Fang’s Bites has learned from multiple sources and The Big Lead is reporting this as well, that former Boston Globe Red Sox beat writer Gordon Edes will join ESPN Boston after the World Series. For his part, Edes did not confirm or deny the story when contacted by The Big Lead. Edes is currently the national baseball writer for Yahoo! Sports.

Sources have told Fang’s Bites that Edes has already signed with ESPN. More to follow.


6 thoughts on “Developing: Gordon Edes to ESPN Boston?

  1. This is great news for Boston baseball fans. Gordon Edes is a terrific baseball writer and reporter, and submitted extremely informative notes-style columns during his tenure at Yahoo. ESPN Boston will give him the type of high-profile platform befitting a man of his abilities.

    The combination of Gordon Edes and Peter Gammons will make ESPN Boston the most informative Boston baseball site on the web, in my judgment.

    Again, great news.


    1. First of all, ESPN Boston claiming Peter Gammons as one of their writers is a joke. If he writes 1 column per month exclusively for ESPN Bos, it will be a lot. And Edes is above average. I take McAdam everyday of the week for breaking stories and inside info everyday of the week and twice on sunday.


  2. I’ve placed ESPNBoston into my web rotation and will enjoy Gordo’s presence. He’s got great connections and provides insight locally and nationally.


  3. Playing a little off of James’ comment, I find it interesting that Edes makes the third writer I can think of off the top of my head that has left a national website to come back to a Boston-based entity, following the lead of Tom E. Curran ( to and Albert Breer ( to

    It’s become apparent to me that these guys all enjoyed covering the Boston sports scene and returned when all the local sports websites started exploding on to the scene and had the deeper financial pockets to compensate these guys accordingly.

    I certainly don’t have to tell Bruce that 2009 may go down as the year the Boston sports media forever changed, with websites completely overtaking newspapers as the go-to medium for sports-hungry Bostonians. I am very curious how 2010 will unfold with all the newly developed sports alliances (WEEI/ESPN, CSNNE/SportsHub, and NESN).


    1. I agree with most of what you are saying except I dont see how csnne and sportshub have an alliance..they happen to have 2 hosts that work for both companies but I dont see much more than that. CSNNE does havea partnership with weei (baseballshow) and then you have ordway smeralas and deossie on new england tailgate..then you have holley on celtics now and holley and dale arnold on sports sunday frequently..all I’m saying is I think they are just as closely aligned with eei as they are with 98.5


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