#4 Plagiarism Scandals

The decade was rocked by two major plagiarism scandals involving newspaper sports reporters in Boston. In February, 2005, the Patriots were in Jacksonville, getting ready for their third Super Bowl of the decade. Ken Powers was covering the team for the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, when we learned on the morning of February 2nd, that he … Continue reading #4 Plagiarism Scandals

Thursday Quicklinks

A few links from this morning while you finish up whatever you need to do today. On Moss: Media thinks they know, but they don't  - Randy Whitehouse of the Lewiston Sun Journal takes on the "pack of agenda-driven members of the Boston media" who wouldn't know hustle if it hit them in the face. This … Continue reading Thursday Quicklinks

Which Is It?

Thanks to reader Kevin for pointing this out. Dan Shaughnessy on December 11th: ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski, who watches more film than Martin Scorsese, says he has observed Patriot players loafing on defense. Dollars to doughnuts he’s talking about Thomas. Dan Shaughnessy today: So we have Pa Brady joining the chorus line of Moss defenders, … Continue reading Which Is It?