The Patriots clinched  a playoff spot in snowy Chicago yesterday, jumping out to a 33-0 halftime lead, and beating the Bears 36-7.

It was amusing to hear even the locals sports radio hosts this weekend giving the Bears an advantage in this one, “because Brady won’t be able to throw the ball” and “the Patriots passing game will be severely limited by the conditions.” I heard it on both 98.5 (staffed with a bunch of fill-ins) and on WEEI with the dreadful Mustard and Johnson.

Have these people never seen Brady and the Patriots play in bad weather?

Speaking of the sports radio stations, Chad Finn had a Sunday media feature yesterday on the battle between the two stations:

Talking a good game

I enjoyed the subtle jabs directed at the likes of Mike Adams in this one.

Patriots building up head of steam – Mike Reiss says that this all seems very familiar.

These Pats have a near-perfect feel – Michael Felger needs to be fitted for his footy pajamas.

Welker, Branch proving to be perfect partners – Robert Lee has the Patriots receivers torching the Bears all afternoon. Bob Hurst in the Herald also looks at the duo.

Yet another storm is weathered – Greg  Bedard notes that neither weather nor locale seems to matter to this team.

Patriots pulling out all the stops – Karen Guregian has the Patriots defense continue to grow and get better right before our eyes.

Patriots go from rebuilding to remarkable – Tom E Curran is as surprised as anyone that the Patriots have turned into a wagon.

Patriots: Loaded for Bear – Ron Borges says that Chicago did what Bears do when the weather is cold and snowy – went into hibernation.

Fighting through it all – Bob Ryan thinks the Patriots can get even better.

Yep, they’re that good – Melissa Isaacson of ESPNChicago is now a believer.

Patriots play does the talking against big-mouthed Bears – Ian Rapoport’s notebook has the Patriots silencing another foe. The Globe notebook from Shalise Manza Young and Monique Walker has more on the weather to lead off, The Patriots Journal from Robert Lee and Jim Donaldson has Brian Urlacher being served some humble pie. Hector Longo turns in his two-minute drill.

How Carl Crawford became a Red Sox – Sean McAdam says that the courtship and signing of the Red Sox new outfielder was months in the making.

Carl Crawford gives Terry Francona lineup choices – John Tomase looks at some of the possibilities for the Red Sox manager.

Perkins getting better all the time – Scott Souza has the Celtics center still working his way back.

Everyone pitches in during Celts’ latest win streak – A Sherrod Blakely says that the Celtics 10-game winning streak is truly a team effort.

Does anyone doubt that if it was a Patriots staffer that tripped and injured and opposing player during a game, the national outcry would be 10 times greater?


12 thoughts on “Patriots Keep Rolling, Bury Bears 36-7, Improve to 11-2

  1. Bruce, don't you think it's a little easy to say that AFTER the game? Plenty of folks, here and in Chicago, were giving Chicago the advantage because they were at home and the Pats were coming off a short week, because Chicago has been playing of 4 or 5 straight, and they have one of the higher ranked defenses. Questioning whether the Pats were going to be able to effectively throw the ball in snowy weather wasn't unreasonable. Good grief. If you're going to condescendingly belittle the radio and print folks in your blog, at least do it on Fri or Sat or Sun morning, not AFTER the game. Anyone can do that.


    1. If I was home or near a computer yesterday morning when I heard it, I certainly would've called them on it. It was nothing to do with the Bears, who yes, are a very good team. These clowns were stating with certainly that Tom Brady would not be able to throw the ball in the snow.

      Again, I ask: Have these people never seen the guy play in the snow and inclement weather before?

      They weren't just questioning whether the passing game would be impacted, they were stating as fact (not opinion) that there would be NO passing game.


  2. It would definitely be a bigger deal if a Pats coach tripped an opposing player. ESPN and the media jackals love Rex Ryan, therefore him and his team get quite a pass on alot of things. Maybe the Daily News or NY Post is killing them (I dunno).

    The Jets look pretty pathetic right now, mainly because of Sanchize being what we all thought he was (soft and stupid). When a QB has to talk about working on "getting 2 hands on the ball at all times in the pocket", a fan of that team must cringe.


    1. The action of the assistant is a direct reflection of the undisciplined atmosphere created by the bufoon of a head coach. They've had several lucky wins this year, on top of being handed a playoff berth last year, but it's all falling apart. I predict that Sexy Rexy is unemployed before the end of next season.

      If this had been a Patriot coach the claws and fangs would have come out all across the national media, but because it's this moronic clown, it's just funny.


  3. As I posted to one of my friends on Facebook — if a rules violation that DIDN'T tangibly or conclusively affect the outcome of any NFL game is worth losing a first round draft pick over…. well, I guess that means a rules violation that DOES tangibly and conclusively affect the outcome of the game (or at least attempted to) warrants, what — the whole draft being forfeited? Three years of 1st rounders? Tell me, Roger… I'm curious!


    1. Personally, I don't buy the "Roger Goodell, former Jets' employee, has it in for the Patriots' conspiracy theories that populate some of the Patriots-centric message boards in cyber space. That said, if Goodell doesn't punish the Jets harshly for this, he's going to lend more credence to that crackpot theory (credence it doesn't need or deserve). I mean, I haven't seen anything like that on a football field since Woody Hayes punched that Clemson linebacker in the Gator Bowl, and that was after the play was over.


      1. I don't think Goodell has it in for the Pats. I think he's an incompetent reactionary self-promoter of a Commissioner. When Spygate happened, it gave him the opportunity to "look good" for the national press by reflexively (and without deliberate thought) hammering a team they (the press) hate, and "look tough" in his role as Commissioner. If it's a team the press luuuuuuurrrrrvves, like the Jets, he's going to look the other way — and continue to have himself be the "good guy" in their eyes.


  4. While I enjoy The Sports Hub (except Gresh) more than WEEI, I am someone who lives outside of 495 and has EEI signal issues. So, I flip between Worcester, Providence, and Boston signals. I can not listen to it at evening drive time this time of year, because the AM signals from both Worcester and Boston are so bad. This is even when I am driving on 290 through Worcester! I can't be the only one who does this, when I don't have to touch the dial for the Sports Hub all the way into CT on Rte 84. I can understand why EEI wants to include all signals, since there may be others like me who change to different ones to get the same programming. I like SPorts HUb better, but it is mostly because of content not signal. I particularly agree with the analysis on Felger and Mazz who take sports seriously, but not themselves seriously. ALso the AM show is scheduled like the DJs that they are, so they move off of one topic frequently to go to something else.


    1. I'm having trouble telling the difference these days. I hear all the 'EEI callers on 98.5, Danny, Joey, Steve and all the rest. I thought 98.5 was going to be different. And I don't care what anyone says, Toucher and Rich is not a sports show. D&C may get into politics a little too much for some peoples' liking, but they are primarily a sports show. Apples and oranges.


  5. You know things are going well when even the local media bozo's (Felger, Borges and Shank) are hopping on the Pats Bandwagon…..


  6. Pats were favored by 3.5 or thereabouts. To pick the Bears meant making somewhat of a leap of faith. For a local to make that leap after closely following the Pats the past 4-5 weeks requires making a big leap.


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