At 10 a.m. Saturday, NESN will break its infomercial programming to air the press conference introducing outfielder Carl Crawford to the media and Red Sox fans. Crawford was signed earlier this week as a free agent.

NESN will air the program live with Tom Caron hosting.


10 thoughts on “NESN Airs Carl Crawford Presser

  1. I know this isn't going to change anything but I just want you to know that there are people out here who don't want to hear a rehashing of the baseball games at the same time Set-It-And-Forget-It Rotisserie Oven, a very popular show, is aired and I for one, feel ignored. And I don't think there are many people around here who appreciate this. Why can't you air all this baseball news on the next scheduled local news program sport section?


  2. A couple of quickies.
    1) I just heard Steve Burton's interview with Tom Brady on Patriot's Game Day. I have one question for WBZ. Steve Burton is better than than Alice Cook? Really? Really?!

    2) It was funny hearing Dan Shaughnessy telling the listening audience on his show on 98.5 to be patient with the Red Sox line-up. I believe Dan thought David Ortiz was after game TWO last year. But, now he believes we need to be patient.

    As an aside, I actually do not mind Shaughnessy's show. He does not yell. He is not obnoxious. People who disagree with him are not shouted down or bullied. He actually is very respectful. In fact, I find Adam Jones, his co-host, more irritating. He was playing the "Debbie Downer" card with regards to the Red Sox the whole time I was listening.


      1. Sum I would say that he was better last year than two years ago. It did not take Ortiz until mid June to get going. His 2010 season looks even better because there were so many injuries to guys that bat around him. From injuries to Youkilis to Martinez. to Pedroia, all in all it was pretty good season. The issue I had with Shaughnessy was that he was declaring Ortiz DOA after two games.


          1. mandb97 was wrong. It was three games into the season when Shaughnessy wrote about Ortiz's struggles.

            Bat still quiet, complaints loud

            The Sox are hoping Ortiz can reverse his downward trend of the last couple of years, and Ortiz thus far has responded like a man who is feeling the pressure. Meanwhile, Lowell sits and stews. His presence only underscores the Ortiz Problem and the gamble the Sox made.


          2. Bruce, thank you for correcting me. I want to apologize to you, everyone on the site, my family and America for my failure. 🙂


  3. mandb97 – I hate to admit it, but I actually don't mind Shaughnessy on the radio either. I too caught some of his Saturday show when he was trying to educate 'Downer' Jones (who is young enough to be Dan's son) on Mitch Miller and the Walpole High 'Porkers' field hockey team.

    BTW there was a good full-page write-up by Chad Finn in Sunday's Globe breaking down the Sports Hub vs. EEI battle.


    1. I agree Jason. He comes off differently on the radio. It makes you wonder why he writes with such a poison pen? He may just be looking for attention.

      I did read the Finn article. If I were EEI I would be very worried because I believe the younger profile that is loyal to 98.5 will stay loyal as they get older. Where will that leave EEI?


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