Steve Bulpett was the first to report this morning that the Celtics and Paul Pierce have reach an agreement to keep the Celtics captain here in Boston. Jeff Goodman reports that it is a four-year $61 million deal.

How the two sports radio stations here in Boston handled the news was a bit interesting. Both got the news at about the same time (from Bulpett’s report) and attempted to “tease” the news just prior to going to a commercial break.  WEEI went into an extended break, while 98.5 had a shorter break before reporting the news in their sports flash.

Had WEEI wanted to, they could’ve reported the news right away, (they “teased” first) but chose to attempt to keep their listeners riveted through multiple commercials. Because of that, they likely lost some listeners who (like me) switched over to see if 98.5 was going to give details.

It’s also been interesting seeing how 98.5 has impacted WEEI in other ways. In prior years, on holiday weeks, Jason Wolfe would throw combinations on the air that were, to put it kindly, horrible. Mustard and Johnson,DeOssie and Johnson, Butch Stearns and whomever, Steve Burton and whomever, even Bob Gamere one time. The last days they’ve put a very strong duo of Bob Neumeier and Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated. Neumeier, interestingly, has also been filling in afternoons on 98.5 from time to time, making him one of the few with the cache and respect in town to be able to work seamlessly for both stations.

With the Sox off last night, here’s a few quick links from this morning:

Varitek to miss six weeks – Peter Abraham and Nick Cafardo report about Jason Varitek becoming the latest Red Sox injury casualty, breaking his foot Wednesday night. I first learned about this last night from Dan Roche on Twitter. The Red Sox re-acquired Kevin Cash last night to try and fill the hole.

Daniel Bard stirs echoes of young Jonathan Papelbon – John Tomase examines the similarities – and differences – between the two relievers.

Throw these names in mix – Peter Abraham has the Minor League Notebook in the Globe.

Dynamic duo in Lowell – Rich Thompson also looks at the Red Sox farm system.

At 12:01, the Celtics were free thinkers – Gary Washburn says that the Celtics first call went to Ray Allen.

Ex-PC star Gomes also in the market for new NBA team – Kevin McNamara looks at the market for the former Celtics forward.

Max sees Celts getting older – Bill Doyle has the Celtics radio analyst feeling that it’s time to rebuild the Celtics.

Desperate times – Bob Hohler has a feature on former Celtic Ray Williams falling on tough times.

Setting the record straight on Savard – Joe Haggerty says that the Bruins aren’t trying to trade Marc Savard for off-ice issues.


9 thoughts on “Pierce Re-signs, Sox Lose Two More To DL

  1. Nuemy is the best…..and doesn't that say it all about sports radio in Boston?……..he's the best yet he doesn't work for either station full time…..unreal


  2. Please sign Gomes to the C's so we can get back some semblance of relevance in this region.
    Friar Basketball


  3. Interesting stuff about Weei going to breaks. It is funny how these two stations have now made the listening game a little different. The Sports Hub frequently starts shows just a minute after the top of the hour. WEEI used to make you wait, 7, 8 or 9 minutes after the top of the hour to get the show rolling. Now, WEEI has been forced to take shorter breaks.


  4. I guess the Celtics don’t want cap room in the near future. I wonder how Rondo feels about Pierce getting 15 million a year when Rondo is clearly the best player on the team now.


  5. “Butch Stearns and whomever, Steve Burton and whomever” What does WEEI do? they put Stearns and Burton. That’s a Marconi waiting to happen. I actually tried to listen but could tolerate them for about three seconds. After I was done running some errands, I heard Lou Merloni’s voice. It was like Wolfe or Kahn were listening and said, “Dear God what have we done call Merloni and tell him we’ll double his pay just to get these guys to say less.” Of course, if Kahn and Wolfe had been listening to 98.5 they would have figured out they had nothing to worry about because Tanguay and Maz were saying some of the most asinine things about the Red Sox you could imagine.

    First Maz was back to being his ol’ self and insulting all of the fans about their lack of support for the Red Sox by not voting for players like Youkilis, Pedroia and Beltre. One very astute caller informed Maz that the Celtics season just ended about a week ago, while the Bruins have still been in the spotlight thanks to Cam Neely, the draft and off season trades (Horton). The Red Sox finally have everything to themselves and the interest will spike. But Maz knows better. He is a writer and a talk show host. He is much smarter than some lowlife fan. He continued to rail on the fans because they won’t embrace this team.

    This leads me to his partner, the thief, Gary Tanguay. He said that fans are not voting for Youkilis because he is grumpy. GRUMPY? Where in the hell does he come up with that. Did they think he was grumpy when he was voted first in 2008 at first base or second in 2009? Red Sox fans think he is grumpy in 2010 so they won’t vote for him this year. He also said this gem. The fans are not voting for Ortiz because they think he is washed up. Are you kidding me? 17 home runs 53 RBI OBP .366 OPS .930, ya Gary you can stick a fork in him. Tanguay is dreadful.


  6. I can’t stand Neumy. Too much blather about soccer, horse racing, and his ultra liberal politics. He’s just as bad as Callahan only to the left instead of the right.


    1. not true at all… might not like Neumy……but PLEASE….he spends VERY LITTLE time talking about soccer, horse racing or politics…….LOL…."just as bad as Callahan only to the left instead of the right'…… are so far off base it ain't funny……are you sure your not thinking about Craig Mustard?


      1. Did you listen to this AM's show? He kept yapping about the Netherlands and the World Cup throughout the whole show. His final words were "Don't forget so and so vs. so and so at 2:30 this afternoon to decide who'll be in the championship game"

        And by the way I try not to ever think about Craig Mustard……….50% of the worst show in the history of all media.


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