The Jets can’t help themselves. They just can’t. Given an opportunity they will always talk trash. It is who they are, and you can argue that it has worked for them.

Yesterday I tweeted my media myth of the week – That the Ravens/Steelers game is infinitely more physical than Patriots/Jets will be. It’s a rockfight! That’s just nonsense. This is the NFL, every game is physical and hard-hitting. Pittsburgh and Baltimore play ugly offenses, which to the media equals a slugfest. The Patriots and Jets will be just as physical with one another.

Today I’ll give you the media strawman of the week – Bill Belichick’s way of doing things and dealing with the media isn’t the only way that can work!  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard some media type say this this week, usually included with the whine is “He could let his players talk some.” Or my favorite Tweets of the week:

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Good times. The whole Belichick’s way isn’t the only way is a strawman because I don’t hear anyone saying that Belichick’s way IS the only way. I only hear media types (including Boston folks) lecturing that there are other ways to be successful in the NFL.

For many Patriots, a new challenge – Monique Walker has many of the Patriots looking for their first playoff win.

Branch convinced that he’s right where he belongs – I honestly can’t tell you how happy I am to have Deion Branch back with the Patriots. Brian MacPherson says that it is like Branch never left. More on Branch from Steve Buckley and Glen Farley.

Patriots dig deep in forming roster – Mike Reiss looks at the 22 undrafted players on the Patriot roster.

Coaching philosophies give food for thought – Mark Farinella compares coaching styles, says that the Patriots approach is “programmed and repetitive, almost soulless – but it works.”

A closer call – Greg A Bedard has three NFL execs predicting a much closer game this time around.

Steering clear of Revis again should remain Pats top priority – Christopher Price says that Tom Brady still needs to avoid the island. Ian R. Rapoport has more.

All’s quiet on this front – Ian Rapoport’s notebook has the Patriots avoiding the war of words. The Globe notebook from Monique Walker has New England getting some healthy bodies back at practice.

Hats off to Bruins, Bergeron – Fluto Shinzawa has Patrice Bergeron registering the hat trick in the Bruins 6-0 win over the Senators last night.

Patrice Bergeron has look of captain – Joe McDonald pushes for Bergeron to be named a team captain. Joe Haggerty  and Nancy Marrapese-Burrell have more on Bergeron.

Brad Marchand fitting in on second line, Tim Thomas sets new career-high in shutouts – DJ Bean with a few points from last night.

Celtics wise to wait on Kevin Garnett – Peter May doesn’t think the Celtics need to rush KG back into the lineup.


4 thoughts on “Jets Keep Talking, Cone of Silence Engulfs Foxborough

  1. This a great article from the NY Times's Fifth Down Blog writer, Chase Stewart on how the Patriots have been so effective despite having the least amount of drafted talent. The article is a little lengthy but well worth the read. The author uses some statistical analysis to support his argument and lauds Belichick for his use of players.


  2. Every game I watch I ask myself again if it was really worth exiling Deion Branch to Seattle for 4 years. We wouldn't have had 2007, but then again looking at this year's post-Moss offense, maybe we would have.


    1. It was a tough decision. I really don't think BB wanted to let him go but he also knew that Branch was asking for more than he was worth, and receiver (rightfully so in my opinion) is not a position at which BB is willing to overpay for just a "good" player. Alas, what's always forgotten about that situation is that Fredo Mangini brought the whole thing to a boil when he, according to the Pats, tampered with Branch and drove the asking price up. After that, BB felt he had no choice but to trade him (I believe the first round pick turned out to be Brandon Meriweather, so that's not too bad). Had there been no outside contact with other teams (again, it's alleged, but it's Fredo we're talking about here), Branch may have ended up just reporting to camp a few weeks into the regular season, played the balance of the '06 season, and then walked as a FA the following winter.


  3. the final analysis in the nytimes article seems wrong. belichick doesn't find the right players for his system but rather adapts the system to the strengths of the players he finds. 'putting players in the circumstances that allow them to succeed' as parcells said.

    in fact it could be argued that the teams that have short or no success are the ones looking for the players that best fit their system.


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