The All Star break is over, and the Red Sox look to get back to work tonight at Fenway as they take on the Texas Rangers. (7:00 PM, NESN, if you’re in Tampa or New York, the game will be on MLB Network.)

Yesterday was a slow sports day, with no games being played, so some media outlets were reaching for stories.  There were a couple of Patriots items yesterday that were non-stories, but played up by the media:

John Clayton speculates that Tom Brady might hold out at the start of camp. Clayton states “Odds favor Brady showing up in good faith and hoping for a deal, but he has made it clear he doesn’t want to take a discount in this next contract.” Um, when exactly did he come out and say that?

Then there was Terrell Owens, who told a radio station that he would be open to playing for the Patriots. This was immediately grabbed and reported all over. On CSN Sports Tonight last night, it was even one of the top stories with their experts weighing in.

Of course Owens would be “open” to playing for the Patriots. He’s unemployed. He’d be open to playing for anyone. If the Patriots were interested, then it would be a story. There’s no indication that is the case. Non-story.

I did enjoy Tom E Curran’s segment on that same show – Five things you don’t have to worry about.

#1 on the list: Tom Brady holding out.

By the way, the website has a new look. I’m not sure it’s an improvement. I liked being able to easily see all the latest stories for each team on the home page.

Onto the top 10 links for today:

Let record show, Sox pretty good – Peter Abraham notes that the Red Sox have the fourth best record in baseball, but only the third best record in the AL East.

Five questions facing the Sox in the second half– Sean McAdam looks at what the Red Sox need to do in the second half.

Will July heat bring early fall for Sox? – Bill Ballou says that the rest of this month will tell us whether the Red Sox have October hopes.

Theo Epstein not thinking big – Scott Lauber says that the Red Sox GM isn’t planning any big moves this month.

Sox are stayin’ alive – Lenny Megliola has the Red Sox hanging around despite all the injuries.

Minor stops along the way – Abraham’s notebook has a look at a few rehab assignments starting, and a number of injury updates.

O’Neal: Boston’s a perfect fit – Chris Forsberg has the newest member of the Celtics, Jermaine O’Neal talking about coming to Boston.

Celtics’ Ainge looks to plug roster holes – Jim Fenton looks some areas on the Celtics bench than need addressing.

Easy on the Boss praise – Ron Borges tosses around a few thoughts on the sports world.

Positional Previews – Cornerbacks – Patriots Daily with a look at the Leigh Bodden-led cornerback position heading into camp.

Bonus: ‘Til debt do us part – This is a feature on by Molly Knight about the divorce of Los Angeles Dodgers owners Frank and Jamie McCourt (former Bostonians), and it includes this weird tidbit:

In 2007, the McCourts hired PR guru Charles Steinberg, who is credited with revamping the Red Sox fan experience at Fenway, to do the same with the Dodgers. But within a year, Steinberg had aligned himself with Jamie, bringing in people from Boston and inserting them in every department. “It was a giant mess, because you had a Jamie person and a Frank person doing the same job,” says a current Dodgers employee. “And as things got tenser, it was like they were each using moles to spy on each other.”

Steinberg went so far as to unveil “Project Jamie,” a seven-page action plan with a goal to make her president of the United States, with support from a coalition of “women, minorities, Hollywood types, and sports-loving males.” Frank had seen enough of the Jamie Show. Steinberg was fired last September; his people were out by Christmas.

Looks like Dr Charles went just a bit too far this time. Wow.


3 thoughts on “Sox Look To Get Back To Business

  1. I’m sorta thankful the Mel Gibson recordings broke during the week of the all star game as it has completely overtaken the Dennis and Callahan show. They’ve easily done a 24 hours worth of coverage on Gibson’s angry rants this week. D&C come off as total hypocrites when you consider the angry rants of their own (rowtillo, cleaning up after Mike adams, etc). I’m just happy it’s not preempting any coverage of an important series.


  2. far be it for me to defend D &C but they did do a skit/parody where they had John Dennis's rant and Mel Gibson's rant intertwined……they've gotten alot of mileage out of Dennis's "rowtillo rant" so much so that I think the whole thing was planned


  3. Steinberg still did a worse job with the ring ceremony than he did with the Dodgers.

    Most overrated guy in baseball.


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