A few links from this morning while you finish up whatever you need to do today.

On Moss: Media thinks they know, but they don’t  – Randy Whitehouse of the Lewiston Sun Journal takes on the “pack of agenda-driven members of the Boston media” who wouldn’t know hustle if it hit them in the face. This piece is actually a few days old, but was brought to my attention last night.

 A unique family business – Ron Borges with a nice look at three Patriots: Matthew Slater, Shawn Springs and Bruce Davis, Jr., who each followed their father into the NFL.

Patriots eye two-for-one deal – Mike Reiss  figures that if the Patriots win on Sunday, they’ll use next Sunday in Houston to get their veterans some rest.

Patriots looking for their own Christmas bonus – Mark Farinella says that the Patriots seem to have had a renewal of  a sense of purpose over the last two games.

Bruins take advantage – Fluto Shinzawa has the Bruins using the power play to defeat the Thrashers 6-4 last night at the Garden.  

Different rules in Yankee swap – Michael Silverman says tha the Yankees matched toe-to-toe every move the Red Sox have made this offseason.

New pitchers to make interesting matchups in Red Sox-Yankees’ rivalry – Daniel Barbarisi says that the offseason starting pitching acquisitions by both the Red Sox and Yankees should make for some very intriguing matchups in 2010.

Rob Bradford says that the Red Sox are still talking internally about presenting another offer to Jason Bay, while ESPNBoston.com says that a Bay return would be a long shot.

Celtics are spending another Christmas on the road – Jim Fenton has the Celtics used to not being home for the holidays.

It has come time to lean on bench – Gary Washburn says that with Paul Pierce (and Marquis Daniels) out, the Celtics bench needs to really step up.

Jeremy Gottlieb on Patriots Daily goes Around The League for another week.


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