On many teams, having the third down back getting injured isn’t the end of the world. Reading the articles this morning, you get the sense that when Kevin Faulk was injured on Sunday, the Patriots lost their most important offensive player behind Tom Brady.

The Boston Globe reported first yesterday that Faulk suffered a torn ACL in the fourth quarter of the Jets game, and is done for the season. No official move has been made yet, but it seems inevitable.

Kevin Faulk a huge loss for Patriots – Mike Reiss points out that Faulk was really a starter – playing more than any other back the last three seasons.

Protective measures needed in his absence – Albert R Breer notes that the Patriot may miss Faulk most in blitz protection.

Danny Woodhead may come in handy – Karen Guregian says that the newest Patriot might fill some of Faulk’s role.

Pats have been market leaders in the QB business – Jim Donaldson notes the stability the Patriots have had at the QB position since 1993, compared to teams like the Bills.

First Impressions – Buffalo Bills – Greg Doyle on Patriots Daily has a peek at some key performers for the Bills.

Hard hit; no hard feelings – Monique Walker’s notebook has Wes Welker with no ill will towards Eric Smith.

Pap’s here in name only – Bill Ballou says that Jonathan Papelbon has already checked out of the 2010 season.

Red Sox may be losing interest – Mike Fine has the whole team (and fans) checking out.

Buchholz an ace in the hole – Lenny Megliola looks at Clay Buchholz coming into his own this season.

Phillies OF Jayson Werth a look – Scott Lauber wonders if the free agent-to-be could be a Red Sox target.

Too early to make a call on Savard – Joe Haggerty says the center’s immediate future is still uncertain.

Savard situation is a headache – Kevin Paul Dupont also weighs in on Savard.

I’m generally not a huge fan of Deadspin.com these days, but today is worth checking out as it is another Fire Joe Morgan reunion day on the site.


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  1. on a related note the name of my fantasy team is…….VINCE, WILFOLK YOU UP……..get it?……get it?


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