The playoff participants are finally set, thanks to last night’s thrilling win by the Minnesota Twins over the Detroit Tigers, putting the Twins in the postseason with a date tonight with the New York Yankees. The Red Sox and Angels get started tomorrow night.

Not going with full links today, but just a few of the highlights:

Jackie MacMullan has a feature on Kevin Youkilis, which is reminiscent of the columns the Globe cranked out before big Patriots games, like the Asante Samuel “get paid” column and the expose on Kyle Eckel’s grades at the Naval Academy. The premise of the column on Youkilis today is why “this Everyman not unequivocally embraced and revered by his teammates.”

Jon Couture thinks that on paper anyway, the Angels have what it takes to beat the Red Sox. Brian MacPherson though, believes that the Red Sox superior bullpen gives them the edge in this series. Bill Ballou says that the Red Sox postseason dominance over the Angels this decade defies logic.

Rob Bradford says that the Angels will be tougher this season because they have Bobby Abreu instead of Mark Teixeira. Sean McAdam says that October is Big Papi’s time of year. Daniel Barbarisi says that the Red Sox are very familiar with the Angels starting pitchers. Bob Ryan says that the Angels aren’t interested in talking about the past.

Steve Buckley says that if the Red Sox win the World Series this year, it will clinch the Hall of Fame for Terry Francona.

Jerry Beach has posted his complete Q&A with Theo Epstein from Fighting Words.

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Check Patriots Daily for the 50th Anniversary Minute – the 1978 Patriots and also why the Baltimore Ravens should be forced to Take a Lap.

Mike Reiss gives us 10 things we should know about the Broncos. Michael Whitmer looks at how the Patriots offense is starting to come together. Karen Guregian has Joey Galloway on the outside looking in right now.

Mark Farinella believes that Terrell Suggs should’ve been free to blast away at Tom Brady’s knee without fear of penalty. Or at least that’s the impression I got. Kerry Byrne says that going strictly by the numbers, the Patriots should be a terrible football team.

Albert Breer has a look at how the Broncos have managed to tune out all the offseason noise. Check all the Patriots stories at


It seems like Kendrick Perkins has been here forever, but Bill Doyle reminds us that the Celtics big man is just 24 years old. Scott Souza has Kevin Garnett looking a bit hobbled in practice.

Mike Loftus says that giving Milan Lucic a contract extension was a no-brainer for the Bruins. Joe Haggerty says that Lucic is the perfect Bruin.


7 thoughts on “Another October of Baseball

  1. I admit, I enjoyed McMullen’s article. It gives you a good idea about makes Youkilis tick. As far as the timing, could it be that this article was written a while ago and the editor thought this would be the best time to run it because it would generate the most buzz?
    Also, I enjoyed the Q&A with Epstein from Jerry Beach.


  2. If Joe Haggerty says that Lucic is the Perfect Bruin, I’ll not argue.

    Joe is a god. He doesn’t have a “ctrl” button on his computer. Joe is always in control.


  3. What makes Youk tick also is what ticks people off. My response to Youk is keep doing what you’re doing, which is being the one of the best all-around players in baseball. I’ll put him up there with Pujols, Mauer and A-Rod.


    1. I would much rather see that type of passion and intensity that Youkilis brings than the non-chalance of JD Drew anyday.


  4. It’s funny. The guy where I work, the guy who makes by far the most sales and is most directly responsible for me still having a job? He’s an ass, and nobody can stand him. Can’t win without him, though. Not even close. So we all deal. Gladly. It’s just real life. It’s not remotely a big deal.


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