Last Sunday’s Sox-Pats double-implosion has put everyone in a tizzy all week, and the media looking for clever ways to introduce ‘Black Sunday’ into Hub lexicon. Bleacher Report attributes the phrase to Gary Tanguay even as they insist all hope is not lost. Now, after several days of reflection, Tanguay appears to have found a silver lining in the cloud he named. Thanks For Playing lists ten cities in which Black Sunday would still be Dream Sunday. And sometimes you need an outsider like Michael Kay’s Successors to give you perspective.

Onto the Red Sox, whose season was the week’s only fatality.

Red Sox

Toeing The Rubber has the Sox going where death could not, even at a funeral. Fire Brand Of The American League told us so on this year’s failure – well, they would have if they could have accepted it themselves. Red Sox Dad looks back on his favorite 2009 memories.

The Faster Times suggests the Sox tactlessly tempted fate in the ALDS – and lost. Now that they’ve paid the Sox back, Year of the Sox says the Los Angeles Angels should find motivation in depriving one particular Yankee the opportunity to wear a ring.

Utility Lou looks through his rose-colored glasses and sees the Sox as an A.L. favorite again in 2010, even with no changes. Maybe you need a stronger lens prescription there, Lou. With or without glasses, 2009 looked a lot like 2005 to Red Sox Monster, which wonders if 2006 can be far behind. Boston Sports Blog thinks this group isn’t good enough anymore. Boston Dirt Dogs cuts the blame cake and there’s a slice for everyone. 38 Pitches says forget about wholesale changes and just start throwing some strikes.

Over The Monster tells us who should stay and who should go on the Sox pitching staff. Hacks With Haggs is sure that a no-longer indestructible Jonathan Papelbon will return more determined than ever next spring. Exploring a Papelbon trade is among Mazz‘s suggestions to improve next year’s club. Better Red Than Dead is intrigued by the possibility of trading Papelbon. I’m Just Sayin’ wants Paps in Boston for years to come, but would ship Clay Buchholz out this winter for a bat for the future.

Touching All The Bases has this anemic offense ready to redraw the Mendoza Line. Surviving Grady no longer believes those TNT impotence ads were directed at him but rather, at the Boston bats.

Full Count jump starts the Hot Stove League by reporting the Sox are looking at Japanese pitching phenom Yusei Kikuchi. Circling The Bases speculates that John Farrell may be Tito Francona’s heir-apparent after withdrawing from yet another managerial opportunity. Hit And Run guarantees Farrell will still be the Sox pitching coach next year.


Patriots Daily is chatting with a Tennesse Titans blog about Sunday’s game.

Michael Felger is good with the Pats’ devastating OT loss in Denver on Sunday, and with Tom Brady gagging on the lay-up that should have been the game-winning drive near the end of regulation time. The Boston Score says Brady’s trademark accuracy is just not there, particularly on the long ball.

It Is What It Is has Bill Belichick plenty ascared of the 0-5 Tennessee Titans, who come into Foxborough this Sunday. Patriots Daily wonders whether the Titans, who went 3-4 to close out 2008, are really that good. First And Ten From Foxborough has the Pats without four key starters this week.

Meet the new No. 55, which, as NESN’s New England Patriots points out, is the same as the old No. 55. Pats Pulpit tries to figure out why Junior Seau is back in New England, but The Patriot Act says it’s for more 3-4. Pro Football Talk finds it remarkable that Seau can step off a surfboard and into a playoff chase so seamlessly. One If By Land thinks Seau’s return will open up the pass-rushing skills of Adalius Thomas, who crossed the scrimmage line less than Laurence Maroney last week.

AFC East Blog lists the Patriots as buyers before next Tuesday’s trading deadline. And Extra Points has Belichick looking forward to some fish & chips – and Brady some anonymity – next week in London.


The B’s have started a little flatter this year, opening the season with a 2-3 homestand after Monday’s 4-3 loss to the Colorado Avalanche. Mary Paoletti says a roller-coaster start doesn’t jive with Title Town expectations. Kathryn Tappen thinks hitting the road will be a good thing for the B’s. Naoko Funayama blames a grueling preseason for this tiresome start.

Big Bad Blog has Marco Sturm headlining some tweaks to the B’s top two lines. Stanley Cup of Chowder points to lethargic special teams play as a bigger problem.

ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun has Peter Chiarelli looking at a lottery pick given the Maple Leafs’ 0-5-1 start. Puck Daddy says this 9-year old created hockey magic in the TD Bank Mini 1-on-1 series that will run during Bruins intermissions this year.


As the C’s get ready to open their 73-win campaign next Wednesday against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Fernsten’s Follies wonders what has become of their humility. The Cavs may be printing up NBA Finals tickets, but NESN’s Boston Celtics says it is the C’s that pack the best starting five in the NBA. Celtics Central was first to bring us Rasheed Wallace’s well-aired 2009-10 predictions, while CelticsBlog analyzes the chances for a 73-9 season, only to throw in the towel.

Loy’s Place loves seeing KG get above the rim again, as Rondo-to-Garnett hit on three alley oops against the Raptors last night. Now, if we can only get that old Brady-to-Moss mojo revived up. Green Street has Paul Pierce cutting back on summer BBQs and returning to camp in a 20-year old’s body. Red’s Army speculates the C’s may not want an aging Truth around for three more years.

We’ll see you next week, but in the meantime, drop me a line at if you have or know of any good Hub blogs we don’t visit.