First of all, I apologize for the lack of a post yesterday. 1) I’m sick and 2) because of recurring problems with the core database, an impromptu migration to a new server took place. Hopefully things will be back to normal.

Let’s get on to the top ten of this morning.

Selfish trend top item on Celtics agenda – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics players saying that their problems this season have not been all physical.

Breaking down the impact of the C’s injuries – Jessica Camerato lists out the eye-popping injury tally for the Celtics thus far this season.

Together again? How Joe Johnson could return – Gary Tanguay attempts to write what he was spouting on the air yesterday, about how the Celtics could sign Joe Johnson in the offseason. Of course, they would need to have Paul Pierce opt out of his contract and then re-sign for a team-friendly deal after Johnson (or another free agent) signs. Seems a bit of a stretch.

Thankfully, rumors of Pierce’s demise greatly exaggerated – Michael Muldoon looks at how rumors were flying fast and furious last night that Paul Pierce had suffered a broken foot.

Bruins stumble against the Capitals – Joe Haggerty says that it is hard to believe that things can get worse for the Bruins than what they are right now.

Red Sox’ Hall hits hard drive – John Tomase checks in with new Red Sox utilityman Bill Hall, who hit 35 homers for the Brewers in 2006, to see if he can regain that form here in Boston.

A day in the life of Dustin Pedroia – Rob Bradford has a look at the offseason training of the Red Sox second baseman.

Plenty of candidates for lone spot in Sox pen – Daniel Barbarisi looks at the pitchers battling for the last spot in the Red Sox bullpen.

Red Sox have plenty of infield depth – Mike Fine says that right now, Boston has a case of infield overkill.

Media Day not much to write home about – Mark Farinella isn’t missing the circus known as Super Bowl media day.

Also check out the 2010 Patriots Daily Senior Bowl Review by Greg Doyle.


12 thoughts on “Back In Business

  1. Great story by Farinella at the end of his column about Dale Arnold. I’d forgotten that incident but it’s very funny. Jeez, fooling Arnold is like playing with some naive hayseed. Arnold deserves the ridicule he gets.


    1. Wow, interesting story. What a moron Diddly Dale is.

      I heard him today getting audibly upset that people are calling him a Bruins/Jeremy Jacobs rubswap, then proceeded to verify that claim by defending the Bruins at all turns. FRAUD


  2. Speaking of media day, I didn’t see the clip, but apparently Felger decided to spend his time with Adam Vinatieri grilling him about what the PATRIOTS have done over the last couple of years.


    At least Tom Curran called out the DB Felger on the same show later on, reminding him that Vinatierie left Foxboro more than four years ago.

    Felger is the new Shaughnessy: if it ain’t negative, he ain’t interested.

    I used to like him back when he was just a sports writer for the Herald; now the only thing I like about his is his wife.


    1. Couple of typos above:

      Vinatieri left Foxboro more than four years ago.

      And the only thing I like about him (Felger) is his wife.


    2. I think what makes Felger so annoying to the masses aside from his contrarian attitude is that he honestly doesn’t care what any of us think of him. Unlike someone like Dale Arnold, you never hear Felger defend himself or apologize for something he’s said. He believes what he does, trusts no one (except maybe his wife) and if you don’t like it change the channel.


      1. I agree with you there.

        Felger doesn’t care what other people think, obviously.

        However, I think the whole “contrarian for the sake of being contrarian” act is ridiculous, and I’ve never understood why media people do it. Is it to drive higher ratings? Possibly, but that schtick wears off pretty fast, I think (look at Borges as a prime example of that).


      2. Jason, actually when I listened to him a couple of years ago when he was on ESPN it was clear he is a very sensitive guy who clamors for attention. Anytime someone would email him with anything counter to what he said this media Titan would give out the person’s email.

        He’s like a person who was a spoiled child and needed to be noticed all the time which drained the energy of his parents. This entire schtick with him providing original ideas that are contrarian is just another way of getting people to notice him.

        I think he’s desperate to go national but he’s been scouted and it’s clear he lacks talent. He’s just not very smart, there’s no other way to put it. But that’s the norm for talk radio anyway. We’re not going to listen and get insight – idiotic sports fans demand to be entertained first and if they get educated in the process then it’s just a fluke.


  3. I wonder if there is actually a character issue in the Celtics locker room. How can anybody get away with being a disruption? Wouldn’t KG, Pierce and Allen get up in that person’s face?


    1. Because what Rondo is hinting at is maybe the veterans are the problem now. I doubt KG is the issue, he’s just not wired like that, but I can see if Allen or Pierce is the issue. Allen is in a contract year and Pierce thinks he’s the greatest player in the world.

      But Glen Davis is my number 1 candidate. He publicly said he wants to be paid, by who it doesn’t matter, last year. He didn’t get the contract he wanted, started the year punching out his friend, showed up for the season fat and out of shape, and has played terribly since then. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s campaigning to get traded behind the scenes.


    2. Character issue is one thing, but the problems that this team has are:
      1. Inside game disappears down the stretch and they try for jump shots. Rasheed, I’m looking at you.
      2. The refs hate them and David Stern is as honest a broker as Vince McMahon.
      3. Defense disappears when KG is injured.
      4. Ray Allen’s frequent inability to hit a shot.
      5. Injuries.


  4. Tangay is wrong. You can’t opt-out for cap space. The Celtics would have to renounce Pierce and lose his bird rights. That would wipe the cap hold off the books and he’d definitely leave.


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