Just a few links following the Celtics dominating 94-71 win over the Orlando Magic in game three of the Eastern Conference Finals. The Celtics now hold a 3-0 lead in the series. Get the full links at CelticsLinks.com.

How the Celtics are demoralizing their opponents Paul Flannery looks at how the Celtics have sucked the will out of their opponents.

Saturday night slaughter – Scott Souza with a look at a win for the ages.

Night to treasure – Steve Bulpett says that this blowout had it all.

Glen Davis’ desire helps fuel Boston Celtics’ dominance – Chris Forsberg with a look at the big-time effort from Glen Davis last night.

Pierce shows he’s not all talk – Julian Benbow’s notebook has the Captain backing up his talk from earlier in the week.

Daisuke Matsuzaka took a no-hitter into the eighth inning in Philadelphia last night as the Red Sox beat the Phillies 5-0. Get the full links at RedSoxLinks.com.


One thought on “Sunday Quicklinks

  1. A couple of items:

    1) I was again unfortunate to listen to Ted Sirandis. Ted was disturbed by the fact some of the crowd left early. Ted forgets that it was an 8:30pm game on a Saturday night with the Celtics leading by over thirty late in the third. Also, for some reason he started hammering the Celtics ownership. He believes that ownership have broken the traditions that Red Auerbach believed in like not wearing black shoes at home (Ted they're green) and having a dance team. He says that they are doing a disservice to the fans. Are you kidding me? Ted here is the one tradition this ownership group does believe in, winning, just like Red. How can you question anything about this ownership? For them it is about championships just like the Patriots and Red Sox. Does he have an issue with them? Ted, it is time to stop listening to the Jack Benny tapes and join the rest of us in 2010.

    2) I have to give a lot of praise to Jeff Van Gundy who has been brilliant in this series. Last night he was really on Vince Carter but he was fair. He questioned Carter's desire and said you only play this game at this level for small period of time. Wouldn't you want to leave it knowing you gave every ounce of effort you possibly could give? It was great. He also said that if Dwight Howard cannot make a shot from five feet out consistently then he cannot be called a great player. I also loved his term of Orlando's comeback in game one as fools gold. It was a perfect description.


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