As move to another day of Kevin Garnett and Randy Moss talk, there is still a football game being played on Sunday afternoon out in Cleveland involving the New England Patriots. The Celtics and Bruins are playing actual games this weekend as well.

Media Roundup: Boston’s Sports Radio Soap-Opera Drama, And The Top-Five Celtics Writers – My SBNation Boston media column looks at website numbers for and and I rank out the top five writers covering the Celtics.

Signoff for NESN’s Wright – Chad Finn’s media column has Cole Wright and Jackie Pepper headed out of town. He also has Felger and Massarotti beating the Big Show in October – even when WEEI’s AM and FM numbers are combined.

Schwan doesn’t give up on sports talk dream – Bill Doyle has a former NECN producer trying to make his mark in sports radio with a show on WCRN (830 AM).

Sacrificing Some Star Power to Reinvent the Patriot Way – Article from Judy Battista in The New York Times yesterday.

Special relationship for Patriots special teamer Tracy White – Glen Farley has a look at Patriots special teams ace Tracy White, and the bond he has with his father.

A kick out of life – Shalise Manza Young has a mini-feature on rookie punter Zoltan Mesko.

Surviving the soap opera: In drama-filled season, Patriots keep their focus – Christopher Price has a timeline of all the events that have happened to the Patriots since August.

Patriots shape up – Ian Rapoport talks with Patriots strength and conditioning coach Mike Woicik, who says that the team worked this offseason on being in tough enough shape not to falter down the stretch.

Browns’ McCoy will try to do what few rookie QBs have done — beat Belichick’s Pats – Robert Lee has Cleveland’s rookie QB ready for the challenge.

Danger by the lake – Tom E Curran says this one will be a challenge for the Patriots.

Around The League – Week 8 – Jeremy Gottlieb with a look back at this week in the NFL.

Something flashy in store? – Young’s notebook says that the Patriots will need to be wary of trick plays from the Browns. Ian R. Rapoport‘s notebook also has the Browns getting the Patriots attention. Glen Farley says that Josh Cribbs will be a focus for New England.

Beyond David Ortiz: Why a one-year deal suits the Red Sox – Alex Speier looks at why the Red Sox only wanted to go one-year with their DH at this time. More on this:  John Tomase | Brian MacPherson | Peter Abraham | Sean McAdam

Plane talk with Sox higher-ups – Somehow Stan Grossfeld smuggled himself onto John Henry’s private jet during a cross-Atlantic flight and managed to get Henry and Tom Werner to answer a number of wide-ranging questions.

Darnell McDonald Worthy of Major League Job, But Where He Could Fit With Red Sox Still Unknown – Tony Less has Darnell McDonald showing that he belongs in the Majors, but is it with the Red Sox?

With Tom Thibodeau back, Celtics defend strength – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics set to face their former defensive mentor. Peter May and Jim Fenton have more.

Erden impresses while learning the ropes – A. Sherrod Blakely has the rookie center coming along nicely.

Rajon Rondo shattering assist records – Jeremy Lundblad looks into the numbers of Rondo’s historic start to the season.

The story behind the Tim Thomas hip surgery that nearly wasn’t – DJ Bean looks at Thomas’ decision to have surgery in the offseason.


7 thoughts on “Does Anyone Want To Talk Football Around Here?

  1. Felger and Maz were talking about the Grossfeld article. Felger called John Henry a bragging d-bag because his portfolio increased by 20%. A half hour later Felger and Maz were BRAGGING about having ratings increase by 24% but Henry is the d-bag.

    Speaking of Felger, there seems to be revisionists history with regards to Felger's opinion of Randy Moss. I've seen some posts here that have said Felger was right all along. Really lets go back and play a game Mike is familiar with call "Fact not Opinion". First, Felger did say Moss would shoot himself out of town. He was right. Fact not Opinion.

    Here are some of the other things Mike has said.
    1) The Patriots have sold their soul and picked up a bad guy. Moss until the this year was a great teammate who was part of the best offense in NFL history. Mike was wrong. Fact not Opinion
    2) Moss will be cut because he has not participated in practice during 2007 training camp. Mike was wrong. Fact not Opinion.
    3) Randy Moss has never caught a meaningful pass in his career. There was this game called the Super Bowl where Moss caught what should have been the game winner with two minutes left. Of course it was Moss' fault that Asante Samuel decided to come onto the field with hands covered in Crisco. It was also Moss' fault that Rodney Harrison had become old when he could not knock the ball out of the head of a 4th string receiver. Mike was wrong. Fact not opinion.

    more to come


  2. 4) 2008 Moss did not work as hard for Cassel when Brady was out. Moss caught 69 passes for 1004 yards an 11 touchdowns. These are certainly numbers of someone jakeing it. Mike was wrong. Fact not opinion
    5) Randy dogged it against Carolina. No question, Moss had a bad game. He fumbled his only reception. It happens but did he jake it. Felger said he watched the CBS feed twice and that is how he came up with his belief. I'm going to side with Ron Jawarski and Merrill Hodge, two guys who are definitely not footie pajama wearing pom-pom Patriot wavers. They looked at coaches film of the game and said that Moss did not jake it trying to get open and he was blocking hard. They said that Carolina's defense was the reason why Moss was frustrated. Mike was wrong. Fact not opinion
    6) Mike has said Moss stretching the field is overrated. Mike should ask Wes Welker what he thinks of that. Against Minnesota, Welker had only five balls thrown to him and made three catches for 26 yards and 0 YACs. Mike was wrong. Fact not opinion.

    So Mike is at least only one for six. There a baseball term for this. It's called bush league.

    Finally, this has nothing to do with Felger but I am going to miss that little firecracker Jackie Pepper. That's all.


    1. Felger's obsession with Moss has reached the exalted heights of Mike Adams vs Manny and Putt Putt Twin #2 against Obama. Fact not opinion.


  3. Jackie Pepper is a real person?

    JWH better check his company's website. It doesn't show a single fund or 'program' up 20%. About half are down.


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