckett bouncing back big from his miserable 2010 season.

6 thoughts on “Longest. Week. Ever.

  1. Okay I get it…the Jets can't shut up so the media in both boston and NY are having field days and I bet high ratings/readerships this week. I also understand that the jets have to say this time things will be different…they were torched by 6 touchdowns last game. What I don't understand is the fear I keep hearing, in the fans, from the mediots and in the tenor of the conversations. Do I think the Pats will win this game by 42…probably not. Do I think the jets offense can score more than 24 points…nope. Has the Jets defense gotten better in the middle or off the edges in pass rush situations. Not that I see. Has the Jets OL gotten better… they just put Woody on IR. Forgive me if I am not jumping on the LT is different bandwagon because he had a good game against a lousy Indy defense….INSIDE A DOME. I just do not see where the Jets scare anyone. Football can be a fluky game…Cleveland destroyed the Saints and Pats back to back. But playoff football usually has the better TEAM winning. That is the team with the better coaching, players and plan. Right now, I don't see the Jets with any of those things.


  2. Has anyone seen the 'Quick Slants' show on CSN? It's awful. I'm sitting here watching Tom E Curran talk to Jerod Mayo with both sitting at a table in Skipjacks with plates full of steak tips, nachos and other entrees. I'd love to know who comes up with the creative ideas for these shows.


  3. "Forgive me if I am not jumping on the LT is different bandwagon because he had a good game against a lousy Indy defense….INSIDE A DOME."

    After a week off.


  4. Even though I am not a big fan of the NY Post's Phil Mushnick he maybe 100% correct with this statement.

    " Patriots prove Jackson wrong

    Who made the worst knee-jerk call in the history of modern sportscasting? Funny you should ask. One could logically guess Mike Francesa, given that he has made so many, but the title belongs to a more likable fellow, ESPN NFL studio analyst Tom Jackson.

    After the Patriots opened the 2003 season with a 31-0 loss to the Bills, Jackson firmly, knowingly declared that “Bill Belichick has lost this team.”

    The Patriots went 14-1 the rest of the way, won the Super Bowl, went 14-2 the next season, and, well, since Jackson’s claim, Belichick’s Patriots are 113-29."

    Read more:


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