ESPN’s PR department is putting out drips and drabs on the ratings for last night’s Celtics triumphant win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The national overnight rating was 7.1 which was the highest rated NBA Playoff game ever on ESPN.

Locally, Boston came in at 16.9 which is the highest rated playoff game in the market since the 2008 Eastern Conference Finals Game 6 against Detroit (18.4).

Other markets of note, Cleveland’s overnight was 29.4 which was tops across the nation, Orlando was 9.4, Chicago at 7.1 and New York at 6.0.

Not only was interest high in the game, but of course for the maddening LeBron James storyline which only stands to get Brett Favre-like until he decides whether to stay in Cleveland or leave for the Knicks.

Due to a busy personal schedule, I won’t have the megalinks today, but I will post news if something breaks.


2 thoughts on “Celtics-Cavs Game 6 Brings In The Viewers

  1. I guess I don't know enough about TV ratings, but Cleveland really had nearly twice the number of per capita viewers than Boston when it was Cleveland on Death's bed? If that is the case, Boston is lukewarm about the only likely championship worthy team. No Bruins or Sox to compete. Should have been a much higher rating if this truly is the "Greatest Sports City" in the country.


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