The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles/Minneapolis Lakers will meet for the twelth time in the NBA finals later this week, with game one set for Thursday night.

The hype is already starting. Let’s get to the top links from today:

Hey Kobe Bryant, you’re next – Gerry Callahan says that this Celtics team is in the middle of doing something Larry Joe Bird never did.

Do Tito and Doc belong among top 10 coaches in New England pro history? – Jonathan Comey examines where the coach of the Celtics and manager of the Red Sox belong in Boston sports history.

A bond born of purpose – Scott Souza looks at the relationship between Rivers and Paul Pierce, and how it took some time to develop.

California dreaming – Paul Flannery has Pierce once again looking to disappoint the fans from his hometown.

Celtics’ Finals exam: an ‘A’ – Bill Doyle has more on Pierce and getting to play his hometown team for another championship.

Not out for revenge? Not buying it – Chris Forsberg doesn’t believe the Lakers when they say they’re not looking to avenge their 2008 loss to the Celtics.

Past perfect, present tense – Christopher Gasper loves with the Lakers in this series.  (I guess we needed the other perspective.)

On the rebound – Michael Muldoon says that the boards are the key to this series.

Celtics practice, then head West – Rich Levine’s CSN notebook has the Celtics working on Memorial Day.

L.A. Times’ blogger takes stab at Paul Pierce, Celtics – Damn bloggers.

Sox have turned around their nightmare start – Maureen Mullen has the Sox getting their house in order.

Powerful statement from Red Sox prospects – Alex Speier notes that unlike years past, when pitching prospects got all the attention, this year positional players are making names for themselves.

Kris Johnson is on the way to rescuing his career – Daniel Barbarisi also has a deep minor-league notebook.

Jacoby Ellsbury has hard time with soft label – John Tomase has the Red Sox outfielder fighting what he feels is an unfair label.

Patriots’ head game is difficult for Brace – Jennifer Toland has the former Boston College lineman hoping for a sophomore surge with the Patriots.

Season two of the Red Sox trivia game show  The Batter’s Box will begin airing Sunday nights  on NESN in July. There will be a casting event/party this Friday (June 4th 6:00-10:00PM) at Game On! Fenway Park where you can try out to be on the show.


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Celtics/Lakers Part XII

  1. jeeze…..what is this?…the Super Bowl?……It's basketball for God's sake…..did they really have to wait this long between games?……if it goes 7 games it will bring us right up to the Patriot's opener


  2. In Jonathan Comey's interesting article of the Top 10 coaches in New England's pro history, I was surprised to not see the name of Chuck Fairbanks included on his "not quite making the list" list.

    Fairbanks brought a sense of accountability and professionalism to a sad-sack franchise that was sorely lacking in both at that time. His coaching — and stellar drafting — transformed the Patriots into a team on the ascent in the mid-to-late 1970s.

    I have always thought that Fairbanks does not get anywhere near the credit he should for how he took the Patriots from league laughing stock to a very strong and physical team that could go head-to-head with Oakland and Pittsburgh — the two dominant teams of that era.

    Two things "tarnished" his reputation while with the Pats: His 0-2 playoff record, and the manner in which he left the team to go to the Univ. of Colorado. Otherwise, his regular season winning percentage (46-39, .541) is higher than the great Bill Parcells (32-32, .500).


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