The Patriots return to the practice fields today as they begin to get ready for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night.

A win for the Patriots, coupled with a Jets loss to the Steelers would give the Patriots the AFC East title and a first round bye.

Patriots’ young defense hitting its stride – Karen Guregian looks at the improvement of the New England defense over the last 10 quarters.

Do You See What He Sees? – Charles P. Pierce in Sports Illustrated has a feature on Wes Welker.

They Took A Pass– Greg A Bedard looks at the Patriots decision to pass on Clay Matthews in the 2009 draft. Tom E. Curran says that the Patriots missed the boat on Matthews.

Tom Brady-Deion Branch 59-Yard Touchdown a Perfect Play and 19 Other Patriots Thoughts – Jeff Howe touches on 20 things regarding the Patriots.

Patriots no super team … just yet – Mark Farinella has a bucket of cold water to throw on you.

First Impressions – Green Bay Packers – Greg Doyle offers some thoughts on the Packers.

Moore was in right place at right time – Brian MacPherson’s Patriots Journal has Eric Moore making the most of his opportunity. The Herald notebook from Karen Guregian has Robert Kraft with praise for this Patriots edition. Shalise Manza Young’s notebook in the Globe has more from Kraft.

Another Link In The Chain– Bob Ryan compares the New York Knicks to the Boston Bruins. An apt comparison, really.

Celtics: High marks for first quarter – Chris Forsberg has a Celtics report card.

Kevin Garnett showing his game has returned – Dan Duggan looks at the return of the pre-2008 KG.

The resurrection of a rivalry – Peter May goes through some Celtics-Knicks history. Practice notes from Chris Forsberg have the Celtics incredulous about this talk of a rivalry with the Knicks.

Aging team, hard reality – Michael Silverman looks at a horrible offseason for the Yankees.

This offseason, the Red Sox rule – Almost a companion piece, this one from Daniel Barbarisi.

Theo Epstein set up to help ’pen – Scott Lauber’s notebook has the Sox GM looking to make some bullpen moves. Peter Abraham’s notebook has more.

Boston Bruins could move up ladder in NHL’s Eastern Conference with another strong week – Mike Loftus looks at a big week on tap for the Bruins. Steve Conroy‘s notebook agrees.


2 thoughts on “Patriots Start Packers Prep

  1. Farinella wrote 3 paragraphs of cliches' to say the Pats aren't necessarily the favorite. What a waste of space.


  2. Classless is dead right about Farinella. His column is just brutal. His two main points as to why we should not get too excited about the Patriots:
    1) A Tom Brady Injury – Mark, every NFL team is in deep trouble if their starting QB is out. Do you think the Packers are overjoyed because Aaron Rogers may not play? Do you think the Colts will make the Super Bowl without Peyton Manning?
    2) The Defense – He does not give specifics. He just says we all know it. Mark, is it the yards or the third down conversion rate? Have the last two and a half games not changed your mind? The third down conversion rate has gone down. The Pats lead the league in + /- ratio. But, for Mark and frankly the majority of the BSM, they are narrow minded. They look at only things like yardage to make their point.

    The media has also been kind enough to let us know what a terrible mistake the Patriots made by not drafting Clay Matthews Jr. Thanks go to Felger and Maz and Tom E. Curran. I guess that explains the Patriots 5-8 start. Wait, they're not 5-8? They're 11-2? Look I would love to have Clay Matthews as well as Dwight Freeny, Cameron Wake, Charles Woodson as well as many other defensive standouts. But the Pats don't. Has it hurt that much that they don't?

    Jerry Thornton, of Barstool Sports, talked about the interview ESPN Chicago did with Jets Special Teams Coach, Mike Wuesthoff. Wuesthoff said the Patriots do exactly the same thing. He immediately then said he hasn't looked at another teams sideline in years. Hysterical. Here is the full article. There is no doubt in my mind that Thornton only lags behind Reiss when talking about the Patriots and he's a comic. Here is the article.


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