Daisuke Matsuzaka gave up just one run in 6 2/3 inning, and Daniel Bard and Jonathan Papelbon closed things out for him as the Red Sox edged the Oakland A’s 2-1 out in Northern California last night.Adrian Beltre homered for the Red Sox in the win.

With the Red Sox out West, it’s once again a slim batch of material to work from today:

Daisuke Matsuzaka unpredictably masterful – Michael Silverman says that you probably didn’t see this one coming.

With Dice, Sox rotation is suddenly loaded – Alex Speier has Dice-K he is capable of being as good as just about any starter on the Red Sox in stretches.

Pedroia feels at home again – Joe McDonald has the Red Sox second baseman happy that he’s not getting death threats this year in Oakland.

Trade prospects a sore subject – Steve Buckley thinks that Del Harris, while coaching the 1982-83 Houston Rockets captured the essence of this Red Sox team.

Value of Cash has its limits – Amalie Benjamin’s notebook has Kevin Cash getting the job done behind the plate but not at it.

Living in a dream world? – Got an extra $5.4 million sitting around? You can buy the cornfield-turned-ballfield used in the movie Field of Dreams.

Danny Ainge can only wait – Mark Murphy says that the Celtics can only sit and wait right now as they try to fill out their roster.

Maybe Shaq makes sense after all – Chris Forsberg set out to write a column against a possible signing of Shaquille O’Neal, but actually ending up doing the opposite.

Luke Harangody Soars in Summer League, Will Be Solid Addition to Celtics Bench – Evans Clinchy has a look at the Celtics second round pick.

Patriots are completely uncoordinated – Glen Farley looks at the Patriots coaching staff.

Also worth noting is Tom E. Curran shooting down John Clayton’s persistent rumors that Tom Brady might not show up for camp.

Postional Previews – Inside Linebackers – Patriots Daily with a look at the group headed up by Jerod Mayo.

Bruins, Savard may not part after all – James Murphy says that the Bruins center might end up staying here.

9 thoughts on “Dice-K, Sox Take A Tight One In Oakland

  1. Farley's not the brightest bulb (I'd bet that stuff like that is why BB doesn't care much for the media), Curran nails it and a nice overview of the ILB's. Good links, thanks.


  2. Nice job by Curran to make Clayton look like a bigger fool than usual.

    On a Brady-contract-related note: Tanguay hosted the Felger show on Comcast solo on Sunday night (it was nice to not hear Felger's incessant high-pitched screeching, I must say).

    During the "conference call" segment he talked to a guy from the Indianapolis Star Tribune who reported, as had other people, that the Colts are, in fact, waiting for more definitive info about the CBA before they do Peyton Manning's new contract.

    Tanguay took the opportunity to destroy Felger in absentia for Felger's constant, yet completely untrue claim that the Patriots are the "only" team he's heard talk about waiting on the CBA with regards to dishing out new contracts. He also got the Indy Star writer to agree with him that pretty much every team, including the Colts, who have a reputation of "taking care of their star players," are pretty much waiting on the CBA before they jump into giving out big new deals.

    It was actually a rare great moment for Tanguay and I only wish that Felger had been there in person to be humiliated by it.


    1. Nobody has been tougher on Tanguay than me. In fact, I have called him a thief because he has been able steal money from CSNNE and WBZ tv and radio for so long. But you know what, the last two weeks Gary Tanguay has had an epiphany. He has said TWO brilliant things in two consecutive weeks on CSNNE Sports Sunday. The example of Brady and the CBA above was one. The other was last week when Felger was hosting and Jacoby Ellsbury was the topic. Damon Amendollara, of all people, was blaming Ellsbury because he was upset that he was in left field. DA, come on buddy, Francona had already stated Ellsbury was the starting center fielder when he came back the first time so that argument makes no sense. Tanguay, rightfully blamed the medical staff. His argument was simple. He said when Ellsbury requested an MRI why didn't they just give it too him? It has become a case where Ellsbury does not trust the medical staff and decided if they do not have my best interest in hand then I will take it upon myself to come back when I am 100%.
      I wonder if this is going to be a new and improved Gary Tanguay or will Gary take on the Cliff Robertson role in the movie Charlie and go back to being the dimwit he normally is.


  3. Curran is always on top of this stuff. Like last year when he reported that Brady suffered a set back in rehab and might miss some/all of the '09 season… oh, wait… maybe not.

    Just sayin….

    Kidding aside… as much as I enjoy the alternative to EEI, I may not be able to listen past Sept. when Felger and Mazz just destroy the Patriots all season long. And before they, or anyone else, say I am a 'Pats toadie' and/or 'fanboy' who doesn't want to hear anything negative about the team… you are so off base. What I, and others like me, hate is the singular focus on the negative, and even worse making the non-story into what they perceive to be a real one.

    Brady hasn't said anything about his contract… so they decided that meant he is so pissed off at them, he might even hold out or just be a complete ass in camp. Wait, whaaaat???


    1. Oooh, Tom is in his Patriots “footy pajamas” and can’t handle anyone saying anything bad about the team… /felger


  4. I'd like to comment on Felger, but as soon as I see him on TV or hear him on the radio, I change the channel. So I guess I have nothing to say about that insipid ass.


  5. It is amazing how good Bob Neumeier is on the radio. He has been hosting the Big Show the past couple of days and it has been outstanding. Yesterday, he had Steve Buckley and Fred Smerlas on as co-hosts and Neumeier made them sound pretty good, something I felt was impossible with Smerlas. Fred did not interrupt, he was quiet and answered questions with actual thought. Buckley who I feel is a notorious smart-ass, was level headed and did not go off on a 1973 Marty Littell lead Red Sox tangent.

    Today was even better. A topic that came up was team owned networks like YES and NESN and how much influence do they have on the broadcast. The topic arose with a Bob Raissman piece for the NYDN when he noted how the YES network basically ignored Joe Torre when the Yankees and Dodger played a couple of weeks ago. The only mention came when Torre would make a change. There was nothing about the past. Tom Caron, a co-host along with Ian Browne, stated it was no secret that Steinbrenner would send questions to the YES crew when he wanted to know why something was done during a certain situation. Neumeier then pressed Caron on whether the Red Sox have tried to dictate coverage. Caron said not at all. He said it gets them in trouble with Red Sox higher ups and especially players who do not understand why the Red Sox broadcast team should criticize or show bad play by the team. One caller brought up a good point that when the Red Sox lose it is as though someone kicked their dog. Caron said that he understood the caller but said they are still the Red Sox broadcast team and they are not going to make light of a five game losing streak. The topic and talk lead by Neumeier was terrific and I do not think in a million years Glen Ordway could have been this good.


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