Jonathan Papelbon blew his sixth save of the season, as the Red Sox failed to complete a sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays, falling 6-5. Get the full links – if you want them – at

Lackey does everything but win – Sean McAdam’s notebook touches on the major storylines from yesterday.

Lackey, Saltalamacchia look comfortable together – Brian MacPherson has the new catcher looking at home with the veteran starter.  

Weiland at head of the class – Amalie Benjamin’s minor league notebook leads off with a look at Portland starter Kyle Weiland.

The Patriots first team looked pretty good against the Saints first team, as the Patriots pulled out a 27-24 preseason opening win at Gillette Stadium last night. You can find all the links from last night over at

Earlier in the week I talked about my admiration for veteran broadcasters. Well, last night was a very tough night for Don Criqui, who made numerous gaffes and errors in the course of the game. Randy Cross made a few as well, but Criqui was particularly brutal, constantly getting the teams mixed up, on one play, Brady made a completion to “Randy Cross,” while the real Cross praised the blocking of “Todd Lyght.”

Ten Things We Learned Thursday Night: For Brady, focus is back on football  – Christopher Price has the top storylines from last night.

A positive start for the Patriots – Mike Reiss says that there were a lot of pluses on display last night.

Brady’s new look was impressive – Albert R Breer says that the first glimpses of the 2010 offense for the Patriots were encouraging.

Patriots 27, Saints 24: Five points to remember – Tom E Curran offers his most important notes of the night.

Marquee matchup between the Patriots and Saints lacks excitement – Tim Weisberg wasn’t impressed with the product on the field last night.

Pats make rush to judgment – Rich Garven looks at the Patriots efforts to get a pass rush going.

Murrell has an outside shot – Monique Walker has the former Jet making an impact early.

‘Bam’ grateful for many fans – The T&G notebook has Sam Cunningham honored last night.

The inimitable Celtic – Bob Ryan has a feature today on one of my all-time favorite Celtics, Dennis Johnson, who will finally (posthumously) be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.  Peter May also weighs in on DJ.

No lack of outlets for Shaq here – Chad Finn’s media column notes that there will be no shortage of  media opportunities for Shaq here in Boston.

Discussing The Negative Impact Of The Little League World Series … Wait, Why? – My SBNation Boston media column has Glenn Orway beating a familiar drum this week.

9 thoughts on “Pap Melts Down, Pats Warm Up

  1. It was nice of Breer to mention that Brady still doesn't have a new contract in the 2nd paragraph of one of his game stories from last night. Without that insight, how would we ever know that Brady hasn't signed a new deal yet?


    1. It was so gratuitous…the reason why it's important Brady didn't get hurt was not because it could end his season (career?) and kill the Patriots' Superbowl hopes, but because he doesn't have a new contract. Also, Steve Burton: it's Sam "Bam" Cunningham not Sam "The Bam" Cunningham as you said numerous times. Not sure why that annoyed me so much.


      1. I'm surprised that Burton knows which end of the microphone to use. He is the paradigm of an empty suit.


        1. I liked Burton's "Jim Koch, inventor of Sam Adams" guffawing interview. Koch didn't invent anything.


  2. don't know who the hell Tim Weisberg is….but he wasn't impressed by the product on the field?????……IT WAS A FREEKING PRE-SEASON GAME!…….what exactly was he looking for??


    1. Not only have I never heard of Weisberg, I've never even heard of the paper he works for. What are his credentials, why should I value his opinion?


  3. It was great to see Edelman make progress and just to see the Flying Elvis. Breer's just a one trick pony. I don't think I've read a single Patriots item in the Globe since the draft and won't in the foreseeable future – there are better outlets to get real Patriots news anyway.


  4. Bruce, I think Don Criqui and Randy Cross have these "todd light" moments every year. They remind me of Gil and Gino: nice pipes, but time to hang it up.


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