From the Washington Post:

It’s hard to choose anyone to root for in this most compelling matchup of the weekend. Belichick is a certified cheater, having been fined a huge chunk of change three years ago when the NFL determined his team improperly filmed walk-throughs of opposing team practices and used that tape to their advantage. Belichick should have been suspended for that transgression, maybe even for a full season, but sadly, it never happened.

Leonard Shapiro should know better. In addition to being a long-time NFL columnist, he has also been the sports media and television columnist for the Post. Shapiro is retiring to teach a journalism course at UW-Madison.

(Thanks to Dan for the heads up.)


17 thoughts on “Some In The Media Don’t Even Try To Be Accurate Anymore

  1. Forgetting the writer's factual error for a moment, I am so sick and tired of hearing that: A–Spygate was "cheating," because if that's cheating (stealing signals) then every team is still guilty to this day (and yes, I know not every team was filming signals, but some were and, besides, the Patriots–according to media hero Matt Walsh–were NOT using the tapes during games); and B–that the punishment wasn't severe enough. Is he kidding? $750K and a first round pick for a misdemeanor rules violation, when salary cap cheaters, under the Tabliabue regime, got docked 3rd rounders and money (and some repeat offenders were just docked 3rd rounders, too).

    Enough of this media nonsense over that misdemeanor, non-scandal, please!


  2. I was reading some of the comments from Shapiro's post and he is getting absolutely hammered. People are pointing out in, let's say, a forceful tone that he has his facts wrong.


    1. Update: Shapiro has fixed his post. He has put a slash through, "when the NFL determined his team improperly filmed walk-throughs of opposing team practices." and added, "for improperly using videotaping equipment to steal the play signals of the New York Jets' coaches."

      Here is one of the great scorched earth comments that have been sent to Shapiro:

      " Can non-degree students sign up to take your journalism class, Len? I'd be interested in the part of the syllabus where we review blurring the line between stretching the facts and outright fabrication to suit your column. I mean, as a columnist, when was the last time you actually did any real reporting of any kind? "

      Posted by: clergymen19 | January 12, 2011 1:46 PM

      p.s. this maybe an accidental double posting sorry.


  3. Wow… what a tired subject to write about. I feel bad for this Shapiro guy for his lack of originality and creative thought. To be still stuck on spygate this many years later is sad.


  4. I guess 98.5 does not have a 5 second delay. Felger actually said a*****e on the air. Cue the Price is Right loser drop.


    1. Listening online? Because the online stream is not screened. I think I heard what you are referring to over the air, but it was dumped.


  5. I wonder if an apology is coming. Sure, they fixed it online, but what about the physical papers out there? You shouldn't be able to make up garbage like that and think it's "all fixed" because you crossed it out.


    1. If he were intellectually honest and open minded, he would take down the whole article. Nobody can claim that the penalty for taping walkthroughs and taping signals should be the same. His failure to change that part just reveals he is completely agenda driven.


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