After a week of filling out tax returns – mom’s, family friends’, kids’, mine – everything is still flowing like a Form 1040 to me. That is to say, backwards. So, in honor of Tax Day, let’s do things backward. We’ll start with our most taxing problems, then deduct from them until we’re left with something good to take into the weekend.


All right, you work hard all year, maybe even a little OT, pouring into it everything you’ve got, then – very much like Uncle Sam – these 2010 C’s reach into your chest and take a pound of flesh come spring.

Take last night, where Green Street has the C’s honoring Fan Appreciation Night by sitting four starters en route to a 106-95 drubbing by the Bucks that culminated a dismal 24-17 home season. However, 30 minutes from Brian Scalabrine tells Celtics Life how meaningless this game was. North Station Sports fell into a Sheed-Trap, thinking the Bucks game an opportunity for Wallace to get his head together before something called the ‘Rasheed Season’ begins. Bingo Bar Blog goes so far as to tell us why they would have preferred Antoine Walker rather than Sheed coming off the C’s bench this year.

Lex Nihil Novi says that, at the end of the day, this team was never a team and that doesn’t bode well going into the postseason. Celtics Green runs through all apologies for the underachieving C’s and looks to 1969 for playoff inspiration. LOSCY has divested of all his angry stocks and – win or lose in the first round – he still likes this team.

Celtics Blog previews the opening round against the Miami Heat, who, unlike the C’s, are a team that takes good care of the ball. Celtics Hub takes note of the C’s recent cutback in turnovers but wonders if it’s enough to offset the deterioration in defensive efficiency heading into the playoffs.

ESPN Boston Celtics Blog has Doc Rivers calling reports of his potential retirement old news. Not C’s related, but Perk Is A Beast offers an interesting take on a perceived double-standard involving old friend Delonte West.


The Pats are in that section where you declare what you didn’t realize you had, then watch it drift away just the same. Take Antonio Cromartie or Santonio Holmes, who were, in hindsight, there for the taking. Pats Chowder says their addition in New York makes Rexy’s crew look formidable on paper, although Mike Reiss says it’s going to take more than a few splashy, headline-grabbing moves in April for him to put the Jets in the Super Bowl come February. And with Brandon Marshall’s trade to the Dolphins yesterday, Boston Sports Blog says Foxborough has been about as active as the closed Circuit City store at Patriots Place.

Jade McCarthy reports all quiet along the Foxborough front, but suspects that will change next week. Tom E. Curran has Bill Belichick acknowledging the probability of picks being traded before the NFL Draft starting next Thursday.

The Masters

Okay, we’re at the bottom of the front page where the bad starts to turn to good. That would be Augusta National. Michael Felger thanks The Masters’ field for not allowing Tiger Woods to walk in with all that stuff floating around in his head and win a major. Joe Posnanski says Tiger should be bound by the same rules of sportsmanship as any 10-year-old kid. Hey, does Sportress Of Blogitude have someone to entertain Woods until his next tournament!

Woods’ tabloid act, alongside Phil Mickelson’s victory, make Sports Central question the legitimacy of golf’s status as a true sport, but We’re Just Saying has last Sunday’s final round upholding the Augusta National tradition of providing a slew of golf drama. Waggle Room has been won over by Mickelson, who embodies all that golf needs. Devil Ball Golf thinks Lefty won The Masters because Augusta National is molded for left-handed success.

Red Sox

Maybe you shelled out a lot of cash this offseason on things you really didn’t want to pay for – your mortgage, braces for the kids, Adrian Beltre. Well, now you get to itemize them and have a little of that pain lessened in the spring. That’s right: the Sox, for all that salary, are back to .500 at 4-4!

April showers bring . . . well, how about a flat Jon Lester? Touching All The Bases says not to worry, as he’ll be the best pitcher in the AL by September.

. . . or how about a punchless David Ortiz? Caught Off The Wall wonders if Big Papi’s decline is just as much a thunderbolt as his ascension was, while Toeing The Rubber feels he’s entitled to a honeymoon from the press while he gets his rhythm back.

. . . and how about a few pleasant surprises? Boston Dirt Dogs pines for Jeremy Hermida to stay in the lineup and Ortiz to stay on the pine, while Fenway Nation proposes a DH platoon of Hermida and Mike Lowell. Hit And Run With Dan Roche thinks Hermida got a wake-up call with his trade to Boston. Michael Hurley has the Sox not missing a beat with Marco Scutaro leading off. Nuggetpalooza has things going well so far when opponents hit the ball into the ground.

Fenway Pastoral is looking for a whole lot more reward for Jordan’s Furniture customers in the microscopically-probable event that a Sox slugger can actually hit that tiny billboard in the centerfield bleachers. Masshole Sports tells the Bronx its time to end this Weekend at Bernies charade and lay George Steinbrenner to rest already.


Now the best part. Finding that your hockey team took the sixth seed and best possible first-round matchup when a month ago you didn’t think they’d make the playoffs is like getting some obscure tax credit you didn’t think you were eligible for. The Hub of Hockey has history on the B’s side as they start their 40th postseason series against the Sabres tonight in Buffalo. Kathryn Tappen has the B’s playing their best hockey of the season at just the right time. Danny Picard has ex-Sabre Daniel Paille a key to keeping Buffalo in check, while Barstool Sports assesses the rest of the playoff competition.

Boston Sports Then And Now applauds the B’s, who have found reasons to rally over the past month. James Murphy has Patrice Bergeron a key force in cutting through the frustration and adversity the B’s have experienced this season.

And the news gets better. Something’s Bruin felt a rush of relief when the ugly Panthers card was drawn at the No. 3 spot in this year’s 2010 NHL draft, thereby assuring the B’s of a top-two selection. With either Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin in the bag, Bruins Draft Watch 2010 says the Kessel trade is finally vindicated. Black & Gold Blog thinks leftovers will never taste as good as those the Edmonton Oilers will leave for Boston on draft night.

Odds & Sods

. . . a random collection of tidbits like those little boxes where you’re asked to contribute to the Presidential Election Fund.

The BC Blog has hockey coach Jerry York grateful for senior Ben Smith, who led the Eagles to the school’s fourth NCAA men’s ice hockey national championship after beating Wisconsin Saturday night. BC Interruption advises us to sit back and enjoy this because a national championship is damned hard to come by, even with a coach like York.

Marathon Blog has Tom Petty’s words ringing true this week as they endure the hardest part of the Boston Marathon – the wait before Pasta Night. It’s all hard for Jerry Thornton, who thinks the Boston Marathon sucks.

Hey, don’t forget to sign those returns and attach but not staple your check. And bloggers, don’t forget that we’re two weeks away from Blogapalooza 2010 at The Baseball Tavern right in the heart of Red Sox Nation! See you next week.


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