The Jets and Colts for the AFC Championship? Patriots fans might be rooting for a “Black Sunday” type scenario in Indianapolis next weekend.

Here’s a quick round-up of some articles to check out today:

Saints are the last, best hope for Patriots fans – Christopher Price explains why New England fans might become New Orleans fans the rest of the way.

Rebuilding Isn’t New For The Patriots – Some Bruce Allen guy reminds us that the Patriots have rebuilt themselves four times in the last decade.

Offseason work just beginning – Brian MacPherson looks at the Patriots to-do list this offseason.

Monday Morning Fullback: Twenty observations from a wild weekend – You now get three free sports columns from the Standard Times a month – this effort from Jonathan Comey should be one of them.

Four games, four thoughts – Michael Felger also weighs in on the weekend action.

Wallace’s return a big benefit – Chris Forsberg tells us the return of Rasheed Wallace tonight for the Celtics is a big deal.

Celtics older statesmen hold dear the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – The Patriot Ledger left the byline off this Celtics piece, but it is interesting seeing the history gap between the older and younger Celtics.

Why Papelbon might be making history again – Rob Bradford weighs in on the contract situation of the best closer in Red Sox history.

Bruins lineup still sore subject – Steve Conroy says that the lineup for the Bruins this afternoon is still up in the air.

Bruins finding that Satan’s good on the rush – Fluto Shinzawa has the Bruins newest winger settling in quite nicely.  

Be sure to check out Ken Fang’s Monday’s Viewing Picks to make sure you aren’t missing anything today.


5 thoughts on “MLK Day Top Ten

  1. Listened to WEEI more today than I have in over a year…. The reason?…Michael Smith was filling in for the awful Dale Arnold…..Smith and Holley are FANTASTIC together. It was 4 hours of excellent sports radio. If WEEI had a brain in their heads they would hire Smith fulltime,pair him with Holley and kick Dale Arnold’s pompous ass to the curb……you can tell Holley loves working with Smith….. Awful Arnold is like an anchor tied around Holley’s neck dragging him down.


    1. Tried listening to EEI for the first time in months because I wanted to hear what was going on. I thought I’d gotten the wrong station because it was all politics. That’ll teach me – I hate EEI. It’s not because of their political beliefs as much as I wanted to get away from the election of one of two idiots. Nope, not Boston’s leader in sports talk radio. And Helium-head Felger was on the other station.


      1. That’s why I thought Michael Smith and Holley was a great show. #1 I’m a football first guy and it was 4 hours of ALL FOOTBALL talk. …..with that election going on you just know what D&C will be talking about…unfortunately Smith only shows up on EEI like once a year…


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