After an unscheduled day off from posting yesterday, here’s the top articles from today.

Pedro Martinez is no goat – Gerry Callahan, Dan Shaughnessy and Steve Buckley all wrote articles on Pedro Martinez’s start in tonight’s game six of the World Series. Callahan reminds us again that he’s a pretty damn columnist when he wants to be. You don’t need to read Shaughnessy’s. I particularly liked Callahan’s proposal for the headline for the New York Post tomorrow should Pedro shut down the Yanks.

Balance sheet is better – Adam Kilgore has a look at how the Patriots have balanced out their offense better in the last five games, and how it has translated to success for the team.

Rasheed Wallace shows way in return to Philly – Mark Murphy looks at Rasheed Wallace’s successful first return to his hometown of Philadelphia while wearing Celtic green.

Beckett recalls when he was Lee – Bill Burt talks to Josh Beckett about the postseason that Cliff Lee is having, and how Beckett can relate to it.

10 things to know about the Miami Dolphins – Mike Reiss looks at this week’s Patriots’ opponent.

Nothing doing for Bruins again – Fluto Shinzawa reports on the Bruins being shut out for the second straight game.

Knee surgery for Green – first reported by Tom E. Curran on yesterday, this Patriots notebook in the Globe says that the Patriots defensive lineman could possibly be ready for the Colts game next Sunday.

Mike Wright gains bigger role with Jarvis Green out – Karen Guregian looks at how Mike Wright’s role and responsibilities will grow this week with Green out.

27 reasons to root against the Yankees – Jim Donaldson stretches as bit with some of these.

Also, be sure to head over to Patriots Daily to check out a midseason edition of Making The Grades, as well as a look at the 1994 Patriots in the 50th Anniversary Minute. (I have to confess, I had no idea that Bob Kratch was an All Pro selection that year.)


7 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Best

  1. Originally WEEI was to carry tonight’s Game 6 of WS AFTER an 8 pm Celts game was concluded (much of game not available) but given interest level of Pedro vs Pinstripes, WRKO is now apparently carrying the whole game according to the Complete Schedule page of WRKO’s site. This is good news for those who have to work nights, like me, and have limited reception due to interference from machinery, etc.


  2. Kratch was one of the 8 million former Giants that Parcells eventually brought to Foxboro during his four years here. He was a good, solid lineman–but I also had no idea he actually made All-Pro with the Pats.


  3. Bruce, I couldn’t agree with you more on Callahan. He is still one of my favorite columnist. He can be sharp, witty and can bring out some pretty compelling arguments in print. I just wish he was not such a miserable asshat on the radio.

    Speaking of asshats, another item I want to bring up is if anyone read CNBC’s Darren Rovell’s dreadful article on NYC Marathon winner Meb Keflezighi. It is close to being as awful as Mark Whicker’s piece of garbage on Jaycee Dugard. The piece is at best ignorant at worse racist. It is pretty stunning considering Rovell is a good writer. The comments sum up what type of feecle matter this is. Rovell wrote a follow up that makes the original article seem even more racial. It is as though Rovell looked at the name and assumptions from it. Here is the original article:


  4. Bruce you must have been listening to D&C’s crossover with Dale Arnold when they were complaining about how dull the Celtics game vs. Philly was last night. I wonder if they asked the fans if they thought the game was dull? Me thinks not.


    1. Blowout wins don’t draw miserable talk radio callers. Hence, the non-story of Rondo/Paul having legs that never should have grown.


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