With the Red Sox set to open up on Sunday night against the Yankees (NESN locally, ESPN2 Nationally) one of the things I’m most looking forward to this season is having a full season of Jerry Remy in the booth. The season-long game of musical chairs next to Don Orsillo last year had its ups and downs, but none of them were able to completely replace Remy.

Our first link this morning has Remy also looking forward to a full season of work, now that he is cancer-free:

Remy finds spring in step – Bill Doyle has Remy admitting that he still hasn’t managed to completely quit smoking, but is feeling “a helluva lot better” than he was a year ago.

A Florida burn – Fluto Shinzawa isn’t pulling punches in describing the Bruins 1-0 loss to the Panthers last night, calling Blake Wheeler and Michael Ryder “millstones” in the offensive end.

Where’s the heart, Bruins? – Stephen Harris has Mark Recchi noting that some of his teammates aren’t pulling their weight on this team.

Bruins fail ‘complacency test’ in 1-0 loss – Joe Haggerty observes that Recchi, Zdeno Chara, David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron were pretty much the only Bruins who showed up last night.

Tebow tact: Just pass – Christopher L. Gasper says that the Patriots can’t afford to use one of their top four picks to take a flyer on the Florida QB.

Get ready for an AL East arms race – Gordon Edes takes a pitcher-by-pitcher look at the rotations of the Red Sox and Yankees.

25 Red Sox, 25 Questions: Predicting the performance of the 2010 team – WEEI roundtable of Lou Merloni, Dale Arnold, Rob Bradford, Kirk Minihane, Mike Petraglia and Alex Speier attempt to see what is in store for this season’s Red Sox.

Feel-good story Scott Atchison earns a spot on Red Sox’ opening-day roster – Brian MacPherson has the 34-year-old journeyman reliever opening the season on a Major League roster for the first time in his career.

Fine leather has Red Sox looking awfully good – Michael Silverman looks at the Red Sox improved defense this season, and also includes a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the Red Sox defenders.

Crying foul hasn’t been helping – The Globe Celtics notebook has the team looking to be more aggressive  in going to the basket.

And with the Final Four tipping off this weekend, we need to include Big days on campus by Bob Ryan, a look at Butler University enjoying everything that comes with a Final Four berth.

On the downside, Jim Donaldson makes at attempt at humor this morning with a column in which he predicts all New England sports events for the next year will go perfectly well. He then slaps the fans at the end with this:

Make sure that all of you disgruntled readers who have written in, complaining about too much negativity, now write in to say how delighted you are by this new approach.

Awww, someone is a little sensitive to the criticism he’s been getting from his customers. This one immediately goes into the nomination pile for “worst column of the year.”

How stupid. Way to insult your readers, and as is common in your industry show just how out of touch you really are with your audience.

I’ve tried to make this point a million times, and apparently some of the dinosaurs still just don’t get it, so here we go again.

Fans aren’t expecting you to always be positive and never be critical of the teams and players you cover. In fact, when it is warranted, they want you to call them out.

What fans have a problem with is negativity disguised as objectivity, or negativity just aimed at stirring up attention.

It’s not a difficult concept, really.


18 thoughts on “Jerry Remy Looking Forward To A Full 2010 Season

  1. “What fans have a problem with is negativity disguised as objectivity, or negativity just aimed at stirring up attention.” Example, See Ordway, Felger, Mazz or any other Boston Writer or Radio Personality.


  2. I remember hearing Donaldson on WEEI years ago, arguing with a caller, and asserting the fact that because he covers football for a living, he knows more than any fan, and would not even consider any other opinion. That about summed him up—


  3. What fans have a problem with is sports writers making stuff up (Tomase, Jackie MacMullan, et al), personal agendas disguised as objectivity (Borges, Felger, et al), pure mean attitudes (Mazz, CHB, et al), and just dumb sports media figures that really shouldn’t be broadcasting their lack of knowledge (Butch Stearns…take a bow!). And that’s in addition to pissing people off just to get higher ratings.

    It makes me wonder just what would happen if we actually got one of these “Rah! Rah!” media types. You know, the ones that the Jim Donaldson’s of the world are always accusing us of wanting them to be? Would Boston survive this collision of matter and anti-matter? Hmm…


  4. Remember the quote by Norm Van Brocklin when he went in for surgery? He joked he needed a brain transplant and they gave him a sportswriter’s because it had never been used. I still find it funny. There are the Reiss’s (small minority) and the Donaldson’s (lots and lots of free junk food which ruins the brain and energy levels).

    A couple of weeks ago one radiot said Sox tickets weren’t sold out yet because there wasn’t enough drama surrounding the team.

    Funny how Reiss has a huge following without muckraking. Even that’s lost on those morons. Then again Reiss’s style involves work, effort and the ability to process information thereby too hard for the Donaldson’s of the world.


  5. I mentioned Red Sox games in Spanish (162, plus any playoffs) will be on WWZN 1510. There is some speculation that changes could happen there as the progressive talk daytime (brokered) is up for renewal, and what happens if they don’t?

    –Imagine poss. of ESPN Deportes & Red Sox in Spanish there

    –WEEI has already dumped some games on 1510: NL playoffs last year (ESPN) and some NCAA a week or two ago. Far fetched given
    how Entercom might not want to spend the money, but imagine them buying 1510 and putting Eng. lang ESPN there (they’d still run
    it overnights on EEI plus baseball playoffs, etc.) Bingo, ESPN
    gets full time clearance in town (though it would compete against WEEI’s local sports talk) and they can keep WRKO talk
    (for whatever reason). Again, speculation…They may not even
    have to buy the station outright. They could buy time on it.

    Or 1510 could be Spanish music, Spanish religion or who knows what else but the fact that they made a deal to run Red Sox in Spanish and the prog talk lease is up, you wonder if ESPN in English or en espanol may wind up there? “Stay tuned”


    1. Interesting thoughts, thanks.

      ESPN Deportes might make sense there, but given the horrific signal, I can’t imagine it becoming the main english station for ESPN Radio in Boston.

      I still see WEEI moving to FM and then ESPN radio programming going 850. Seems to make the most sense.


  6. No doubt Remy is one of the best color guys, but with a new restaurant selling “seat licenses” or whatever he calls them, I imagine we’re in for a full season of “what’s on the grill” tonight.

    Hey NESN, how about paying the guy a decent salary so he ease up on promoting his business ventures.


    1. “Hey NESN, how about paying the guy a decent salary so he ease up on promoting his business ventures.”

      Just because you make a decent wage doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at other business ventures to make money. I mean, how many people work two or more jobs? Or work and have a stock portfolio?

      It’s that entrepreneurial spirit that drives this country.


      1. Can you come up with another color analyst anywhere who
        promotes his businesses while doing game analysis as
        much as Remy?

        No employer allows their employees to work another job
        while the clock. So, sure people work two or more job
        but they are paid for doing one at a time.

        His self promotion takes away from what he is paid
        by NESN to do.


        1. Over the course of almost 1,500 innings on the air there are bound to be a large amount of game moments when there is little to analyze and the shameless plugs inevitably get dropped into the commentary. I’m not sure they happen quite as much as we all think they do but they tend to stand out unless the game itself is extremely memorable.


  7. Unfortunatly the negative approach seems to work at least to the extent of staying employed. I haven’t read anything that Borges has written about the Patriots in years because I know it’s so agenda driven that it has no credibility. Borges was even nailed for plagiarism, which I thought was the kiss of death, yet he still has a job.

    Felger’s approach is to always be the contrarian, no matter what the subject, and make outrgeous statements to attract attention to himself. Most everyone I know can’t stand him. He’s known as D.B. for a reason. Yet he’s managed to stay on the air, despite 0.0 ratings at the Zone.


  8. is there a reason you didn’t link Donaldson’s column? I’d like to read the whole thing before I judge and I honestly have no idea where he works.


    1. Mostly because I don’t want to reward columns of this sort by sending traffic over to them.

      Google “Jim Donaldson” if you really want to find it.


      1. Let me be more clear: I find it disengenuous to knock a column and not link it so your readers can judge for themselves.


  9. I do my fair share of bashing on here, but mostly because the people I bash deserve it. However, I’m going to go in the opposite direction and profusely praise WEEI.com for their Red Sox coverage this spring. Alex Speier & Co. are kicking the crap out of the Herald’s and Globe’s Sox coverage.

    That round table discussion column was terrific. For Sox coverage, I go to WEEI.com first, before the Herald and Globe. And this is coming from someone who despises the Big Show and Dale Arnold.


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