Friday Quicklinks

I've got a lot going on this morning, so I'm just going to pass a few quick links your way. Broadcast really stands out - Chad Finn has Sean Grande talking about his confrontation with a Miami Heat fan during last Friday's broadcast, which ended with the Celtics radio man getting doused with the beverage of … Continue reading Friday Quicklinks


It’s Bruins/Flyers In Round Two

The Montreal Canadiens came through for Bruins fans last night, defeating the Washington Capitals in game seven last night, ensuring that Boston will face the Philadelphia Flyers in round tw0, with home ice advantage, rather than the Pittsburgh Penguins. Bruins/Flyers Preview: Bruins take it in six games - Joe Haggerty says that the Bruins can take this series … Continue reading It’s Bruins/Flyers In Round Two

Newsday’s Policy Would Mean The End of Shaughnessy, Borges

The New York newspaper Newsday recently implemented a new policy in its sports pages. An article by John Koblin in the New York Observer reports on the policy and has reaction from many Newsday staffers, who are unhappy with the decision. The article opens this way: Newsday has a new policy for its sports page. The … Continue reading Newsday’s Policy Would Mean The End of Shaughnessy, Borges