David Ortiz hit his 31st homer of the season, and had four RBI as the Red Sox beat the Orioles 6-1at Fenway Park last night. John Lackey got his 13th win of the season, and Josh Reddick added his first home run of the season in the win as well. Get all the stories at RedSoxLinks.com.

Ortiz leads Red Sox to victory, then talks about the possibility of leaving town – Daniel Barbarisi has a look at the big night from Ortiz, followed by talk of wanting a new deal, one without a home town discount.

Jonathan Papelbon won’t be leaving – John Tomase says you can count out a trade involving the Red Sox closer this offseason.

Ken Burns proud to present 10th inning – Michael Silverman with a look at the latest installment of “Baseball.”

Red Sox Notes: Red-hot Victor Martinez playing his way into a rich contract – Barbarisi has the Red sox catcher once again putting up big numbers.

Patriots’ second-half surety is gone – Jeremy Lundblad looks at the Patriots inability to hold second-half leads.

Brady’s not quite dialed in yet – Tom E Curran says that the QB isn’t quite himself yet.

Bagging Buffalo is a key in hunt for division title – Albert R Breer explains why this is such a big game for the Patriots.

Kevin Faulk has not left the building – Ian Rapoport has the injured running back saying that he will remain with the team, helping out in any way that he can while he rehabs his knee.

Without Faulk, this could get ugly – Hector Longo thinks this team could implode without Faulk.

Adjustments coming for Patriots – Mike Reiss says that the entire offense may need to be adjusted without Faulk.

Patriots Notes: Morris, Woodhead say they’re ready to help pick up the slack – Robert Lee has a pair of backs looking to fill Faulk’s shoes.

Worry Wart – Game Three vs. Bills – Chris Warner is still wary of this week’s opponent.

Bruins beat Canadiens in exhibition opener, 4-2 – Joe Haggerty has the Bruins looking good in their preseason opener.

Boston Bruins rookie candidate Joe Colborne can’t wait for his first NHL exhibition game. – While Tyler Seguin and Jordan Caron got to play last night, the 2008 first round pick get his chance tonight. Mike Loftus has that story and a few other notes.

Concussion cases hard to figure – Joe McDonald says that aftereffects can vary greatly from case to case.

Julien impressed by Caron – Fluto Shinzawa’a notebook has the coach impressed with the 2009 first round pick.

Random observation of the morning:

Bill Simmons has been hosting PTI on ESPN this week, and was a guest of Dennis and Callahan this morning. Simmons talked about the experience of hosting PTI, and weighed in on the Patriots and Celtics. At the end, John Dennis told Simmons that his fly was down on the show yesterday. It was a curious comment, but typical of a bully-type trying to make someone else feel foolish and himself appear like the veteran TV guy. Simmons’ fly wasn’t down, and Dennis’ comment was pretty transparent in its objective.


10 thoughts on “Ortiz Helps Sox Avoid Sweep At Hands Of O’s

    1. I heard it and I think Dennis was being a bully. He also made sure Simmons pointed out that doing TV is much more difficult than it looks – thus raising his status since he was a TV guy for so many years, except few of his desired demo remembers him that way. And while I agree that Simmons struggles on TV, I think he's greatly improved on the podcasts and really gets his guests to open up and have an intelligent and enjoyable conversation. His recent podcast with Al Michaels was a great example. First time I've ever seen Al come across as regular and likeable guy.
      Bruce – total aside, its been a couple weeks, any thoughts or feedback on the Patriots Thursday night programming on CSN? Or on Sheppard's show Tuesday? I didnt listen but have heard that it was rough.


  1. I didn't hear the exchange but based on past behavior I believe Bruce that Dennis was trying to put down Simmons. Dennis is jealous that, despite once being on-air "talent," he hasn't had a meaningful TV gig in years. And not just because he is fat and bloated. That said Simmons is awful on TV and mediocre on radio/podcasts.


    1. Didn't hear it either but tend to agree with the "Bully" part of Dennis – he comes across as an angry and bitter person. I strongly agree with you regarding Simmons – his voice is very effete to me and while his content can be entertaining I just can't listen or watch him.


    2. Oh come on, are you saying that Golf Destination was not meaningful?

      p.s. I think Dennis' comment was probably unnecessary seeing as it was at the very end of the interview.


  2. Maybe he was being a bully, but Simmons has been on D&C many times despite the fact that he talks so much trash about the Boston media in veiled comments in his columns and podcasts. I'm confused as to why he continues to talk to those idiots. It's like he's asking for it…


  3. Simmons has that 'deer in the headlights' look all the time. Speaks too softly … talking to no one in particular . needs to stick to writing and his podcasts.


  4. The same Bill Simmons who has made funevery on-air personality on sports? The same guy who claims he was a much better color analyst on ESPNU than anybody else ESPN has? He was bullied? Poor guy. Talk about a paradox.


  5. Typical Dennis. The only TV gig he's going to get from now on is as one of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade baloons!


  6. Seriously everyone i know dislikes Dale the Snail Arnold. He is awful. He was fired by the bruins for Jack FRICKEN Edwards and he always takes little shots at Jack. how can anyone take this man seriously since he has such an obvious bias towards the bruins organization. Have you ever heard this man talk about terry Francona? Dale is the worst


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