Jeremy Hermida cleared the loaded bases with an eighth inning double in Minnesota yesterday, helping the Red Sox to a 6-3 win behind John Lackey. (Make sure you also get this game Reloaded.)

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The Celtics wrapped up the regular season with a loss to the Milwaukee Bucks at home last night, and will now face the red-hot Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs, starting on Saturday night. Hit up for the full assortment of stories.

The Bruins start their playoff series against the Buffalo Sabres tonight out in western New York. Yes, there is also to take care of you.

Here are the best stories from this morning, and there’s quite a few out there:

Next big hit: Jeremy Hermida – Michael Silverman wonders if Hermida could have a breakout year  in ’10 like David Ortiz did in ’03.

Just how powerful is Pedroia? – Rob Bradford looks at how offseason training has paid off for Dustin Pedroia, and four other items from yesterday.

Give Papi a chance – Gordon Edes is one of the last in the media willing to give David Ortiz more time.

Dustin Pedroia power – John Tomase’s notebook has the Red Sox 2B continuing his hot start to the season.

Stolen goods – Fluto Shinzawa has a feature on Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask, who represents yet another theft of the Toronto Maple Leafs by the Bruins.

Milan Lucic’s time to shine – Steve Conroy has the Bruins winger looking to make up for a lost regular season.

The black is back – Rich Garven looks at how the Bruins might actually be playing with house money at this point.

Opening series figures to be a grind – Kevin Paul Dupont has two old Adams Division buddies renewing acquaintances in this series.

Honoring Satch — that’s cool – Bob Ryan has the cool beyond cool Satch Sanders being honored at the 25th annual Sport in Society’s True Heroes of Sport Awards.

Boston Celtics aren’t ready for anything now – If you think the Celtics can just flip on a switch for the playoffs, Mike Fine wishes to correct your thinking.

Not according to plan – Gary Washburn looks at how nothing has worked out this season for the Celtics, who await a summer of change.

Belichick unfazed by Pats’ rivals recent moves – Andy Vogt recaps what the Patriots coach had to say yesterday.

There’s time to wheel, deal – Shalise Manza Young looks at how the new draft format will give teams like the Patriots time to make trades.

Bill Belichick keeps it all on file – Ian Rapoport looks at the reams of information that the Patriots keep on file to pull up anytime.

Scott O’Brien, Patriots must find a new punter – Rapoport also looks at the Patriots need to replace Chris Hanson.

A few other links:

Patriots Daily Mock Draft, Part 1 – Chris Warner, Greg Doyle and Scott Benson wade through their ocean of draft materials and preparation and have a roundtable discussion on where the Patriots might go in the first two rounds of the draft.

How To Suck The Joy Out Of Watching Sports – If you’re a sports media guy, and feel that you’re not sufficiently pissing off your audience to the level of some of your peers, then you’re in luck – I’ve put together a quick, easy-to-follow primer just for you!

Squinting At The 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs – BSMW’s Joe Donahue picks the playoff winners.


6 thoughts on “Hermida Lifts Sox In Minny

  1. Bruce’s article was great. Just about all of the Sports Media personalities in town do at least one of those things. It occured to me, though, that Felger does them all.


    1. Loved the article as well. So glad Bruce put into words what so many of us feel on a daily basis. At this point I’m down to about two or three local media types that I will read or listen to on any sort of a consistent basis. In many ways I blame ESPN because it gave many of these guys a national audience and put their ugly mugs on TV, so now all “local” guys hope to get thier call up to the “big leagues” so they all try to be more outrageous and controversial than the next.


      1. Great article by Bruce, but he forgot to list at least one honorable mention media practice:

        ALWAYS PUSH YOUR OWN PERSONAL AGENDA AT THE EXPENSE OF THE TRUTH (SEE: Borges, Ron vis a vis Belichick, Bill; or Shaughnessy, Dan vis a vis Kraft, Robert)


        1. you are THE MAN, Bruce….that was fantastic. Especially liked that you touched on my #1 PET PEEVE….

          “taking dumb things that your colleagues in the media have suggested and attributing them to the “fans”,

          God, that BURNS MY ASS when one of these media clowns is doing an interview and poses a question like THIS> “coach, what do you say TO THE FANS, who thought you should have gone for it on 4th down, instead of punting it?…

          what a gutless punch of pukes!!!… scared to put their own name behind the question, the drag “the fans” into it……anyway, great column, Bruce


          1. BUNCH of pukes……GOD, another thing that BURNS MY ASS is my constant TYPOS……why can’t I spell it right the first time???……why?….Why?…WHY!?


  2. Who will go further in the playoffs: the Bruins or the Celtics.

    I say Bruins: they lose in 7 games in the first round, the C’s lose in 6. (siigggggggghhhhhhhhhhh)


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