With the Yankees and Rays having already lost, the Red Sox had a great opportunity to make up a game in the AL East standings. They jumped out to a 4-0 lead, but Tim Wakefield gave it right back, surrendering four runs of his own in the third inning. The scored remained tied until the 10th inning, when with two out, Kevin Kouzmanoff hit an RBI single off Michael Bowden to send the Red Sox to a 5-4 loss.

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Red Sox on wrong end of close calls in the 10th – Dabiel Barbarisi notes that a questionable balk call in the 10th inning help set up the winning run for the A’s.

Jonathan Papelbon still winning the game of results – The perception might be that the Red Sox closer isn’t as dominant as he once was, but Jon Couture observes that he results show otherwise.

Sox left with a sinking feeling – Alex Speier has a few noteworthy developments from last night.

Bowden has one get away – Joe McDonald has Michael Bowden talking about a bad pitch that ended the game.

Westmoreland fighting to get back to the field  – James Bessette of Southern Rhode Island Newspapers caught up with Red Sox prospect Ryan Westmoreland at a Legion game, and talked to him about his recovery.

Lowrie might get activated – Amalie Benjamin’s notebook looks at the Red Sox infielder arriving in Oakland, possibly to be activated today.

The need for (trading) ‘Sheed – A. Sherrod Blakely tries to figure out the best fit for a Celtics trade of Rasheed Wallace’s contract.

Linebackers must carry Pats forward – Tom E Curran checks out the Patriots linebackers.

Positional Previews – Outside Linebackers – Patriots Daily examines the outside linebackers, a group that doesn’t appear all that impressive. When Tully Banta-Cain is the top guy on your depth chart, something’s missing.

Leadership an issue after Patriots’ way went wayward – Glen Farley has the Patriots looking for some guys to step up in the locker room.

Fade now is part of Woods’s game – Bob Ryan says that Tiger Woods is just an average golfer these days.

The ‘Decision’ dilemma – ESPN Ombudsman Don Ohlmeyer finally weighs in on the LeBron James show and says that ESPN damaged its credibility and raised ethical issues by getting involved in the program. Nearly 5000 words in this one, as Ohlmeyer pounds the network for it’s involvement. He cites internal conflicts at ESPN between the business and studio production side and the newsgathering side over whether the network should get involved with the program.

No matter how convoluted the intellectual gymnastics, ESPN “paid” for exclusive access to a news story.

As to transparency, ESPN failed miserably where it mattered most. Although there was no attempt to hide the Gray involvement or the inventory arrangement leading up to the broadcast, the viewers were not explicitly told at the most appropriate moments that conflicts existed. Before turning from the Bristol set to Gray, ESPN should have advised viewers that Gray had been selected by James’ team to do the interview

When trust is questioned, missteps are magnified. The previous day, on a conference call with media critics, ESPN said that the announcement would not be arbitrarily delayed to magnify suspense or fill out the hour — and that it would take place in the first 10 to 15 minutes of the program. But when the throw from the Bristol set — totally in ESPN’s control — didn’t happen until 9:22 p.m. and the announcement wasn’t made until 9:28 p.m., the network lost the benefit of the doubt. It wasn’t interpreted as a minor mistake or misstatement. It was perceived to be intentional, and the network’s candor and credibility were called into question by the mailbag and the media.

Pretty good stuff, and appropriate criticism of the situation, coming from the Ombudsman.


4 thoughts on “Sox Can’t Go Extra In Oakland

  1. As accurate as these comments are, how many sports fans or ESPN viewers care about journalistic ethics?


  2. The whole ESPN/ Lebron thing shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. For YEARS now ESPN has been ALL ABOUT THE DRAMA more than sports themselves…..remember how they milked "Spygate" for all it was worth?……..they are "Entertainment Tonight" with jocks instead of actors and actresses……and should be viewed as such……oh and how could I forget?….They also LOVE the whole, "Brett Farve/will he retire or come back?" story……don't be surprised if they team up with Farve for……(dramatic music here) "THE DECISION II"……be still my beating heart


  3. ESPN lost me when they stopped carrying the NHL. While the NHL's problems were entirely self inflicted, it just rubbed me the wrong way…


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