This is a little outside the normal niche of this site, but as it does involve a local all-sports outlet, and a prominent local professional athlete teaming up to combat a serious health topic, I thought it worthy of mentioning here.

Boston Celtics captain and eight-time NBA All-Star Paul Pierce today announced that his Truth on Health Campaign, designed to encourage and inspire young people to lead healthier lives, has joined forces with Comcast and Comcast SportsNet to provide an extensive library of easy-to-learn exercise videos for kids.

The exercises, which are presented On Demand in 24, five-to-seven minute episodes, teach kids and families safe, effective and age-appropriate workout routines. The videos will be available through Comcast’s Celtics On Demand feature beginning today.  Comcast SportsNet will premier a 90 second vignette of the exercise routines each week during Celtics Now. Hosted by Michael Holley, Celtics Now runs each Thursday at 8 p.m. and recaps the week’s news on and off the court. 

The vignettes feature Pierce demonstrating a variety of exercises designed to keep kids moving. Episodes include:

  • Backpack Attack – Simple exercises while wearing a backpack
  • Celtic Pride Workout – Work-out routines coinciding with Celtics game performances (example: every time a Celtics player has an assist, do five jumping jacks)
  • Commercial Cardio – Basic calisthenics performed at home while watching TV
  • Rock, Jock & Clock – Basic basketball drills

 The videos will also be housed on Pierce’s FitClub34 from Harvard Pilgrim website,

The videos, which will be updated regularly, will be shown through Celtics On Demand from Comcast.  Paul Pierce’s FitClub34 content can be found through the On Demand library by selecting the “Get Local” and “Paul Pierce’s FitClub34” or “Sports” category, then “Celtics On Demand” and “Paul Pierce’s FitClub34.”  The segments will also feature information on how to sign up for FitClub34, health and exercise tips and a glossary to help kids learn exercise and health-related terms.