Thanks to reader Kevin for pointing this out.

Dan Shaughnessy on December 11th:

ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski, who watches more film than Martin Scorsese, says he has observed Patriot players loafing on defense. Dollars to doughnuts he’s talking about Thomas.

Dan Shaughnessy today:

So we have Pa Brady joining the chorus line of Moss defenders, which stretches all the way from Canton, Mass., to Canton, Ohio. Every person associated with the Patriots came to Moss’s defense last week, and several members of the team’s national media cartel also attempted to convince us that Moss didn’t tank against Carolina.

One of the prominent national media members defending Moss was none other than Jaworski. So Jaworski got stupid in 10 days and is now a member of the Patriots “national media cartel?”

Since when do the Patriots have a “national media cartel” anyway? Doesn’t he know that the whole country hates the Patriots?


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  1. It’s funny, but the CHB didn’t really seem to mind being a part of the Red Sox ACTUAL media cartel (the 17-percenters)…but a few (rare) defense of the Patriots in the national media, and suddenly they have a “cartel”?

    Go away, Dan, please. You’re just embarrassing yourself now.


  2. Memo to Shaughnessy….

    When you go on vacation, nobody gives a crap about your opinions on things that happened while you were away. Several people, however, want to know if you kept the bathrobe.


    1. This guy never ceases to amaze me. His hatred for the Pats and the Kraft family in particular is tiresome and played out.


      1. Clearly, he still holds a grudge against Kraft for the whole “Parcells Affair” timeframe, and for Kraft “uninviting” him to his 1998 Super Bowl party (for the media) in San Diego.

        An actual adult would have moved on and forgotten about petty stuff like that a long time ago….obviously, the CHG is not an actual adult.


          1. Sorry guys, but I don’t see any inconsistency in Dan’s columns. In his Dec. 11 story, Dan does not m ention Moss. Jaworski alludes to players on defense. In his recent column, Dan does not specify Jaws as part of the national media cartel. So I don’t know how you guys drew that conclusion.


          2. Steve – in the first one, he specifically praises Jaworski for his film study…implying that the guy watches so much film, he knows what he’s talking about when he says someone dogs it.

            In the second one, he knocks the “national media cartel” for defending Moss. Who were the most prominent ones jumping to Moss’ defense in the national media? Jaworski, and the others from his show; Merrill Hoge and Greg Cosell. Though he doesn’t name Jaworski in the second incident, it’s clear, to me anyway, that he is referring to those guys as the “cartel.” There weren’t a whole lot of big names to choose from in the national media defending Moss.


  3. Media people are some of the bitterest people walking the earth today. A lot of this has to do with the carnage all across the industry. Like Larry Bird & Kevin McHale, a lot of that lost advertising revenue ain’t walking through that door ‘folks.’ But imagine taking a inherently bitter and angry person like Shaughnessy and layering the destruction of his ‘old media’ industry on top of that. You end up with the columns that he’s spewing weekly. I feel sorry for his family.


  4. That a boy Danny.

    Football coaches are so arrogant. Their not like baseball managers. I mean I can’t imagine, downing a fifth of hard stuff with the likes of BB- now Billy Martin on the other hand he enjoyed an adult beverage under extreme social pressure.

    Baseball is played in a park, football is played in a Stadium.

    I came up with that on my own no need to check.

    Danny, don’t you miss guys like Will McDonough? He grew up with Jimmy Bulger.

    Jimmy kept the drugs out of South Boston Dan. Good guy, used to see him at Tenean Beach late at night digging.


  5. I was reading Bob Ryan this morning, and I realized that one of things that is so maddening about Shaughnessy, as opposed to someone like Jim Donaldson or Hector Longo, is that Shaughnessy could be a great writer if he chose to. Instead, he deludes himself that taking potshots at his enemies (Belichick, Schilling, the Krafts, avid fans) amounts to speaking truth to power.


  6. I am with you Steve. A national media cartel is by the fact it is national not dedicated to only the patriots and If you throw Jaws in or not he does not make or break the point. Unless you think a writer has to agree with every thing a talking head on ESPN says. I would not even put Jaws in the top 5 of national media on Football. He has a big soapbox on ESPN and is usually very good but there are others who are more high profile.


    1. OK, then who else makes up this fictional “national media cartel” that was defending Moss last week?

      Who else was Shaughnessy speaking of?


      1. could be any combination of guys it was hardly a unique stance and they may or may not include Jaws. Even if it does include him it does nothing to weaken the point. Unless you maintain you cannot repect a persons view point and knowledge of a subject unless you agree with them 100% of the time.


  7. Let’s try it this way.

    In the first quote Dan lauds Jaworski as an authority because he watches more film than Scorsese. Dan is only too happy to point this out as it supports his point.

    Moss happens, Jaws Scorsese looks at his film again and declares Moss is not jaking it. This does not appear to be Dan’s point.

    Why doesn’t Dan choose to accept the authority this time? If you think this is consistent, you’re nuts.


    1. why does anyone have to accept anyones authority every time and never have a different view, that seems nuts.

      If the first he praises Jaws in the second he does not mention him I fail to see any break. It is the opinon that Moss was taking plays off that he is calling attnetion to not any one person who made it. If Jaws was the lone voice doing this that would be one thing but he clearly was not.


      1. Let’s see. In anecdote one, football analyst looks at tape and determines player is loafing. Dan celebrates analyst’s acumen.

        In adecdote two, same football analyst looks at tape and determines player is NOT loafing. Dan fails to mention this and instead suggests a cartel of lackeys has done the Patriots bidding once again.

        You’re right kevin, two entirely different things.


        1. Did you read the piece? The second one does not mention any media looking at tape to determine he did or did not loaf. It mentioned people popping up on the internet and airwaves to defend him and he quote included here neither mention any media looking at tape. So yeah they are too different things.


  8. It just befuddles me that a guy who has never made it much of a secret that he doesn’t really like football is allowed to write about it whenever he wants. If you read any of the CHB’s numerous baseball and basketball themed books from the 80s and 90s, he’s always referring to football as “violent,” and “made for TV.” —- In other words, stupid hicks like football; sophisticated brainiacs (like Dand and all of his Globe buddies) like baseball and basketball.


  9. I advise everyone to please read this article by Randy Whitehouse of the Lewiston Sun Journal. He basically says unless the Boston media has any access to a coaches tape then they have no clue what they are talking about. He says that the reason why Ron Jaworski and Merrill Hodge came to Moss’s defense was because they did look at coaches tape. They saw every why Moss had a tough game and he was not dogging it. People like Shaugnessy, Borges and Felger do not and with it show their bias that they have wanted to see Moss fail because of their first impressions. This is a great read.


    1. The sentence should have said “They saw every play and saw why Moss had a tough game and he was not dogging it.” A good example of the brain working faster than the fingers.


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