It’s a  busy Friday morning here, just enough time to get you the top articles you’ll need to get caught up on the Boston sports scene. No fluff, no cheap shots, no filler.

Color from Green alum – Chad Finn has Kevin McHale coming to town to cover the Celtics as a TNT analyst.

Zolak analyzes Patriots’ faults – Bill Doyle has 98.5 host Scott Zolak telling us where he thinks the Patriots biggest problems were this season.

Pees out as Patriots defensive coordinator – Shalise Manza Young was the first to break the news that Dean Pees would not be returning as the Patriots defensive coordinator next season. It was originally termed as a firing, though Pees has since stated that his contact is up and that he would not be looking to come back.

With Pepper Johnson, tricky dish gets served – Ron Borges says things could get sticky for the Patriots if Bill Belichick decides to promote Matt Patricia over Johnson.

Brave new world for Bill James and the Red Sox – Alex Speier examines how the game of statistics has changed for Bill James.

Farrell, Sox seek openness from Matsuzaka – Amalie Benjamin has the Red Sox still looking to improve their communication with Daisuke Matsuzaka.

Hermida welcomes spotlight as newest Sox – Daniel Barbarisi talks to one of the Red Sox new outfielders.

Bruins make a statement in San Jose – Joe Haggerty looks at the Bruins 2-1 win in San Jose last night.

Bulls 96, Celtics 83: Boston lacks luster in loss – Scott Souza has the Celtics looking tired last night at the Garden.

Schedule breaker – With the Celtics looking worn out last night, Steve Bulpett says that while the schedule is fair to all the teams, its not always fair to the fans who shell out the money to see their favorite team play.

One last note, the New Bedford Standard Times has gone behind the pay firewall, meaning you’ll have to pony up to read the columns of the fine staff of  Jonathan Comey, Jon Couture, Mick Colageo, Tim Weisberg, and yes, even Buddy Thomas. I went to read Comey’s column this morning titled Pats need to follow a five-step plan and was met with the “Pay Up” screen. I believe the blogs of the S-T will still be freely available, but dead-tree material is now all pay.

Update – got the following note from an S-T staffer: Blogs will remain free, and everyone is entitled to three stories/month for free. If you register with an e-mail address, you can get up to 10… Beyond that, it’s all pay, and there’s no model in place yet for people just to pay for individual stories.


4 thoughts on “Friday Fast Ten

  1. It’s unfortunate that the Standard Times went down the pay site road, but it is what it is.

    Loving the politics on Dennis and Callahan this week!


  2. The ‘paid-for model’ isn’t a positive-sum game. Newspapers know their base will erode, and there’s no political columnist out there who wants their drivel reaching fewer eyeballs. It’s why so few newspapers make that leap. It’s kind of like airline fare increases; one airline by itself can never succeed at that.


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