Celtics fans are pathetic for shouting ‘Kobe …..” on national TV and then complaining about Tom Brady shaking hands with Kobe.Sat Jun 12 18:48:41 via mobile web

The pathetic ones are the ones throwing objects at Kobe Bryant at the free throw line.


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  1. what interests me is the time stamp – 10 minutes of 7 Saturday night? the previous game was played thursday.

    this must have been a very hot topic of conversation with Chad Gifford (good guy, Danny) and Jackie Welch (his assistant married him for love, Danny) on the highspeed ferry/gulfstream into Nantucket over the weekend….

  2. Weren't Laker fans chanting "Boston … . ." (as Barnicle puts it) during Game One? Where's the condemnation for their "vulgar" chanting?

  3. You guys all beat me to it.

    For a known plagiarist to call anyone pathetic is really stretching it.

    That said, you hate to see stuff like that (objects being thrown)—-I remember Dwight Evans, Lynn, Rice, and Yaz wearing batting helmets out in the field back in the late 70s at Yankee Stadium during the height of the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry of that era. It's crazy behavior and incredibly dangerous. I hope they found the idiot who did that last night and tossed him in jail for the night.

  4. LEAVE MIKE ALONE! He's just trying to ressurect his career. Doesn't he deserve a second chance? Doesn't he deserve to get his spot back on Chronicle? Stop being so mean to Mikey!

    hehehehehe Now if only the spygate jerks could get this kind of treatment…..

  5. While I'm all for bashing Barnicle for being a plagiarist, wtf is his point here? If we truly believe Kobe sucks, isn't it then consistent to not approve of Brady shaking his hand?

  6. They were actually chanting "Kobe…"? I swear I heard them chanting "Kobe Sucks" but what do I know.

    And which fans were complaining about Brady? I think some media might have but no one I know has a problem with what Brady does.

    1. agreed……I couldn't care less what basketball team Brady roots for or if he wears a Yankee cap, or if he's best friends with Kobe…..as long as he performs well while wearing a Patriots uniform …..that's all I care about

  7. Tweet has replaced the "Blogosphere" (vomit) as the last refuge of the jackanape. What is the Plagiarist's point, exactly?

  8. Mike's the kind of stand-up guy who looks out for kids. You know, sends them a zinger whenever they get a little big-headed, just to let them know somebody's watching But he always does it with a smile. He did it all the time for Timmy, and look how Luke turned out. He helps Brady out with the fame thing — how to handle it. And even though Brady's married to a famous moll, and Mikey lives the ordinary life with a wife who's a teller or something at Bank of America, he's not shy about sending in a couple of plays for our QB, if you know what I mean.

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