The Celtics lost a double-digit lead last night, and fell in Orlando to the Magic, 96-94. Kevin Garnett looked bad, failing to finish at least two lobs in front of the hoop, and getting beat baseline by Rashard Lewis on the game winning hoop. Garnett says his knee isn’t a problem, but it sure looked like it was.

Here are the top links from this Friday morning:

Celtics let another one slip away – A. Sherrod Blakely has the grisly details from the loss.

Loss to Magic highlights Celtics’ woes – Paul Flannery says that it doesn’t get any easier from here for the Celtics.

That’s the thing about Tom – Chad Finn has ESPN’s Tom Jackson trying to explain the undying love that he, and many others in the media have for Brett Favre.

Sharpe sides with Peyton – Bill Doyle has CBS’ Shannon Sharpe dishing out plenty of praise to Peyton Manning.

MLB coming to Connecticut? – Dom Amore examines some speculation from Peter Gammons that the Tampa Rays could end up moving to Connecticut.

Belichick, Brown go way back … – Albert Breer weighs in with a few thoughts on the Patriots adding former Notre Dame defensive coordinator (and Patriots player) Corwin Brown to their coaching staff.

Patriots in a rush for help – Ian Rapoport looks at Michigan defender Brandon Graham as one of several players available in the draft who could help improve the pass rush.

The unlikely path of Ryne Miller – Alex Speier looks at how the undrafted free agent has made himself a pitching prospect for the Red Sox.

Red Sox’ new metrics systems doesn’t compute – Ron Borges tries his hand at baseball, and mocks what he doesn’t understand.

B’s still have fight left – Mick Colageo says that the Bruins haven’t packed it in yet. 

Back to reality for Boston fans – Howard Bryant says Boston fans shouldn’t expect a repeat of the last decade.


5 thoughts on “Celtics Don’t Have The Magic

  1. Kevin Garnett’s knees look like my third marriage – and will last about as long…The A-team is the must see movie of 2010, Jessica Beal of Flashdance fame is back!…Jayson Leno is returning to the tonight show replacing the scary Leprechaun
    who haunts my dreams…Kool Aid Sharkleberry Fin you still got it kid…Absinthe was more fun when it was illegal, just like divorce…The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer is still a very funny show…Did you hear about the boy in the balloon? John Travolta of science fame predicted it years ago. Have any stock tips John?…Duke Nukem Forever is the must play Pong of 2010…The Pro Bowl has been moved to this week? Quite the visionary that Commissar Goodell!…My new Ferrari has been delivered! Now it only has to be trucked from Massachusetts of Kennedy fame to Florida, then I’ll be Flo ridin’…Chicago style pizza is best with thin crust…Steven Livingston Segal, outcast from society has returned to teach us all how to be a zen lawman…Toyota is recalling cars for going too fast? The environmenters have gone too far…Zelda Rubenstein go into the light, the bright shining lights of the Great White Way!…2 parts Absinthe, 1 sugarcube, top with Sharkleberry fin in a Collins glass…


  2. Have the marlins go to the AL east, have the rays go to the NL east, build a sparkly stadium in the southie waterfront, and move the rays to boston?

    I agree with gammo’s conclusion though that places like charlotte, san antonio, etc are much more likely destinations.


  3. While the Celtics are losing, is there anything funnier than “Baghdad” Greg Dickerson’s sideline reports?


    1. True, but I don’t think anything can top the sight of Dickerson actually riding on the duck boats during the 2008 championship parade as if he were actually part of the team. That was pretty pathetic.


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