Welcome to Thursday, and the question everyone wants answered tonight: how many starters will show up against the Lakers in a must-win Game 4 at TD Garden? Be it bad shooting, good Lakers defense, or ridiculously zealous zebras, the C’s are getting big-time play from only one of the Big Three each game, so let’s jump right in and get bloggers’ takes here first.


Celtics Green has the constancy of the Big Three running aground against the reef of time. Howard Bryant has KG returning from non-factor status for Game 3 on a night when Ray Allen suffered miserably. Celtics Life can’t remember a bigger drop-off in the history of sports than Allen’s from Sunday to Tuesday. Red’s Army says Ray won’t be this cold again, but wishes everyone could get going at the same time. CelticsBlog is looking for the perfect storm in which the starters are firing on all cylinders and Rajon Rondo is moving the ball.

Banner 18? said the C’s needed more shots to fall on Tuesday night. Without Allen’s oh-fer and the officials’ dominance, Jade McCarthy questions where the Lakers would be right now. Touching All The Bases calls it a frustrating game, as the C’s cut a 17-point deficit to one but couldn’t get over the hump. Courtside View laments that if the C’s could have taken advantage of even one of numerous blown opportunities, the Lakers may have cracked like they did in 2008. Mass Hysteria wishes the C’s had treated the Lakers the way they would have treated any robber breaking into their house. Masshole Sports wants to know why Derek Fisher was crying like a baby in his post-game interview.

Gino’s Jungle dismisses the Lakers’ beef over horrible officiating in Game 2, which they blame for their only loss, while Green Street has Doc Rivers not wanting to hear it either. Jerry Thornton says middle-aged fat guys wearing grey T-shirts are dominating this series with their blatant disregard for the game as it’s meant to be played. North Station Sports brings us ex-ref Tim Donaghy’s catalog of blown calls . . . just from Game 3. Bingo Bar Blog is upset that the officiating is taking away from what should have been a classic series. Evans Clinchy has Rivers frustrated that the refs took Paul Pierce out of Tuesday night’s game.

Boston Blood Sox is miffed at Pierce’s arrogance and thinks he better pray this series does get back to LA.

Red Sox

Stretches like this 14-gamer against bad ball clubs that concludes against the Indians tonight seem to decide the A.L. East every year. While the Yankees dial up sweeps against the dregs of baseball like it was room service, the Sox are continually unable to close the deal. It happened against the A’s last Wednesday, and in Baltimore on Sunday, then again last night in Cleveland.

Full Count says the biggest thing that went wrong for the Sox last night was Justin Masterson on the mound for the Indians, as he turned in the best start of his career. And to think Surviving Grady didn’t see a reversal of Masterson’s cruel fate changing any time soon. If this triggers success for the remainder of his season, Toeing The Rubber may eventually be pleased for Justin, but not right now. Tony Lee has Masterson turning the table on former mound mate Clay Buchholz by out-dueling him last night.

Things were going well enough in Cleveland before Wednesday. Fenway West would settle for Daisuke Matsuzaka pitching half as good as he did Monday night if he could do that in every start for the rest of the season. SoxSpace News says that, after this one, Victor Martinez has put to rest any further discussion of Jason Varitek as Dice-K’s personal catcher. Bosox Injection has Tim Wakefield reaching an innings pitched milestone in Tuesday’s win over the Indians. Fire Brand Of The American League says Wake’s record is testament to his loyalty, selflessness, and love of the game. Better Red Than Dead takes a long look back at all the backstops who have caught Wakefield over 16 seasons.

Joe Haggerty has more rest in Jacoby Ellsbury’s future. Fenway Pastoral has Greater Boston swept away by the Marco Scutaro phenomenon. Boston Dirt Dogs berates the Nation for our lack of a grassroots effort to get more Sox in this year’s All-Star Game.

Odds & Sods
. . . an unstructured wandering through the Boston sports world

Wes Welker is in Foxborough participating in OTAs this week and Boston Sports Then And Now is not shocked by his determination and pure will to compete. Mike Reiss considers whether Bill Parcells or Bill Belichick is the greater coach.

Six States, One Blog admits midfielder Steve Ralston is old, but it’s better for everyone now that the Revs have re-signed him. Boston Sports Blog helps us through the World Cup by analogizing each country to an American team we’ll know a whole lot better.

And finally, College Sports Blog has three BC Eagles taken in Tuesday’s first ten rounds of the MLB Draft.

May your weekend be filled with Green success, and we’ll see you back here next Thursday.


6 thoughts on “Week Log: Firing On One Cylinder

  1. So I am listening to F&M on 98.5. It was a pretty good day for Felger who was good on two out of three topics. I completely agreed with him on that tool Jeremy Roenick, who was blubbering because he was once a Blackhawk and did not get to hold the Stanley Cup. This is the same clown who told the fans to go to hell if they did not agree with the players during the lockout. He was also the same guy who was a part of not one but two gambling scandals. He was involved with a bookmaking service giving his "expertise" on sports. Bobby Clarke had to tell him to knock it off. The other was the Janet Gretzky gambling scandal. When he had a bad year with the L.A. Kings he blamed the equipment staff for not sharpening his skates properly. Last night he decides to put the focus on himself what a loser.

    The second item that Felger mentioned was Scott Foster officiating in the NBA Finals. Some of us have been fixed on Ed F. Rush officiating. Rush is "just" incompetent. I would rather take that then Foster who I believe is a crook. Felger reminded us that Foster was Tim Donaghy's BFF. Foster was called over 150 times on Donaghy's gambling phone during the time Donaghy was most involved with the mob. As smart a man as David Stern is how can he allow Foster to be within 500 miles of the T.D. Bank Garden?

    The final item that I disagreed with Felger on was his belief that Mike Emerick of NBC is overrated. He said that Emerick blew the call of the cup winning goal by Patrick Kane. Really? Felger replayed the call and actually proved Emerick right. After the shot, the referee did not signal goal, the goal light did not go on. The Flyers were still playing but Kane and the Blackhawks were celebrating. Emerick said, "We have chaos on the ice." which was the perfect call.

    Mazz on the other hand added nothing at all as usual other than the obligatory, "You're right Mike." and ripping the fans for some contrived reason. Today, he said all of the fans have to stop with the idea that Paul Pierce is overrated nonsense. Mazz, all of the fans, or the three people who have been frustrated with Pierce's performance, who said Pierce was overrated. There is no question Pierce needs a tap on the shoulder and be told the finals have started would you like to join? But, please don't say the majority of fans think he is overrated that is just not true.
    I attempted to listen to the Big Show but three to four people talking at the same time makes for a nice headache but poor sports talk.

    Question for New Hampshire sports fans:

    Is Jamie Staton stealing money from WMUR? discuss.


    1. The comments section isn't your personal blog space. I understand why you're doing this. You know lots of people visit BSMW and you want your "insight" to reach the most eyeballs possible and to make a name for yourself.

      That's understandable. Every potential writer wants to get discovered and have there stuff read but what your doing is akin to jumping up on a stage during a play and giving your best song and dance rendition of Yankee Doodle Dandy. Sure, a talent scout might see you and go "Sign that kid up!". But more than likely, you're going to make a lot of people angry.

      See what I'm getting at?


        1. agreed……take it easy there,Paul……it's not like they are going to run out of room,,,,,it's the coments section….mandb97 is just making some comments…..why are your boxers in a bunch over it?…….you must be one of those people who complain about waiting for a one car funeral to pass by


          1. "why are your boxers in a bunch over it?"

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