Steve Adams of the Patriot Ledger had a piece over the weekend looking at the recent sports media frenzy in Boston, with coming into town, Comcast SportsNet launching a multi-million-dollar cable network expansion and 98.5 The SportsHub launching as a rival to WEEI.

A sports media frenzy in Boston

I’m quoted toward the end of the article, in regards to whether 98.5 can be a serious competitor to WEEI.

Also, if you see a copy of the 11/25 edition of Patriots Football Weekly on the newsstands this week, be sure to check out my interview and column with CBS broadcaster Lesley Visser, who talked about breaking down barriers as the first female NFL beat writer as a 22-year-old with The Boston Globe in 1976.


One thought on “Patriot Ledger Piece on WEEI/ESPNBoston/CSN

  1. Bruce, I’m curious as to why you seem so down on “The Sports Hub,” most specifically, “Felger and Massarotti.”

    I understand that Felger is a real polarizing figure, so maybe that turns you off (I happen to really like him), but in my opinion, this is a very entertaining show. They have really good chemistry with the whole crew, and I laugh out loud several times per show (but then again, I find Felger’s schtick to be very amusing, whereas you may find it annoying and obtrusive).

    I like how they don’t carry the water for the local teams, and are willing to dive deeper into subjects. Mazz has really impressed me, as I think he’s really made an effort to improve his knowledge outside of baseball, and it shows.

    In my opinion, Felger and Mazz has really exposed “The Big Show” as an inefficient way to do sports talk radio. As Felger and Mazz can jump around and talk about several different things within the 4 hours, Ordway and his one dimensional co-hosts hammer the same topic into the ground for 4 hours. I don’t think Ordway is fun to listen to, nor do I find the “static-filled AM yell fest” a good afternoon drive show. Now that there is finally another option, I think “The Big Show” has been exposed as a “big fish in a small pond.”

    But then again, I have always liked Felger, and since he’s so polarizing and all over his show, I can see that if you don’t like him, you wouldn’t be apt to listen.


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