I’m on the road today, so no links this morning, but wanted to pass along this link.

Joseph P Kahn with a look today at the battle between WEEI and 98.5 The Sportshub.

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8 thoughts on “Globe Weighs In On WEEI vs. 98.5

  1. EEI became a fat cat, complacent radio station, always talking over the callers and hanging up on them if their opinion differed from "the great EEI host". I was forced to listen to EEI because I love sports and I go back to EEI's beginning when Ordway teamed up with Janet Prensky.. Back in the day, those two had one show about womens league baseball…YUKK..Thats the same arrogance EEI still has today by forcing the listener to listen to their crap.. But now I have "98.5 The Sports Hub" to listen to and I truly enjoy it. I have listened to The Sports Hub since Aug.13, 2090, AND have not listened to EEI ONCE!.. Alot of us like all sports not just the Red Sox which was forced upon us for 365 days a year 24/7..Remember when the Nomar for ARod trade was the floating Red Sox rumor of the month, well that was in the winter and taking presidents over the Patriots unbeaten streak and another run at a Super Bowl trophy (which they won) but all you heard on EEI for weeks was Nomar for AROD…(that's one example). God bless the Sports Hub now we get equal amounts on most teams, we get alot of Pats an Bruins which NEVER happened on that fraud of a fat cat EEI!!!


    1. "I have listened to The Sports Hub since Aug.13, 2090"

      He's from the future! I thought radio would be long gone in 2090. Can you tell me who wins the next 4 or 5 Super Bowls?


  2. I do get a kick out of the guy who said he identified with Gerry because he's also a sour old man. Who admits that willingly?


  3. When the Boston College Eagles tee up the ball on September 4th vs. Weber State – watch the WEEI ratings climb.

    How could EEI's ratings be sliping? Fill in talent like Bill Burt, Larry Johnson, Arthur Stearns does not grow on trees.


  4. I am amazed, well maybe I should not be, at the glee people have when discussing this topic. A couple of things to think about.

    – It does not appear that WEEI is losing any radio share to 98.5. WEEI's numbers are actually trending up even with Sox broadcasts way down.

    – Which means 98.5 is taking share from other radio outlets. Whether that is WAAF, WBZ AM, WTKK, or any of the repetitive pop rock stations in the market, I do not know. But it does not appear 98.5's audience is coming at the expense of WEEI.

    – When you have a monopoly you get complacent, its the nature of the beast. If it is working and you are making money hand over fist why innovate. If the market place gets competitive that is good for the listener. Maybe it forces WEEI to get rid of Mike Adams once and for all (even though his ratings are double DA's of course the Sox and Celts numbers are mixed in). Maybe WEEI shortens commercial breaks. Maybe they bring in better cohosts for the big show.

    – WEEI does not focus solely on the Boston market and instead keeps expanding their brand regionally. With Stations in Providence, the Cape, Worcester, Portland, Springfield and NH all simulcasting WEEI's programming their operating costs are much less than a single station entity. its economy of scale. They are laughing to the bank. All those stations selling advertising with no cost of programming.

    – For all who think 98.5 is perfect. They already started tinkering with their lineup when they reassigned Tanguay. They cannot be thrilled with the numbers Zo and Gresh are ding but they tolerate them because they do not have an alternative (maybe Amy Lawrence wants to leave her flash girl duties at the 4 letter and reteam with Gresh…people would be screaming for Tanguay again…just saying).

    – Lastly, I drive a lot and listen to both stations frequently (steering wheel buttons). To me if one station has an interesting topic I listen for 15 minutes until it changes. I doubt most listeners don't do the same.


  5. The comments section for that article is unreal. The people who are defending D and C that viciously really need to be monitored for their own protection.


    1. Based on your comment I just read the comments section of the article. After 15 pages I found dozens of hateful denunciations of the D&C show, but no "vicious defenses". I have to admit that after the first dozen or so pages I didn't read quite as carefully. The tenor of the comments seems to be about 95% anti-WEEI, which is to be expected from Globe readers.

      Your comment reminds me of Iggy complaining that Obama has been under intense negative medis scrutiny, when in fact the networks (except Fox) fawn all over him.


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