Clay Buchholz gave up two runs in eight plus innings last night, and David Ortiz hit his 8th home run of the season as the Red Sox managed a 3-2 win over the Minnesota Twins at Fenway Park last night. Get the complete coverage over at

Sports Radio Host Has High-Tech Home – Electronic House magazine recently did an article on Glenn Ordway’s home theater setup at his Hanover home. The article has Ordway talking about why the setup is important for his job, and details the various pieces of equipment (110-inch Stewart Filmscreen with Sony VPL-VW85 1080p projector, 7-inch Control4 tablet controller, 7.1 Klipsch speaker system, etc).

10 reasons not to give up on the Red Sox – The Red Sox may be 8.5 games out of first in the AL East, and 4.5 games out of the Wild Card (and it’s not even June yet), Bill Burt says we shouldn’t give up on them just yet.

Buchholz is a fixture, not a chip – Alex Speier explains why we should expect to see Buchholz here in Boston for a while.

Handy Bill Hall answers the call for Red Sox at shortstop – Ron Chimelis has Bill Hall filling in at shortstop last night.

Papi powering up and settling down – Maureen Mullen looks at David Ortiz getting back into “Big Papi” form.

Schoeneweis released by Red Sox – Joe Haggerty’s notebook wraps up some other items.

Trash talk on Twitter may not be the Truth – Chad Finn looks into the Paul Pierce Twitter hack a little more.

Improved Celtics may be better than ’08 – Steve Bulpett is slowly coming to this conclusion.

Celtics taking a different route in playoffs this season – Jim Fenton looks at how the Celtics have done things the total opposite of 2008.

Rested Development for the C’s –  A. Sherrod Blakely looks at how four days of rest will impact the Celtics, and has a couple of other items from the series.

All the numbers favor Celtics after historic road sweep – Bill Doyle looks at how things are stacked in favor of the Celtics right now.

Trade Thomas? Not so fast – Graig Woodburn isn’t so sure that trading Tim Thomas is the right move for the Bruins this offseason.

Patriots Focused on Adding Quality Character Guys During 2010 Offseason – Jeff Howe with a look at what has been the Patriots aim this offseason in player additions.

On the downside, isn’t Gerry Callahan’s column today a bit too late? David Ortiz is hitting again, and Lowell, as Chad Finn points out, made a “passive/aggressive statement in which he says he might consider asking for his release — coming a day after an absolutely devastating loss in which the club really doesn’t need petty distractions” – Callahan continued to hold of Lowell as the good soldier and leader on this show this morning, but Lowell’s words the other day seem to go against that characterization. I like Lowell a lot, and would like to see him in there against some of the tougher lefties, but Callahan’s defense of Lowell seems a bit late. If it had been written two weeks ago, it would’ve carried much more weight.

I haven’t been a fan of the ESPN/ABC team of Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy, and Mark Jackson, mostly because of their tendancy to wander off-topic, or to spend an entire game focused on LeBron James or Kobe Bryant. I have to say that in this series, with no Kobe or LeBron to fawn over, they’ve been very good. You would never know that Van Gundy’s brother is coaching one of the teams, and they’ve been both critical and supportive of officials calls when warranted.


2 thoughts on “Buchholz, Ortiz Power Sox Over Twins

  1. If I had one critique of the ABC broadcasting team for this Celtics/Orlando series, it would be their seemingly constant harping–towards the end of each game–about how "poorly" Orlando played and how "lucky" they were to be in the games at the end.

    I mean, OK, the Magic may not be playing up to their usual form, but doesn't the Celtics' defense deserve a little credit for that?

    Otherwise, they have done a good job during this series, especially in analyzing the officiating.


    1. Well, get ready for Mike Breen to cream his pants once the C's set foot in LA.

      ESPN already hitched it's wagon to LA by airing the curiously timed The Associate: LA Lakers 2009-10. Boston vs. the world. Again.


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