The way the Patriots offense has been running as of late, the comparisons to 2007 are inevitable. Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti spent quite a bit of time yesterday rehashing the 2007 team, and their ultimate failure on the biggest stage.

While it might seem easy to just compare to prolific offenses which happen to have the same quarterback, in reality, this 2010 group is a very different offensive unit than the record-setting group of 2007. While this team isn’t as explosive down the field as the 2007 team, in many ways they’re a more balanced offense, and likely to hold up better against an all-out pressure defense like the one the Giants employed on them.

Patriots better than perfect – Gerry Callahan thinks that this team is better than the 2007 team. Even Dan Shaughnessy is in awe of this team.

Making The Grades – Patriots at Bears – Jeremy Gottlieb weighs in with his weekly grades. See other report cards from: Ron Borges | Kirk Minihane | Mike Reiss | Mike Felger

Attention to detail puts Patriots in position to succeed – Brian MacPherson notes that it is the little things that set the Patriots apart.

 Devin McCourty escapes big injury – Ian Rapoport’s notebook delivers a sigh of relief to fan worried about the rookie standout. It’s possible he may miss some time, but his rib injury doesn’t seem serious. Michael Vega‘s notebook in the Globe has a look at the TD play to end the first half against the Bears. The Patriots Journal from Brian MacPherson also looks at that play.

Red Sox negotiating murky bullpen waters – Mike Fine has the Red Sox still trying to get the bullpen nailed down. Peter Abraham compiles a Red Sox wish list.

Yankees’ loss is Red Sox’s gain – Gordon Edes says that Cliff Lee’s decision to sign with the Phillies makes the Red Sox offseason even better.

Sox can expect good old days with Crawford – Sean McAdam explains why Carl Crawford should still be a top player at age 35.

Kevin Youkilis on Steve Gorman Sports – The Red Sox third baseman is on a 75-minute podcast with Steve Gorman of the Black Crowes.

Satch: Rajon Rondo beyond compare – Steve Bulpett has Satch Sanders making a comparison between the Celtics point guard and Bill Russell, in terms of having a specific skillset.

seegsboston – Former WBZ-AM sports reporter Alan Segel has been blogging.


9 thoughts on “Better Than 2007? Lets Hope.

  1. And how many of these guys were writing about the contempt the Patriots showed for their fans by making the "inexplicable" move to jettison Moss? How many of them used the "bridge to nowhere" line? Oh yeah — PRETTY MUCH ALL OF THEM.

    And that's why this site exists.

    I swear, the sports media in this town is like a 5-year-old child. What? Can't stay up another ten minutes tonight? WHY ARE YOU THE MEANEST PERSON EVER IN THE HISTORY OF CHILD ABUSE? I CURSE YOU WITH A THOUSAND DAGGERS OF HATRED, PARENT!!!! Wait, what? You have a cookie for me? OH MY GOD YOU ARE THE GREATEST SAINT EVER AND I WILL LAY DOWN MY LIFE FOR YOUR MEREST WHIM O GREAT ONE!!!!!!!!

    Edit: I'm excepting Mike Reiss, who's never been anything but rational and balanced.


    1. You have to remember that sports reporters make their money by being reactionary and creating controversy. But, you're right, it is tiresome. I loved laughing at the media types that were saying "How are the Pats going to score any points with Moss gone?!" as if Tom Brady never played a game in his career without Moss.


  2. You gotta laugh. It's has to be one extreme or another with these guys. I don't think they know any other way of writing. It wasn't that long ago that the Patriots defense was horrible and the trade of Moss meant the Patriots were "giving up on this season"…..and NOW? Several of them have written that they will BE SHOCKED!! If the Pats don't win the Super Bowl…. un-freeking-real….. maybe I'm being too much of a cynic but I think the reason alot of them are starting with the "lock to win it all' talk is that it will make it easier for them to rip the Pats if they don't win it all. They are now in full, "build em' up to tear em' down" mode..


  3. It makes total sense the Patriots could win the Super Bowl, now that they're populated with no names on both sides of the ball. It's clear the way to win with this team is have Brady be the conductor, flanked by a squad of versitile, interchangible parts. I only see Indy and possibly Balitmore being able to beat them right now.


  4. First Bruce, I just wanted to let you know you were given some dap by Dale Arnold for showing the rule about sideline interference.

    Second, how in the world can anyone stand the radio from the hours of 2-6? It is absolutely dreadful. First there was Felger and Maz who were talking about the Patriots like they were 2-11 instead of 11-2. Of course, the same old tired arguments were used like the defense can't stop anybody because they give up too many yards. They conveniently do not talk about +/- ratio or points allowed or even how the third down conversion rate has significantly gone down. They talked about the offense like any good defense can stop them, just look at Cleveland. Of course, they conveniently do mention that the Patriots are over 400 points in just thirteen games. I always thought points is the most important stat in an offense, considering that is how winners and losers are judged. Also, didn't rational people figure out that the Cleveland performance was just a bad game and not some genius blueprint designed by Mangini? I literally got a headache from them. Brian Lowe from was in the studio wearing his F&M footie pajamas.

    I then decided to go to the Big Show which as you can imagine did not alleviate my headache. In fact, it became throbbing. Ordway had DeOssie and Lou Merloni(who I like), but it was equally as awful. A caller thought signing Gonzalez was bad because he was a lefty. All three at the same time yelled, "Fenway is a left-handed ballpark." Then, all three decide it was a good idea to give their opinion at the same time. I will type the equivalent of what I was listening to, "fhidsubhvidslnvidsvcidsuxbinb". Thank goodness I was finally in range to listen to the SVP show on ESPN Radio.


  5. I don't listen to sports talk radio, and I mostly gave up on the print sports media in Boston. I still read Mike Reiss regularly and an occasional Ryan column, but other than that I have no need for any of them. I like reading this site to see what I'm missing, and it doesn't seem like much.

    I think it's been obvious to the fans the last two years the Pats were rebuilding and on the right path. This season has exceeded expectations so far, but I'm not sure how all the "experts" missed the fact the Pats were reloading.

    I got over the Pats 2007 SB loss quickly, but I've always regretted the big middle finger it would have been to Borges, Shaughnessy, etc.


  6. I don't listen or read these guys when things are going good or when things are going bad. Do I like the Patriots chances to win the Super Bowl? Yes. Is it guaranteed? No (see 2007). Also, if they somehow lose 2 of their next 3, then the wolves are out. The bottom line is that they are playing better than most expected so enjoy the ride.


  7. If you listen to Felger and Mazz they are basically telling everyone that you're wasting your time following the Patriots because they're going to get crushed in the SB.
    Tony called the Patriots frauds yesterday.


    1. They just keep backing up….at the begining of the year those 2 clowns were saying the best we could hope for was 9-7 now they've adjusted it to the Pats will get crushed in the Super Bowl……what a couple of D-bags. They are made for each other


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