Ian R. Rapoport on the Boston Herald Patriots blog The Rap Sheet, talks with Edge NFL Matchup executive producer Greg Cosell about how Randy Moss supposedly “shut it down” against the Panthers last Sunday.

Cosell in fact, seems a little indignant that those making that claim have obviously not seen the game film and studied what Moss actually did, and what the context of each play actually was.

In the blog post, Cosell and Rapoport look at three specific plays in which Moss was accused of not giving it a full effort. Rapoport promises more in a full article in tomorrow’s Herald.

And here I just thought it was my ignorance about the game of football when I re-watched the game, and couldn’t find the obvious “quit” plays. Instead I saw a guy still routinely drawing the double-team (and in the case of the Ben Watson sideline catch a triple team) and being the first one over to congratulate Watson on his TD and help him up.

Moss still had a bad game, and his frustration was evident, however, it’s refreshing to see a media person take the initiative to go and examine whether the noise from the national media mob was actually warranted or not.

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By the way, this week has also see a resurgance of the old “I play when I want to play” Moss quote. Do you know the real origins of that quote?

8 thoughts on “What? Randy Moss DIDN’T lay down? Heretic!

  1. Bruce, I wish I weren’t so cynical but with the press it’s always more about a good story than the truth. Ever hear of John Tomase? Nothing about this is surprising – even the fact the truth has come out and few now seem to care. I mean Tiger’s wife has decided to leave him and that’s kind of more fun, right?


  2. Moss not quitting on the team and being a lazy distraction to the team???? Why, that’s almost like saying that you CAN’T indict the entire Red Sox ownership and management based on one five-day meeting five months before the season starts!!!!!


    1. Ryan’s use of the word “arrogant” is just annoys me. Moss is anything but arrogant. If anything, he’s “indifferent”.

      That being said, a full blown Patriot hater like Merrill Hodge supporting Moss pretty much makes all these media boobs jumping on the “hate Randy Moss” bandwagon look like..well, boobs.


  3. I’ve probably said this before, but this whole storyline about Moss “quitting” is nothing more than a desperate attempt by the media hacks who ripped the Patriots for making the deal with Oakland two years ago to try to justify what they said back then, and to be able to wag their fingers and say, “I told you so!”


    1. Couldn’t agree more. Combine this finger wagging with an insatiable, child-like need to be either constantly contrarian and/or noticed (hello there DB Felger, et al), and the result is this steady stream of dreck we’ve been reading and hearing. Pathetic.


      1. couldn’t agree more, gentlemen….it’s why I’ve been saying, “WHO GIVES A RAT’S ASS WHAT THESE GUYS “think”??


  4. Watched the game replay, looked for the plays in which Moss “quit”. Didn’t see ’em. He was double-teamed most of the day, bumped, hit, etc. I consider myself a reasonably astute football fan, certainly at least as astute as these yahoos covering the game. Unlike said ‘hoos, I don’t have an ax to grind. I’m not annoyed by Moss’ failure to sit down with the media and have a good ol’ gabfest. It is becoming more and more obvious that the anti-Moss bias is growing. If anyone out there can give me a website or publication that covers the Patriots with a minimal amount of insight, I would welcome it.


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