It was an eventful night for Paul Pierce, who scored 28 points in the Celtics 95-92 game two victory over the Magic, and also had his @paulpierce34 twitter account hacked.

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Road warriors – Paul Flannery has a look at the unfazed Celtics pulling out a fourth straight playoff win on the road and fifth straight overall.

Pierce’s old school newly appreciated – A very good column from Bob Ryan on Paul Pierce, and how his game, which sometimes seems like it came from the 1950’s, is really as complete a scoring repertoire as there is in the league.

Garnett took his best shots on defense – Julian Benbow’s notebook in the Globe is the best of the bunch.

Celtics’ hockey style a hit – Steve Bulpett says that if the Bruins played hockey as well as the Celtics did last night, they’d still be playing.

After up-and-down season, Davis finds his niche – Robert Lee has Glen Davis once again playing a huge role for the Celtics in the postseason.

Ten Thoughts from Game 2: A cure for Vinsanity – Kirk Minihane offers up ten items from last night.

Red Sox

It was downright nauseating hearing and seeing Glenn Ordway and Dan Shaughnessy on WEEI and NESN respectively be downright giddy yesterday over the supposed clubhouse issues with the Red Sox and Mike Lowell’s unhappiness with his role. Shaughnessy could barely contain a full grin as he talked during the Red Sox rain delay last night about all the unhappy veterans in the Red Sox clubhouse. It must’ve brought back memories of the gravy days for Dan…

The Red Sox once again appeared dead in the water last night in New York, trailing 5-0 in the sixth and 5-1 in the eight, Boston made spirited comeback for the second straight night, handing Jonathan Papelbon a two run lead at 7-5 in the bottom of the ninth. Papelbon gave up a run, but managed to hang on and get the save for the Red Sox in the 7-6 win at Yankee stadium. Get all the coverage at and

Sox Rally After Trying Day – Jeff Jacobs has the Red Sox getting a big win during very fragile times for the club.

From the lowest of lows to the highest of highs – Sean McAdam has the Red Sox picking up an “empowering” win.

How Should Managers Deal With Media Regarding Controversy? – Evan Brunell touches on a topic appropriate of this page.

Lowell voices displeasure about his role – Amalie Benjamin’s notebook gives you the details comments without turning them into the apocolypse.

Red Sox bats take offense – Michael Silverman has the offense coming through when the pitching and defense didn’t.  


Changes are coming for a needy Bruins team – Joe Haggerty says that the Bruins will be a different team next season, and goes through who might be leaving this offseason.

Locking up Dennis Seidenberg an offseason priority – Steve Conroy says that the Bruins really would like the bring the defenseman back this fall.

Bruins missing right mix – Rich Garven also examines possible changes this offseason.

Tyrone McKenzie’s Battle Scars to Serve Him Well in Foxboro – Jeff Howe has the second-year linebacker looking forward to fighting Brandon Spikes for a starting role. Mike Reiss sees a little Ted Johnson in McKenzie.

Springs released by Patriots – Tom E Curran examines the release of the veteran CB, recalling an incident during the season when Springs joked with Adalius Thomas, seemingly about being late for practice and getting sent home.

I disagree with Kevin Paul Dupont’s assertion this morning that Peter Chiarelli and Claude Julien needed to apologize to the fan base yesterday. What good would it do? The only way to make amendsis to make the team better and advance further next season. It’s fair to say it’s a huge offseason coming up for Chiarelli.


13 thoughts on “Celtics Go Up 2-0, Sox Hang On This Time

  1. Bruce, to back up your point about Shaughnessy being happier than he's been in years about the Sox issues. He was on with Tony Mazz for their baseball show at 6pm and literally laughed out loud while explaining the various unhappy Sox players. I dont know if they keep the audio from the show on the site but it was ridiculous how much he was enjoying that, as he said to Tony, "its just like the old days".. And some wonder why we cant stand certain members of the media.


  2. As if Shank isn't ugly enough, they put him onscreen next to Heidi Watney. Talk about Beauty and the Beast! His grin told me he couldn't wait to glory in Sox troubles. I heard Lowell's comments – he was frustrated, but hardly smashing water coolers. But to Dan, it's the same as Carl Everett and Darren Lewis fighting in the clubhouse. Those are the "good old days" to him only. What an S.O.B.


  3. Oh please……I’m a huge Bruins fan and I DON’T want them to “apologize” to me…..YUCK!…..too “touchy-feely” for me……this is sports, not the Oprah Winfrey show……Did Duponte want Chiarelli and Julien to break down in tears and beg for forgivness too?…….I’m not happy about the Bruins collapse but as the bumper sticker says bleep happens……..these media clowns make me sick


  4. A couple of quick hits:

    1) I know he takes quite a bit of criticism but I enjoy Tim McCarver’s analysis of baseball on Fox and I especially enjoy his talk show which is shown on WBZ and WSBK. It is a great half hour of athletes and others who talk about the sports they played or love as well as other topics. His interview with the late Merlin Olsen was wonderful.

    Two weeks ago, Ron Darling and David Cone were guest on his show. Of course one of the topics was the famous or infamous, depending on your point of view, 1986 World Series. Darling said that one of things that infuriated and motivated the Mets was during the tenth innings, when the Red Sox had taken the lead. Roger Clemens who had stubble when he pitched game six suddenly was clean shaven. Clemens wanted to look good for TV when the Red Sox were to be presented with the World Series Trophy. The Mets took this as an insult and the rest was history. So when you are asked why the Red Sox lost in 1986, don’t blame Calvin Schiraldi soiling himself, Bob Stanley being Bob Stanley or of course, Bill Buckner. Blame it on Roger Clemens shaving before the game was over.

    2) I could spend the next couple of days talking about the Bruins so I will try to keep it brief. Although I agree with you Bruce that Chiarelli did not owe an apology, I did think some of his comments were a bit flippant. He seemed to not get the magnitude of blowing a 3-0 lead and tried to compare this season with last year’s. He also said openly that the Bruins will not be major players in free agency. Why would you even say that? Chiarelli would by wise to go to the Bill Belichick school of press conferences and say we will do whatever we need to do to win.

    One person who has received too much flak is Claude Julien. I’m not talking his coaching which obviously was awful. Claude look at what your counterpart Peter Laviolette did when his team went down 3-0 in game seven. He called a timeout. It looks like it was a good idea. When the game was 3-2 I thought Julien would have called a timeout himself and settle the team down. Instead he, like the rest of team, had the deer in the headlights look. Sorry I went off on a tangent. Julien is taking too much flak for how he has handled his press conferences after the loss. Dupont, Felger and especially Damon Amandolara have hammered Julien for not being more specific as to what happened to the Bruins which I take as to why is he not naming names or saying something that would allow the media to hammer him even more. Julien has said not one person is to blame. Everyone is at fault. He is right what is wrong with that statement? Julien singled out Dennis Wideman earlier in the season and it backfired on him. Do you think he will do it again? All you need is to take the eye test to come up with what went wrong. Marc Savard was bad. Zdeno Chara was as invisible as a guy 6’9″ 260lbs. on skates could be. Tuukka Rask was mediocre. It seems like the media wants the coach and GM to validate what they believe and if they don’t then they whine about the organization being non-forthcoming.

    3) I know a few people have already talked about Shaughnessy’s glee with what he perceives to be issues in the Red Sox clubhouse. I will talk about Ordway for a minute. He is very similar to Michael Felger in that they make a prediction early on and will harp on it and harp on it hoping they are right. Felger has been that way with Randy Moss for years and has looked foolish every time. Ordway said that during preseason that if the Red Sox cannot trade Mike Lowell he will become a cancer in the clubhouse as the season goes on. So Lowell who would like to play more, and who can blame him, a competitor wants to play, goes to management and asks for his release. There were no reports of any histrionics. But to Glen this proves his points because Lowell would dare ask to play somewhere else. There is a reason why he is known as Fraudway and this is another example.


    1. So, Clemens' razor caused the bullpen to implode and the ball to through Buckner's legs? Or it made the Mets decide they actually wanted to win Game 6 and try really, really hard?


      1. There are two words, and only two words, that I have to assign blame for the nightmare of October 25, 1986: John McNamara.

        That is all….


  5. Why are we getting all upset about people talking about clubhouse issues? Theo and Company gave us a team that sits 8.5 out of the East and 4.5 out of the Wild Card. They are forcing everybody to talk about these issues. The Sox are pretty pathetic right now, so don't these broadcasters have the right to talk about the negativity in the Boston's clubhouse?


  6. For the $12million that Mike Lowell is being paid, and his talk of retiring at the end of the season (lessening further any value he has in a trade), he should keep silent and smile whenever he goes to the bank.

    It’s nice that he wants to play, but his salary is not prorated on the number of at bats he has or the number of plays he makes in the field.

    He is a very fortunate man. He should be the Silent Man.


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