John Lackey struck out a season high 10 batters, and Marco Scutaro drove in fourruns as the Red Sox beat the Mariners 6-3at Fenway Park last night. Get all the coverage at

The Red Sox claimed Johnny Damon off of waivers from the Detroit Tigers yesterday, but it remains unclear whether the 2004 World Series hero will return to the Red Sox. Damon has told Detroit reporters that he is leaning towards remaining with the Tigers, who are 10 games out in the AL Central and 15 games out of the Wild Card. Of course, that could just be  posturing to get something further from the Red Sox. The other possibility is that the Red Sox would like Damon, but were more interested in making sure that Tampa or the Yankees couldn’t get him.

A primer for the Johnny Damon saga – Rob Bradford tells us all we need to know about the situation.

Don’t be an idiot, Johnny Damon – Michael Silverman wants Damon back with the Red Sox.

Damon’s return makes all kinds of sense – Joe Haggerty says that this needs to happen.

Give Do-it-all Bill Hall the 10th player award – Christopher Smith says that the utilityman should be honored by the club.

Gerry Callahan and Dan Shaughnessy composed very different columns about Roger Clemens. The former blasts the rocket, while the latter chooses to remember the good times with Clemens, including the time he sent a 6-foot teddy bear to Shaughnessy’s sick daughter.

Catcher improved, mystified – Peter Abraham’s notebook has Jarrod Saltalamacchia still without answers about the infection that landing him on the DL and in the hospital.

Friends: Don’t count on Logan Mankins.

Fans: We’re not.

Ian Rapoport has friends of the holdout guard insisting that he’s prepared financially to sit out the season, with the hope that with a new CBA he’ll be declared a free agent. He lives on a self-sustaining farm and doesn’t spend money! He’s principled! It’s not about the money – he doesn’t spend money! But he’s not going to take less money!  That Frank Bauer (Mankins’ agent) really knows how to get public opinion on his side!

Light: Us ‘trained pigs’ will be just fine – Christopher Price has Matt Light confident in the abilities of his new linemates.

Patriots getting healthy – Mark Farinella has several injured Patriots returning to practice yesterday.

Guyton seeks his role after knee injury – Jennifer Toland has the Patriots linebacker looking to get back into action with his return to practice.

Tom Brady alone in knocking ‘Knocks’ – Mike Reiss has the QB’s teammates not following his example in expressing hate for the Jets and ‘Hard Knocks.’ And here’s Reiss being too soft on the Patriots again.

The Running Back Issue – Chris Warner tries to figure out if there is rhyme or reason to how Bill Belichick uses his running backs in the preseason.

I’d avoid Karen Guregian and her high horse this morning as she demands to know why Quinn Ojinnaka was not made available to the media to “provide some explanation for his past problems at home.” She then launches into how the Jets are signing all their malcontent players, why can’t the Patriots do the same?

5 thoughts on “Sox Down M’s, Damon Leaning Against Return To Boston

  1. What Mankin's Agent says "It's not about the money, we can sit out all season!"

    What he means: "We just don't want that money used to re-sign (eg: wasted) on some other teammate like Tom Brady who doesn't deserve it."

    What he thinks: "How is that not being a great team player?"


  2. Guregian must think the Jets have 3 Super Bowls the past decade. I continue to be dumbfounded at how much respect a 9-7 team is getting. I don't remember anyone falling over Arizona after they went 9-7 and to the Super Bowl in 2008. In fact, people forgot about them pretty quick.


    1. It's because they've got "New York" as their team's first name. If they were the Boise Jets, the hype would be dialed down about 50 notches.

      I remember after the '86 World Series was over and that Mets team which not only should have lost to the Red Sox, but also should have lost to the Astros in the NLCS (both teams simply gagged away series that they should have won), was still being touted as a "dynasty" by the NY media hype machine—–24 years later, they're still waiting to win their next World Series and the franchise has only 1 W.S. appearance (2000) since '86.

      Again, if they were the Boise Mets, no dynasty talk would have ensued after that one lucky championship they won.


  3. Karen G. is not having a good training camp with this one, and her Derrick Burgess looks disinterested article. The guy coulda had a bellyache


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