There’s a whole bunch on my plate this morning, so here are a few quick links:

The Celtics took out the Hawks last night at the Garden. Check the coverage at

The Bruins dropped another, this time to the rival Montreal Canadiens. Links at

They’re really doing a number – Chad Finn looks at the enormous ratings success that the Patriots have enjoyed this season.

Packers-Patriots And The Curious Case Of Reporter Greg A. Bedard – My SB Nation Boston media column leads off with Globe NFL reporter Greg Bedard finding himself a target this week.

Walker’s on the rebound  and A last shot for Antoine Walker – Gary Washburn and Ron Borges catch up with former Celtics star Antoine Walker, who trying to get back into the league by toiling the NBA Developmental League.

Orien Greene: Crashing into the NBA – Another former Celtic is also working in the NBA DL, attempting a comeback. The ESPN True Hoop blog has a compelling entry of the former second round pick of the Celtics.

Red Sox set to land Bobby Jenks – Michael Silverman reports on the Red Sox signing the former White Sox closer, and adding a bunch of other bullpen arms.

Why Bobby Jenks and Jonathan Papelbon might be a good fit – Rob Bradford looks at why the pair might make quite a combination in the bullpen.

Bruins lacked focus, effort on road trip – Joe Haggerty looks at the Bruins’ issues.

Around The League – Week 14 – Jeremy Gottlieb goes around the league for PD. Also check out the Matchups Of The Week.

It’s the Price he has to pay now – Ian Rapoport checks in with rookie receiver Taylor Price, the 2010 third round pick who has yet to be active for a game this season.

Get all the Patriots coverage at

4 thoughts on “Friday Quicklinks

  1. Felger and Maz are saying the Patriots are playing the best but that does not mean they are the best team. HUH? They also said if you get Peyton Manning in the dome in Dallas you could be in big trouble. Guys, I don't know if you are aware of this, but Manning plays in the same conference as the Patriots so I don't believe that can happen. One more thing, how can someone like Tony Massarotti, who comes across as knowing very little about baseball, the sport he "specializes" in, even begin to discuss about football. I wound up listening to the Bob Lobel Show without Bob Lobel on WTPL. The host there were much more knowledgeable than either F&M or Butch Stearns who must have pictures of Ordway somewhere.


  2. can't stand Felger and Mazz and I didn't hear their comments first hand…..HOWEVER in a way they are correct. The Patriots are playing great and I'm fired up about what COULD happen down the road but the only time you can truly declare that they are the BEST team is if they win the Super Bowl. As much as these media bozos annoy me with the negative talk, some of them now annoy me because they are saying they would be "Shocked" if the Pats DIDN'T win the Super Bowl (Callahan for one)

    Talk about short memories, it was just 2007 that they went 18-0 (everybody knows the rest) "Power Rankings" and discussion of who the "best team" is (IN DECEMBER), may be good talk radio topics but in the end it is nothing more than noise pollution.


  3. No confirmation yet from other sources but K. Vahey said that Eddie Andleman is retiring and the Dec 26 Sports Huddle on WTKK will be the last show of his career. (TKK has been shedding some personnel…M. McPhee, J. Myers, but maybe his decision? Trying to find confirmation from Globe, Herald, or whatever)


  4. The news about Andleman retiring comes from the Globe's CHB who wrote that Andleman did about 13,000 shows over the years by his estimation. K Vahey mentioned on boston-radio-interest that Andleman may have helped to save the Pats, as he owned the parking lots around Sullivan Stadium and sold them to Bob Kraft. "You know the rest of the story". It ends on 12/26 on 96.9


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