The Bruins are moving on to the second round, thanks to a rousing 4-3 win at the Garden last night, which clinched the opening round series in the Stanley Cup Playoffs four games to two. Get all the stories and coverage on this one from

Krejci leads Bruins into the second round – Joe Haggerty has the young center scoring a pair of goals and assisting on another in the clinching win.

Revitalized Milan Lucic Keys Bruins’ Series-Clinching Win Against Sabres – James Murphy has the Bruins winger playing like a freight train on the ice.

Tuukka Rask gives Bruins a chance – Stephen Harris has the rookie goaltender playing like a start in his first playoff series.

Strong start, even better ending – Kevin Paul Dupont has the Bruins finally playing ahead in this one.

Signs point to Savard’s return soon – Matt Kalman says that we could see the Bruins top center in the next round.

Bruins win allows fans to ask ‘What if?’ – Graig Woodburn says that Tuukka Rask has Bruins fans dreaming big.

Bruins never let it be Miller Time – Bill Burt has the Bruins defeating “the best hockey player in the world over the last eight months.”

Bruins digging in for seconds – Steve Buckley has the Bruins reinventing themselves in the playoffs.

Red Sox 

Josh Beckett got lit up again last night, but the Red Sox managed to outlast the Toronto Blue Jays for a 13-12 win at the Rogers Centre.  Head to for complete coverage.

What should we make of Red Sox, Beckett? – Rob Bradford has a look at the struggles of Beckett, and the Red Sox in general.

Quite an outing for Delcarmen – Peter Abraham has the Red Sox reliever calming things down for his club last night. Abraham also reports on the signing of Cuban catcher Adalberto Ibarra.

Marco Scutaro, Alex Gonzalez not short on fondness – John Tomase looks at the friendship between the two shortstops, who traded places over the winter.

Matsuzaka on target for Saturday – Amalie Benjamin’s notebook has the Japanese righty set for his first start with the Red Sox this season on Saturday.


The Celtics will be looking to make it back-to-back closeouts at the Garden for the local teams as they take on the Miami Heat tonight, (7:00 CSN) leading their opening round series three games to one. Check for all the action.

 Celtics need to put out Wade’s fire – Scott Souza says that the Celtics will be focused on not letting Dwyane Wade beat them again.

Celtics have a sense of urgency now – Julian Benbow has the Celtics clear on where they need to improve after a review of game four.

Paul Pierce opts for present – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics captain reaffirming that he wants to retire as a Celtics, even joking that he’ll “go the Nomar Garciaparra route or whatever” if he has to.

Q up the defense – A. Sherrod Blakely’s notebook has the Celtics looking to get Quentin Richardson back under control as well.


Party In The UDFA – Chris Warner analyzes the rookie free agents signed thus far by the Patriots.

Hernandez has history of drug use – Albert Breer reports on the Patriots fourth round draft pick, who admitted that he turned to marijuana use following the death of his father.

Recently Released Adalius Thomas Never Found a Home With Patriots – Jeff Howe says that we shouldn’t expect Thomas to grow up at his next NFL stop, either.

Thomas sacked by Patriots – Shalise Manza Young has Thomas taking the high road in his first quote following the release, a route also taken by Bill Belichick. We’ll see how long that lasts on Thomas’ end.

Ranking the Patriots’ needs – Mike Reiss looks at the remaining needs that the team has following the draft.

Draft over, but Patriots still seeking ways to improve – Robert Lee has more on what the team needs to do.

8 thoughts on “The Bruins Are Movin’ On

  1. Did anyone see Gregggggggg Easterbrook’s TMQ column about the draft today? When writing about the Steelers he exercises a tremendous amount of restraint regarding the Roethlisberger situation, which, I might add, I agree with since the legal system chose not to act in that case (the Steelers should have suspended him, and not necessarily the league, but whatever).

    HOWEVER, my point in bringing this up is this: wouldn’t it have been nice if this jackass had exercised one iota of this type of restraint when writing about the Patriots’ extremely minor rules infraction three years ago, which Easterbrook regarded as serious as the 1919 Black Sox scandal, complete with repeated calls for Belichick to be suspended (permanently), and for him to resign “for the good of the game.” ?????

    Just needed to vent….where was this restraint three years ago, Gregggggggg?



    1. Speaking of Greg Easterbrook Tony, he gets a quick mention in this Dave Portnoy (El Presidente) article in Barstool Sports. It is a piece on Dan Shaughnessy and how much of a fraud he has become. Portnoy basically says that Shaughnessy says and writes things for the soul purpose of stirring up the pot. He does not believe even a half of what he says. It is about being seen and heard more. He is Michael Felger only with curly hair. This is a great read.


  2. Mr Easterbrook hasn’t been worth reading for years … I am not surprised at all that all the Steelers’ transgressions were completely marginalized …


    1. His hypocrisy is astounding.

      He’s basically telling us not to jump to any conclusions about Roethlisberger because the authorities did not pursue criminal charges in the case; yet, after Matt Walsh disappointed the ENTIRE media establishment in the spring of 2008 by telling them all that: A) there was never a walkthrough tape and no one ever ordered him, or anyone else to tape the Rams’ walkthrough; and B) he NEVER handed in the tapes of the games (and signals) he filmed until after the game was over, when he would hand the tapes to Ernie Adams (Belichick’s “in-game” signal stealer who does it the old fashioned way during the game, with binoculars, like everyone else), Easterbrook, a couple of days later, still wrote a rambling rant that called for BB to either be suspended from the NFL for good, and/or for him to resign for the “good of the game,” while also comparing the entire minor, media-drive Spygate story to the 1919 Black Sox, who were, you know, guilty of serious CRIMINAL activity involving real-world gangsters.

      But now, Gregggggggg wants us all to show as much restraint as he is over the Pittsburgh situation.

      I don’t read the jackass anymore either, but some Steelers’ fans on another message board linked to the article so I looked at the part dealing with Roethlisberger.

      What a clown.


      1. I stopped reading him after he compared the Colts to Jesus Christ and the Patriots to pure evil. That, and the completely unnecessary science tangents.


  3. why does everyone hate belichick so much? i mean sure hes probably not the friendliest coach but hes a hard working guy and i like his style, hes not here to make media happy, hes here to do his job…

    and bruce these posts are getting too late! pretty soon ill be having dinner and seeing your new post!


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